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Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Rileys' Freshman Year

Stephen and Meike Riley have just arrived at Pinenut Plaza dorms, the only student place I currently play, what with New Maximiliania's population at its lowest since I started this 'hood.

After they have claimed their rooms, Meike (whose outfit I changed, of course) starts working on her creativity skill, something she needs if she wants to go ahead with her academic career.
Stephen does not need any skills right now. He has barely unpacked his bags when he enjoys his first Hula lesson by the only NPC student currently in residence here.
The next day, while Stephen is already diligently working at his first term paper, Meike rings the family back home and tells them how they are settling in. "Campus is like a town in its own right," she says. Of course, her mother and father (Sally and Hal) know that - they went to uni when they were young, too.
Nellie, who has already written her term paper and acquired all the skills necessary for this semester, is not controlled by me until the start of the next semester. Today, she opts for a sponge bath in spite of the shower room with three perfectly good showers right next to her.
Like her twin brother Nelson, Nellie is in her Junior Year.
Stephen rolls the want to declare his Major in Biology.
Nelson Newson has just finished his term paper, with his sister keeping him company.
Upstairs, Lilo Landgraab (a Senior like her twin brother Lance) is the next girl to have a sponge bath rather than a shower. So far, she has not shown any more of the aggressive behaviour that used to make the previous year at uni so unpleasant.
She really tries to get to know the newcomers and be nice to them.
Meike and Stephen are related and so can not develop romantic feelings for each other in my hack-free game. But they do like each other lots, and sometimes one of them offers the other one a backrub on their own accord.
"I've noticed the magic lamp on the porch near the front door," Stephen says to Lilo. "Are you sure nobody needs to use it?" Lilo is sure.

Perseida Powers, the only Sophomore here right now, has just been on the phone to one of her many friends when totally unexpected I get the message that she has just fulfilled her lifetime want! She wanted to have 20 best friends, and I obviously never noticed three of them in her relationship panel - according to my list, she was only at # 17. Anyway, she is now on Permanent Platinum but will still be controlled by me in order to get through uni properly. Or should I risk her being put on academic probation and being expelled eventually? She would certainly go to classes, but she would never write a term paper on her own initiative, would she.
Lilo is spending quite a lot of time near Stephen. Is there anything going on? No, at least not yet. Lilo has three bolts for one of the Picaso boys and I plan to get the two of them together after she has graduated.
Lance is in a relationship with Gesine Gavigan, who has graduated some time ago and moved back to New Maximiliania. But he and Meike get along so well I wouldn't be surprised to see something more than friendship developing between these two.
Last year, Perseida and Lance autonomously developed a crush on each other. Now they are officially in full red-heart-level love.
Lilo and Lance are first to finish the semester. Their very last one begins!
Nelson and Nelle follow a few hours later.
Last but not least, Meike and Stephen come home from their first end-of-term exam together with Perseida.
Meike has now made her decision and chooses Politics as her major.
A cow and a llama in the cafeteria - that can only spell trouble!
And trouble it is, especially for the llama, who loses the fight against the cow. "Get out of my kitchen, you two!" the cook grumbles at them.
"You've done well last semester, Meike," Lance says.
Lilo and Stephen hang out together.
Hailey Hart pays a surprise visit - I never saw her arriving, and nobody invited her, but I saw her leaving. Strange, that!
Whenever the students are not busy otherwise, they gather round the stereo and dance the Hula.
Oh! Meike obviously has feelins for Lance, but does he return them? Remember, he's actually with Gesine Gavigan - but has not rolled one single want about her all year.
It's been the final exam for Lilo and Lance! They have both graduated Summa Cum Laude and will travel back to New Maximiliania tomorrow.
Meike and Stephen have successfully completed their Freshman Year.
Now that the Landgraab twins are about to leave, who is going to join the five remaining students? Is Meike going to think of Lance when he's gone? Will there be someone for Stephen? What is going to happen with Perseida now that she is on PP?


  1. Lilo must have been on her best behaviour this round! Good to see her befriending some sims for a change, I shall look forward to reading more about her and Lance when they are back in New Max.
    Well done to Perseida for achieving her LTW! It's funny how when you aren't really trying they gain it more quickly than if you are.
    I've never seen a Sim do term papers but I wonder if they'd do an assignment without prompting?
    Looks like Meike and Stephen are settling in well to college life as well. All in all a great round of Uni. :)

    1. Not sure about assignments; I see NPC students doing them sometimes (leaving half-finished workbooks around on every available table!).

      Yes, Lilo was being really good. I still wonder why she took such a hearty dislike to some of her half-siblings.

  2. Maybe Lilo wanted to be the centre of attention. Never seen NPC student write term papers either and I don't think playables have to be told to do it.

    1. Oh, I DO think playables have to be told to do it, peachy. They often roll the want but I've never seen one of them starting to work on a term paper on their own accord.
      Yes, Lilo seems to have overcome whatever problem it was she had :-)

  3. wow I am really behind in my stories (he-he)! Ok you mentioned that the population is at an all time low. Does that mean you will be ending New Max soon? (dread) or Does that mean you may relax your no baby if no need rule a bit for the sake of SIM-anity!?... (did you get it?)

    1. I was wondering where you were, good to see you back :-)

      Oh, there are still plenty of Sims living in New Max, the town is not in danger of ending any time soon. Therefore, I am not going to change my baby policy :-)
      (And yes, of course I got your SIM-anity word play!)


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