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Monday, 8 December 2014

The Swain Family: Week 6

The Swains are still renting the semi-detached house where Blossom and Erik first moved in together after graduating. Things have changed for them quite a bit; their twins, Melrose and Moonbeam, such bright, hopeful young people, have tragically died in a dorm fire during their first year at uni. You can read that chapter here.

Front and back view of the semi.

Blossom is now 60 years old. Her lifetime want has not changed: she still dreams of having six grandchildren.
Erik is the same age and has the same LTW as his wife. He knows, though, that it is nearly impossible for them to reach that, now that their twins are not there anymore to have children.
Photos of Myra and Melrose are in place of honour on the living room wall. Their nursery is still as it was when they both left for college.
Sirius, Erik's half-Alien son, prefers his tiny bedroom. He knows his parents would not really object to his moving into the big room freed by his older siblings, but he does not want to do this to them. He feels it is important they have a place where they can remember the happy days.
Neither Erik nor Blossom have ever worked; all their time and energy was put into raising their family. When Sirius is at school, they spend their mornings doing crosswords or looking up interesting recipes on the Simternet.
This Monday, Gunther Goth comes home from school with Sirius.
The two half-brothers spend the summer afternoon in the front garden, playing kicky bag.
"I'll grow up real fast and have six children for you," Sirius tries to assure his Mom and Dad. They do not look too convinced, though. Sirius' LTW is to become Celebrity Chef, but if his parents live long enough, he shall try to have six children.
Tuesday morning gives a good impression of what a family of foodies the Swains are :-) They are either talking or thinking about food nearly all the time.
Later, Jill Indie (nee Smith) passes by and is greeted by Blossom.
All three family members want to go fishing, and so they take a taxi to Central Park West.
They go fishing at the pond - with mixed results.
Blossom next wishes to perform at the mic, and I let her sing a song. Nobody watches or listens, though.
Sirius really is as bored as he looks here. Not a single teenager or even child visits the park while he and his parents are there. So they return home rather sooner than later.
Wednesday morning, Erik wakes up with the idea of writing a book. "I think expressing our grief in that way will help us cope, love," he tells his wife.
That afternoon, Sirius brings Stephen Riley home from school
About an hour later, his best friend Gleda Greenman turns up on her own accord.
Stephen feels a little left out now that Glenda is here.
But soon, the three teenagers sit down over bowls of spaghetti, prepared by aspiring Celebrity Chef Sirius, and talk about college.
It is Thursday morning, and Erik has just completed his book. It sells for 2.049 Simoleons - a welcome sum, since there is no regular income at this household - but still regular bills and the rent to pay.
A proud Blossom puts her husband's first book on the shelf.
Still on Thursday, Sirius leaves for college. He is not yet half way through with his teenage "years", but if I want Erik and Blossom to have any chance at all to see their LTW come true, Sirius really has to grow up pretty fast.
On Friday, Erik has cookies for breakfast while Blossom tells her friends that their youngest son has now left for college, too, and it is only the two of them left here now. Understandably, the couple are worried about their son; will he do well at college? Will there be another fire?
Erik knows he wants and needs to write more. However, before he can complete his second book, he has to repair the computer.
Soon, his second book is delivered. It is a collection of the Swains' favourite recipes, and sells for 2.148 Simoleons.
To get away from the computer for a while and make use of the beautiful summer weather, Erik flies the kite I found in one of their inventories.
Blossom has been out in the garden a little too long and suffers sunburn. She has been resting most of the evening and gets up late to have a bag of crisps.
On Saturday, the couple decide it is time to get some life and laughter back into the house and invite some of their best friends over.
While half of their guests have found space around the dining table...
...their hosts eat out on the patio, where Erik has grilled blackened catfish on the newly bought barbecue. (This was one of Blossom's wishes, and since Erik earned some money with his books, I granted that wish.)
Marla Biggs and Blossom have a pillow fight, and Erik watches, glad to see his wife look happier than he has seen her all week.
He flies the kite again while a thunderstorm approaches. Too late he realizes he better put the kite away - he is electrocuted when the kite is struck by lightning. Thankfully, he is alright again after a shower, a nap and something to eat.
At night, Erik finds Blossom in the empty nursery again, looking at the drawings Myra made when she was a little girl.
"I love you, darling, and we will always love our twins; but they are gone, and I am right here with you, and there for you whenever you need me," Erik hugs his wife and kisses her tenderly.
On Sunday, Erik starts writing his third book. Blossom tries not to feel excluded.
Summer has quietly slipped into autumn, and for their Sunday afternoon tea, Blossom has prepared a delicious berry cake.

Will Erik and Blossom see their dream of six grandchildren come true?
How is Sirius going to do at college?


  1. Is there enough life in those two to see grandchildren? What if Sirius has a fire at college, shall we all panic. Lovely read as always.

    1. I seriously doubt that Blossom and Erik will live long enough to see one grandchild, let alone six! But who knows - Sirius might meet "The One" during his first semester, then drop out and have twins three times in a row with her...

  2. well that is a big wish, but never know with this game


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