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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Gunnar Roque: Week 4

It's been a long time since we've last visited this Maxis-made residential lot. It must be one of the weirdest ones in all of New Max: Originally, the tower was the only structure on this vast piece of land. Then, the tiny house you can see next to the tower was built (by me).
A closer look.
Gunnar Roque lives here.
He started working at his lifetime want of having woohoo with 20 different Sims already during his uni years, his very first woohoo being with Brittany Upsnott. Many years and many ladies later, he reached his # 17 with Florence Delarosa last round.

Gunnar has never worked, but has managed to get by on the money he saved from his student's grants plus the inheritances he has received every now and then from his former conquests.
At the beginning of this week, he has 1.531 Simoleons. But as soon as I press "play", at least one more inheritance kicks in, and he has now 4.011 Simoleons.
On this Monday, he invites Sally Riley over. She is one of four or five 3-bolt-ladies for Gunnar, and a hot candidate for # 18 on his list. She brings along her friend Ophelia Nigmos.
When Gunnar imagined a hot afternoon with Sally, this definitely was not what he had in mind!
"I know you truly love your husband, Sally... and you know I don't want anything else from you but this one woohoo. It won't hurt anyone..." Gunnar can be very convincing, but Sally is not ready (yet) to help the younger man towards his LTW.
After she leaves, Gunnar takes care of the shrubs in his vast yard. No lady will stop at his house if it nearly disappears behind weeds and overgrown bushes, will she!
Tuesday morning sees Gunnar having a bowl of cereals on his own.
There's more yardwork for him before he can think of inviting  over any lady.      
But soon, Sally follows his invitation - and this time, not only to his house, but also between his sheets. That's only 2 more to go for Gunnar!
After Sally has left, he invites Beatrice Monty over, and it doesn't take the two of them long before she becomes # 19.
And then, strangely enough, the game informs me that Gunnar has just fulfilled his LTW! I count and re-count, both my notes and Gunnar's memory say the same: woohoo with 19 different Sims, not 20. But maybe the game has mis-counted the one public woohoo Gunnar had a long time ago with Jessie Dosser as "woohoo with a different Sim", even though it actually was the 2nd time he woohoo'd with her?
Anyway, he is now on Permanent Platinum, 6 days from Elderhood.
From now on, I will only control him to pay the bills and when a fellow resident of New Maximiliania walks by.
Wednesday is off to a good start with our newest PP Sim: Gunnar takes out the trash on his own initiative.
Once he's out there, he makes use of the early morning hours by catching fireflies.
Still in his undies, he then does some birdwatching...
...followed by rope skipping.
He chooses a can of juice for breakfast after he's had a shower.
Later, former uni (?) friend Francis J. Worthington comes visiting on his own accord.
But Francis does not stay long, and so Gunnar has more time to do more gardening and remember the lovely ladies he's been meeting over the years.
It is Thursday, and Gunnar is out near the road once more, skipping rope again.
Orlando Ottomas walks by, and I have Gunnar stop him.
Can you believe that bragging about his woohoo expertise is the first thing Gunnar does?!

The teenage boy is, of course, VERY interested in getting Gunnar's best "How To" tips on this particular subject ;-)
"You mean, I should cook for a lady before starting to... erm... get closer?"
"Definitely! And practise beforehand - it's no good just offering some fried eggs, you know."
"Also, don't forget to always stock enough drinks in the fridge. Most ladies appreciate a refreshing sip after... the... erm... heat of the moment."
"If you have the means, you can start getting closer by watching TV together, maybe a scary movie so that she will want to snuggle up to you in order to feel protected."
"Or music. Nice, romantic music."
"How about a computer game?"
"No? Not a good idea? What if I take her out to have ice cream with me first? I like ice cream!" Gunnar seems to have had enough of teaching for today; he goes to bed.
Orlando is left to his own devices and makes his own entertainment with the fridge door.
On Friday morning, Gunnar spends hours reading the health section in the paper.
Later, he practises his hand-eye coordination by juggling bottles from the fridge.
Nothing much else happens on Friday. By Saturday morning, it is time to do some gardening again. Gunnar really is surprisingly good at taking care of his house and garden, and of himself - I didn't expect him to be so neat. He even cleans the toilet and shower without me telling him to. Maybe one reason for his diligence is that there is little to do for him; no distractions such as TV, computer, musical instruments or games.
The last day of his week is here. After I have just told you how good he is in keeping his place in order, he contradicts me by playing with the pile of leaves he just raked up.
I was waiting for this - the Social Bunny drops from the sky just as Gunnar takes the rubbish to the bin. It really isn't often I see this in my game!
Gunnar and the Bunny spend a few hours together. Once Gunnar's social life has improved enough, the Bunny disappears again.
The phone rings - it is Orlando, asking for more advice from Gunnar, THE expert for everything about the ladies.
"Yes, jewellery is a good idea - provided you can afford the really good stuff." - Says he, who has never given any lady anything more expensive than a rose!

"Make-up products? Hmm... she could misunderstand that, you know, as if you think she needs it to look pretty."

"A hat? Only if the idea is hers, and you are just there to pay the bill."
Gunnar ends the week on Sunday night building a snowman.

He'll turn into an Elder on the first day of his next week, and I already now I'll move him to the Senior Residence then. He'll certainly be an interesting addition there!
Or is he going to settle with one of his 3-bolt-ladies?


  1. Public woo hoo counts as a separate encounter. So Technically he has 20 woo hoos. Gunnar is getting old that's not good but will he cause trouble in the Senior Residence!

    1. Oh I'm sure he'll be the cause for some rather... lively scenes at the Senior Residence when he moves there next round :-)

  2. Brilliant round, a very entertaining read.
    Great that Gunnar obtained his LTW, it's probably one of the most fun. :D
    I like his advice to Orlando, and I haven't seen a teen swing on the fridge door since I did my 'I'm surrounded by idiots' challenge.
    Don't think I've ever had a social bunny visit- I have to try that.
    I think Gunnar will continue his woohooing ways well into elderhood and look forward to seeing him in the senior residence.

    1. Gunnar's LTW is fun, yes, but it also makes for quite a bit of upheaval in the neighbourhood ;-)
      Seeing Orlando swinging on the fridge door was a very rare thing for me, too. It's years since that last happened in my game.

  3. Finally! Gunnar in action! I've never played him, at least I dont remember but I was always weirdly attracted to him and tried to get him to hook up with a sim of mine but it never happened. I like him. There is another uni sim thats very attractive too he also was not interested in my sim - I cant think of his name right now I think hes a townie but if i see him here i will point him out to you - he has brown skin and a blonde pony tail and blue eyes - you know him? lol thats so crazy... do you? oh i did check out his back story - Gunnar - I like it I said that over there though

    1. Gunnar can be quite entertaining to play, even as a single Sim, which sometimes can be a bit boring.
      The uni Sim you mention must be a townie, he is definitely not a playable.


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