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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Natasha Una: Week 5

Natasha Una's house is still the one originally assigned to her by Maxis. Inside and out, I have changed next to nothing. Also unchanged is Natasha's lifetime want: She wishes to eat 200 grilled cheese. In her 1st week, she managed 11; in her 2nd week, 7; her 3rd week saw her reaching a total of 30, and her 4th week 14. So, at 44 grilled cheese altogether, she is still far from making her dream come true.

Here is Natasha.We find her awake way before daylight on this Monday morning, because...
...a burglar has just approached the house.
Before Natasha can make an emergency call, the burglar takes away a painting...

...and the piano.
Poor Natasha! That wasn't the best start for her new week.
Strangely enough, shortly after the burglar has gone, Malcolm Landgraab, her former employer, turns up. It is still only 2.00 or 3.00 in the morning - not the usual time for a casual stroll through the neighbourhood.
Malcolm leaves shortly afterwards, and Natasha has a lavencer-scented bubble bath to calm her nerves.
I was convinced (and actually still am quite certain) that Malcolm Landgraab gave up the salon where Natasha used to work. To my amazement, though, the car pool turns up at 8.00 to take her to her job.
She returns home having earned 0 Simoleons - now I really am sure that this is a bug.
Monday ends with Natasha growing into an Elder.
Tuesday starts with her having - guess what - grilled cheese for breakfast.
As she returns from work - once again for 0 Simoleons salary -, Oberon Summerdream happens to walk by. She greets him...
... and is happy to have found an adult who does not reject her talking about grilled cheese! Do you remember her previous week? Each and every adult she tried to talk to about grilled cheese - even her best friends! - rejected her, but all teenagers were happy to discuss the subject with her.
Oberon stays a while, welcoming the break from his snowy walk in front of Natasha's fireplace.
By Wednesday, Natasha has given up her non-paying job, and so has more time to greet any passers-by who lives in New Maximiliania. Here, Frances J. Worthington is her guest for the day. (I still think it should be Francis; Frances is a woman's name! But it's not the only typo in the game.)
Frances is kind enough to repair the broken sink in Natasha's bathroom...
...and is rewarded with a present (a piece of pottery Natasha made).
"You know, I have only just grown up to an Elder and still have to get used to it," she says over lunch consisting of- suprise, surprise! - grilled cheese.
Gallagher Newson appears on her lot next.
Another one who likes talking about grilled cheese! Natasha is happy.
Looks like Gallagher not only likes to talk about it, he also likes eating grilled cheese. He says he'd give her a star on any menue for her grilled cheese.
Later in the invites over her closest friends and hands each of them a present.
Everybody except for Albany Capp join in the rucus-making.
Then everyone gathers on the front porch where Natasha lights fireworks.
Happy New Year, Natasha!
Unfortunately, the New Year is off to a less than good start when Natasha wakes up that Thursday morning with a sore throat, a bad cough and all the signs of a nasty cold. She is so unwell that she sleeps for most of the day.
 Friday, she feels a little better, and ventures out to greet Jessica Peterson.
Apparently, the two elderly ladies think nothing of one of them sitting on the toilet while the other one is having a coughing fit in the bathroom.
Malcolm Landgraab comes by once again - he has been walking past Natasha's place very day this week.
Oops, careful there with the plate, Malcolm! You don't want all that grilled cheese on your lap, do you?
It is Saturday, and spring has finally arrived. Natasha enjoys the sunshine on her front porch, solving today's crossword puzzle.
Charlie Cho walks by and is greeted.
For the first time this week on Sunday, Natasha has the wish of making some pottery.
Also, she finds she really has nothing to wear for the warmer days, and heads out to "Cover Me Clothing", where she buys a few new outfits. She does not work anymore and therefore does not have a regular income, but she still has around 10.000 Simoleons left after having made her purchase, and that stretches a long way.
Back home, she feels much more her old self again after having changed into one of the gypsy-style outfits she bought. She first welcomes Cornel Capp...
...and then Kevin O'Feefe, who proves to be yet another adult who likes to discuss grilled cheese with Natasha.

This week, she ate 13 grilled cheese, making it a total of 57. That's only just a bit more than a quarter of her LTW achieved - she'll have to do a lot better next round if she ever wants to reach her goal.


  1. lots of updates this week, have you got some time off work? Grilled cheese ltw is hard work i think they just have to eat loads all the time, even when they are not hungry. Funny with the games sending her still to work, and have no money. Glad you made her give it up. Nice read

    1. Yes, that's right, I'll go back to the office only on the 7th of January! And the weather is not nice enough to spend a lot of time outside, so I am taking advantage of all this free time :-)

  2. Lucky you have lots of time off, i had a week off last week back to work for three day and back to work on monday. And still have lots of blogging to do. If you celebrate xmas a merry one for you and your sims.

    1. After all that time off, I am still going to take 9 days of 2014 into 2015 - I just didn't have a proper long summer holiday this year, and I am really ready for the nice long break now :-)
      Merry Christmas to you and yours, too!

  3. Cool update and

  4. Good luck with trying to achieve Natasha's LTW and I have one sad update:

    1. Thanks! Just read your update and commented there.

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