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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Chaz Whippler - Week 4

Back at Chaz Whippler's modest house for his fourth week after graduating...

...we find him exactly where we left him: working on his skills. He still wants to become Celebrity Chef, and needs to max out his cooking skill for his final promotion. He manages to do that on this Monday.
In the afternoon, Christopher Capp walks by and is greeted by Chaz. Oh no, he does not think of falling in love with the teenage boy, don't worry! (I don't have any hacks in my game, and to be honest would not like my Sims to autonomously fall in love with teenagers.) But Chaz obviously thinks of love on a more general level... he must be feeling lonely.
On Tuesday morning, the cleanbot Chaz had in his inventory (it must be a gift from Angela Pleasant) breaks.
Chaz has no choice but to turn it off and repair it as quickly as possible.
On Wednesday, the onset of autumn makes Chaz realize he has nothing warmer to wear than the  bermuda shorts and t-shirt he age-transitioned into after graduation. Now that money isn't a problem anymore, he is willing to spend some on new outfits, and has a taxi take him to "Papaya Regime".
He makes his purchase and then greets most of the other New Maximilianians present, such as General Buzz Grunt and Antonio Monty.
In the small garden behind the shop, even more fellow New Maximilianians have gathered for a game of darts. Not a single townie in sight! Chaz joins them for a while before heading back home.
On Thursday, he is on the phone, catching up with friends. So far, he has not had to go to work this week, but today he'll find out whether all his studying of cook books will be rewarded.
Minutes before his carpool arrives, Zoe Zimmerman, an old friend from uni, comes visiting. Chaz hugs her and is sorry he has to leave so soon - why didn't she come over earlier in the week?
That night, Chaz comes home from work with his lifetime want fulfilled: He is now a Celebrity Chef, 4 days before Elderhood. Of course you know what this means: I am not going to control him enymore, except for making sure the fridge is stocked, the bills are paid and the neighbours are greeted.
On Friday, Chaz wakes up to a long weekend off.
He still thinks of love every now and then.
Buck Grunt is his guest in the afternoon, but Chaz does not even offer him a meal.
For a Celebrity Chef, Chaz has very bad eating habits. Not only does he not offer his guests any food, he can't even be bothered having a proper meal himself. Instead, he stuffs his face directly from the fridge for breakfast.
Tina Traveller walks by that day. The two get along well, and although they are not yet friends, Chaz accepts a friendly hug from Tina later on.
Sunday sees Chaz having a "healthy" breakfast of cookies.
He then spends several hours writing is diary.
Just as it gets dark, Hal Riley walks past. Chaz repeats the same pattern: he does not cook for his guests, but paints at his easel, has a bath and then sits at the computer until he goes to bed - all while his guest is still there.

Will Chaz become a better host as he gets older? Will his friendship with Tina blossom?


  1. has he got any bolts for Tina? A very quiet week for chaz.

    1. Quiet bordering on boring, yes! He has, I think, only one bolt for Tina. We'll see whether they are going to roll wants about each other in the future. The only three-bolt lady Chaz knows is Lavender Greenman, and nearly everybody has 3 bolts for her!


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