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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Brittany Upsnott: Week 4

Brittany Upsnott's fourth week after graduating sees her still living in the rented apartment she chose when she arrived in New Maximiliania. It is on the top floor of this building, to the left.
Here is Brittany in her kitchen, making Pork Chops for breakfast (!) on this Monday morning. She reached her lifetime want of becoming Hall of Famer 16 days before Elderhood and is now controlled by me only when it comes to paying the bills and greeting her neighbours.
So far, she has been one of the Sims best able to look after themselves I've "met". She keeps her place in order, has regular meals, and showers long before she gets smelly.
Unfortunately, she has caught a cold - probably while walking around in her wet bikini too long after getting out of the jaccuzzi downstairs.
She wisely goes back to bed, and when she gets up again, she makes herself an omelette.
Monday means Rent Day, and Brittany never fails to put her 4.000-something Simoleons into the special box for the landlord.
On Tuesday morning, she spends some time chatting online.
Today, her breakfast does not work out as planned; she leaves the omelette in the pan too long, and it burns, setting the stove on fire. The fire is quickly put out by a firefighter, but Brittany never takes the still smoking pan off the stove. That means she can not cook anything else and goes for meals of cookies, crisps and juice instead.
She still attempts to cook, though - as you can see, the result is another pan cluttering up the kitchen.
Never mind; she goes to work today, and that means she will eat there.
Coming back home from work with her is Serva Pleasant.
Wednesday morning, the smoking pan is still on the stove, the rotting pan still on the counter, but Brittany deems it much more important to get rid of the old newspapers.
The same problem again: She can't cook, because the stove is still "occupied", but she won't take the pan off the stove!
She is not desperate for food, though, and sleeps very well that night, waking up fully restored and back to her normal health on Thursday.
Before her car pool arrives, she has enough time to read the food section in the paper - something she does nearly every day, of course always on her own accord.
Just as she returns from work, Lavender Greenman appears, and is greeted.
The colleague who accompanied her home today is "just" a townie, and so I tell Brittany to say good-bye immediately. I did not expect the good-bye being so... intimate, though!
On Friday, Brittany takes the trash out. How convenient to have those trash flaps installed in the hallway on every floor!
As neat and tidy as she is, this woman is still unable to figure out that all she needs to do is get the pan off the stove and the other pans off the counter before she can cook again.
Instead, she insists on trying yet again to prepare a meal.
Having run out of counter space, now her dining table is occupied, too.
To distract herself from those domestic problems, Brittany greets Miranda Capp and Glenda Greenman who have happened to walk by. "I like your haircut," Brittany says to Miranda :-)
She discovers that, if you just drink enough, your stomach fills up a little. Useful if you can't cook...!
By now, her neighbours start complaining about the stench emanating from Brittany's once so pristine apartment. This one is Jasmine Rai.
But Brittany still doesn't "get" it. Instead of finally clearing up the smelly mess in her kitchen and dining area, she has a can of juice for a meal.
Another one of her neighbours complains...
...and now Sarah Love, who usually is striving for harmony more than anything, has to complain as well.
Apparently, Brittany really thinks the complaints will stop once she has emptied the kitchen bin.
By Saturday morning, Brittany is close to starving. I am counting on the Landlord to host a block party with pizza; that will hopefully be enough to ensure her survival.
But instead of ordering pizza for his tenants, the landlord now comes to complain about the stench, too.
Brittany can't take it anymore. She has not been able to sleep, or shower, or go to the toilet in peace, with her doorbell ringing every couple of minutes. On Sunday, she does not get up anymore, much to the concern of her fellow tenants Sarah and Jasmine.
At 7.25 pm, she finally does get up - but not because she has suddenly remembered what she should do, but because Mr. Reaper has arrived to take her where nobody will ring her doorbell ever again, and she won't be starving anymore.
Brittany would have turned into an Elder the next day. Well, she's had more than one close encounter with Mr. Reaper during her time at uni, but this time, there is nobody there who can plead for her. Good-bye, Brittany; sorry to say it, but your death is your own fault, entirely due to your stubbornness - and I thought you were intelligent...


  1. oh no perhaps they do not register that they can take the pan of themselves, i know you don't control her but did put the cursor over the pan to see if she could do if your controlled her. Sometimes there is a glitch that they can't get to the pan and you have to replace the oven as well

    1. This is more than a glitch, it is something the programmers obviously never really tested. There are a few things in the game that could have been done better, but that doesn't change it from still being my favourite game :-)

  2. when I read new max and someone dies stupidly like this i know how it feels


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