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Sunday, 14 February 2016

The Sharpe-Powes Household: Week 8

It's not that long since we've last been to this house, where Jonah Powers and siblings Roxie and Edwin Sharpe live. In January, we were here because of the Powers surname, now it is the Sharpes' turn.
Roxie and Jonah are still the firm 3-bolt-lovers they've always been. Neither of the two have ever rolled the wish to get married. Is it going to be different this week? They are both 74 now.
Edwin is 67 and, just like last time we were here, can be relied upon doing most of the household chores - on his own accord. All three household members are on Permanent Platinum. In spite of them being elders, I've not sent them to the Senior Residence, because I hope Jonah will live long enough to welcome his daughter Perseida Powers back home after her graduation.
As I said, Edwin does most of the house work... well as what needs to be done outdoors...
...and the gardening.
He does not complete this task, though; a coughing fit interrupts him.
On this Monday, Jonah forgoes the perfectly well-stocked fridge in the kitchen and prefers to find his breakfast in the bin.
He then stuffs his face in front of the fridge while I have Roxie serve one of the Baked Alaskas found in her inventory.
These two always have something to talk about :-)
Edwin greets Stephanie Stacks and Carl Capp.
Later, Roxie welcomes B'Elanna Beaker.
On Tuesday morning, I have Roxie order groceries. Just as the delivery van arrives, Jonah decides to pick up the gardening where Edwin left off yesterday.

Inside, Edwin cleans up after his sister and her lover.
By the time Jonah finishes, the yard is spic and span again. Then, all three household members are picked up for work.
Just as Jonah and Roxie come back from work, Georgia Newson walks by and is duly greeted.
I remember this from the last time I played here: Every day (all week, really), Bianca Capp gets off the car pool with Edwin after work. The moment her feet touch the ground, she turns into the ghost she is and disappears.
Can this be fixed in SimPE? If anyone knows how to, I'd be grateful!
For a change, Roxie does some cleaning up.
Early on Wednesday morning, Georgia is still here. Jonah is less than pleased to find her in the bedroom when he wakes up. She says she only wants to say good-bye, but looking at Jonah's face, he is not so sure!
I take back what I said about Edwin doing nearly all the house work.
Nothing else worth mentioning happens that day.
It is already Thursday morning when all three meet in the living room.
And dear Edwin takes care of the old newspapers again.
Friday morning sees Roxie and Jonah, still in their work clothes from yesterday, on the bed together. Actually, I told them to do this. They both rolled many romantic wants about each other, and I wondered whether this would trigger the wish for marriage. Well, it didn't.
Zoe Zimmerman walks by...
...followed by Björn Summerdream, Bottom Summerdream's husband and one of Loki Beaker's sons.
Parvati Patel is next...
...and, last but not least, Paola Picaso joins the crowd.
Finally, Jonah remembers to be a good host and prepares pork chops on his own accord.
It is much appreciated not only by today's guests!
The next morning, Saturday, Roxie cleans up last night's dishes.
Meanwhile, her little brother takes it upon himself to clean one of the upstairs bathrooms.
Both Jonah and Roxie have wanted to throw a party. Since they are both going to turn 80 today, I have them invite over as many of their friends as possible.
Nearly the whole Hart-Stcaks family are there, as well as Beatrice Monty. Of course, Jonah's daughter Perseida has come over from college for the afternoon, too.
Melody Tinker and Frances Hart look nearly alike! Melody can't wait for Edwin's burgers to be ready.
Later, nearly everyone groups up in the living room.
I'm amazed not to see four of the guests occupying the jacuzzi forever!
Edwin finds out he has three bolts for Melody Tinker!
The party was a success. Jonah breakfasts on stale burgers on Sunday morning. He does have some rather unhealthy eating habits, doesn't he!
Edwin gets the pruning shears out again.
The week ends with all three of them sharing a delicious roast turkey.

By the looks of their lifetime bars, Jonah and Roxie won't live very long into their next week; they are both 81 now. Edwin is younger, 74 now, and maybe it will have to be him to wait for Perseida's return from college.


  1. Jonah and Roxie love has lasted nearly life time, shame about not having the marriage want. Did you find the Roths? or just going to leave it for now.

    1. No, I've not found the Roths. At least not in a manner that I can play them.
      Here is what I did:
      Sandra Roth's husband is Brent Roth, formerly Broke, one of Brandi Broke's sons. His twin brother Benvenuto and older brother Beau Broke still live at the McGreggor farm. So I went there and checked their relationship panels - no Roths, and not available to be called on the phone, either.
      But - and here comes the strange bit - Sandra, Brent and Xander are all there in the family tree, and are shown as alive, not as dead!
      So where are they, and what happened?! I guess I'll never find out :-(

    2. I know there's an option on the Lot Debugger to 'clear invisible sims'. I'm sure it's meant for loitering townies but it could be worth a try. (Don't use it if a sim is on the telephone though or the phone will break and you'll have to get a new one). You'd probably have to do it at each lot as without their physical house you can't do it at theirs.
      You can use the testing cheats mode to retrieve sims sometimes so that could be worth looking into as well.

    3. The Lot Debugger is a download, right?
      I'll give the testing cheats mode a try - haven't used it in a long, long time! Thanks for the ideas :-)

    4. The Lot Debugger is the 'batbox', you already have it I think?

    5. Oh, you're right, I've got that :-) But I haven't seen an option to clear invisible Sims there. Must check!
      There are several options with the box that I haven't touched yet, not knowing what they'll really do to my game :-O

    6. Some options only appear if there is something to 'fix'. Here's a link to the thread and you can see what some of the options are,,72.0.html
      Also, you need the testing cheats on for some of the options to appear so it'll be trial and error (I haven't used some of them myself),

    7. Thank you very much, this will be most useful! I've seen options under "Fix..." such as "stuck diners" and "bad apartment resdiencies", so maybe the "missing Sims" will come up when I activate testing cheats mode.

  2. I'm curious to know where Bianca Capp's gravestone is? It could be worth a visit to wherever it is, add it to a Sims inventory (if it's in the cemetery), take it home and try the 'move to' option again to see if you can't clear the mystery up. It's intriguing though. :D

    How nice that Roxie, Jonah & Edwin still share a house after all these years. I wonder if Roxie & Jonah had a date if they'd roll options to get married? Maybe he's too much of a slob for her really. :D
    Either way they are all enjoying their Sim lives. Any love interests for Edwin or is he destined to be single forever?

    1. Edwin still loves Delilah O'Feefe, who for a short period during their uni years lived with him at the house he then shared with his sister and Jonah.
      She went on to marry Kevin Beare, and Edwin probably never really got over her.
      He does have 3 bolts for Melody Tinker, but I seem to remember she is in relationship already.

      Good idea about Bianca's gravestone. I am not sure whether it isn't already at the cemetery, or stil at the house where she lived with Kent.

    2. It feels ashamed for Roxie and Jonah that would get married before will end their lives.

    3. Hello Anonymous, I think you mean it seems a shame they would NOT get married before their lives end, right?
      (Don't get me wrong, but have you been using google translate or something like that? What is your preferred language?)

  3. That thing about Bianca's ghost sure is freaky!! I remember when it happened last story. If they are showing in the family tree and alive they are somewhere! If trying to call them from the family didnt work try to go to a friend's house - do u know any of their friends? This is a mystery. oooh when play melody you can confirm if she is in a relaionship - maybe it is not 3 bolts maybe her 3 bolter is Edwin too and he can experience love before the great beyond!

    1. Melody had a sweetheart at college, I think, and didn't she live with Romeo Monty for a while? It's years ago and I have not re-read her chapters yet.

  4. O youre right, I did read a former chapter and she was with Romeo. There is a monty(i believe) that recently grew to a child and she was there during that round. Tinker is coming soon im sure and cant wait to see -its just edwin seems sad sometimes a love interest would surely lift his spirits and hes not getting any younger!


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