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Monday, 1 February 2016

The Riley-Cho Family: Update 01.02.2016

The Riley-Cho family have been (and still are) a bit complicated in their set-up, and I am not sure which week we're in, either - therefore, this chapter is only called "Update" and has the current date (not "their" date in Sim-time, of course).

This is the house where five Rileys and one Cho live at the moment. Who are they?

Our three elders: Sally Riley (daughter of Timothy Riley), Etsu Riley (formerly Cho, daughter of Vivian Cho who later married her step-Dad, Timothy Riley), and Hal Riley (formerly Capp). Hal was first Etsu's boyfriend and moved in with the family. But he and Sally couldn't help their 3-bolt-attraction; they fell in love and got married. Etsu didn't take it as hard as one could have expected; all three remain great friends.
Also, all three are 70 years old, and have something else in common: They are all on Permanent Platinum. Therefore, I rarely control them.
Here is Charlie Cho, the only remaining Sim in this household who still carries the name Cho. He is the son Etsu and Hal had when they were still an item. He has returned from college last round and is diligently working towards his lifetime want of becoming City Planner.

Stephen Riley is Etsu's second son. His father was Timothy Riley.

Meike Riley is the daughter Sally and Hal have together. Technically, she's something like Stephen's niece (but not properly). Being the same age, though, the two teenagers are more like sister and brother.

In this house, the week starts on a Sunday. This Sunday, Justin Kim comes visiting. Charlie tells his Mom that he expects his final promotion any day now.

Meike greets Miranda Capp, one of her father Hal's many relatives.

For Stephen, part of the day is spent repairing the sink in the downstairs toilet.

It is Monday morning, and Hal is fast asleep on the settee. No matter there is a perfectly nice double bed upstairs for him and Sally!

Charlie has time to do the crosswords before going to work today.

Stephen and Meike leave for school.

They return at 1.00 pm with Stephanie Stacks in tow.

And Charlie's prediction turned out to be correct: He comes home as New Maximiliania's latest City Planner! Congratulations for having reached your LTW 14 days from Elderhood, Charlie.

I must admit I sent Charlie stargazing nearly every night that week, although strictly speaking I am not controlling him anymore. But an Alien baby in this family would be nice, I think.

Sally is not well on Tuesday morning. Hal worries a bit about his beloved wife; they're all not getting any younger.

Stephanie Stacks was home with the teenagers yesterday. Today, her mother, Helena Stacks, pays a visit.

Before Etsu can go back inside, I have her greet Gunnar Roque. He'll be one of the next households to visit.

Many years ago, the Riley-Chos hosted a legendary New Year's Bash. The remnants are still out on the deck, and nearly every guest finds his or her way there to light a sparkler or pull a party cracker.

Meike greets Circe Beaker. I have not seen her in a while!

Charlie decides to make Chef Salad for everyone.

Interestingly, Hal returns from his work (he is a Celebrity Chef) with a basket of groceries. I don't think I've ever seen a Sim doing that! But it makes sense - he would bring home leftovers from the restaurant, wouldn't he?

On Wedensday, the downstairs bedroom (where Etsu sleeps) gets new furniture from the "Asian Fusion" pack. I still haven't used all of my new objects, wallpapers, clothes etc., made available to me from Twoyys4me :-)

Carl Capp comes home from school with Meike today.

And Helena Stacks is back again.

Sally has two more guests to greet: Jill Indie (nee Smith) and Ripp Grunt. It looks as if Jill is caressing Ripp's shoulder here, but that's only her waving "hello" right behind him :-)

At first, everyone gathers round the telly, and things go civilly to the point of boring.

After a while, Carl autonomously flirts with Meike, and she enjoys it very much! There are two bolts between them, and I while I do nothing to encourage Meike, I don't stop Carl, either.

What began like a civilised gathering of guests turns into a slapfest when Jill inexplicably accuses Hal of cheating on her! He's a married man, she is a widow - I can not remember where and when these two had something going on! Later, Ripp and Sally get slapped, too - that's what can happen when you have Romance Sims visiting, whose LTW was/is to have 20 lovers...!

Stephen uses Thursday morning before school to ring Stephanie Stacks; it was his wish to talk to her.

Charlie greets Deirdre Dreamer, daughter of Dirk Dreamer.

After Charlie has changed into something better suited for the cold season (he was still wearing sandals with his former outfit), he cleans up the old newspaper on his own initiative.

Jill is back, and this time, Sally is the recipient of her wrath.

A fight breaks out - something last seen at college!

Jill defeats Sally in her own house...

...and then gets herself a "well deserved" mug of coffee :-D (It still surprises me to see Sims using the coffee maker on their own accord. For a long time, I didn't think that was programmed into the game.)

On Friday morning, it is Meike's turn to repair one of the sinks. Of course there is plenty of money in this household, and they could well afford sending for the repair service, but it does not harm young people to learn how to do such things themselves, does it.

Charlie once again proves his neatness and collects empty coffee mugs from around the house.

Odell Ottomas comes home with the teenagers today.

Sally greets Puck Summerdream.

This is the first of several times Jill comes by to kick the dustbin over. I always send one of the kids to put it upright again; I am so NOT keen on bug infestations!

Fenya Hartwalks by and is greeted by Charlie.

Puck had a fling with Sally a long time ago, when she was still working on her LTW of having 20 lovers. Well, she has settled down and is happily married to Hal, and Puck lives with the love of his life, Angela Pleasant - so he actually has no reason for accusing her of cheating on him now!

That Friday night, first Stephen...

...and then Meike leave for college, where we will catch up with them next.

Hal can't believe his little girl is now old enough to go to uni!

On Saturday morning, it is Etsu who collects empty coffee mugs. It is good to see these "uncontrolled" Sims taking care of their surroundings so well.

Hal greets Angela Pleasant. I wonder whether she has come by to apologize for Puck's behaviour yesterday?

No - she obviously has come to accuse Sally of being mean to her Puck!
Ah, our Sims and their eternal stories of love and jealousy... it makes for a non-boring week, that's for sure!

The elderly family members are now 78. How long will they be around?
Is Charlie going to find a special someone, or will he remain single? Is he going to be abducted by Aliens? How are Stephen and Meike fitting in at college?


  1. That was funny seeing Hal bring groceries home from work! There has to be some perks to his job right? :)
    It's been an action packed week and not without complications but it makes for an interesting read.
    Looking forward to catching up with Stephen & Meike in college.

    1. Yes, I'd never seen that before and had to take a picture of Hal with the groceries basket :-)
      I'm glad Stephen and Meike will be going to college, some "fresh blood" should alter the negative group dynamics my students have experienced for some time at the dorm...!

  2. a little bit of action never hurt anyone except for getting slapped in the face. I hope Meike can keep her love for Carl Capp, will he be going to college next round or is he still to young.

    1. Meike and Carl don't have a crush yet, but he flirted with her (autonomously) and she (autonomously) gave him a backrub. I seem to remember Carl has at least one other teenage girl interested in him, but I can't remember her name right now. Also, I don't know exactly how old he is, but he is probably old enough to go to college next time I play his household.

  3. well there sure was much excitement in this household this round!do all of your college ready sims stay at the same dorm?

    1. At the moment, there are only 7 students at college, so they can all stay at the same dorm which houses up to 8 Sims. This means there is one townie-student at the moment, but he does not bother me too much ;-)


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