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Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Powers-Sharpe-Household: Week 5

Week 4 at this household is here.

The former home of General Grunt and his family has long changed owners; it now belongs to the Sharpe siblings and Jonah Powers.

Roxie Sharpe and Jonah Powers have been an item since college. They share the same lifetime want of being Hall of Famer, but so far only Roxie has made it.

Roxie's younger brother Edwin still lives with them. He once was romantically involved with Delilah O'Feefe and still likes her a lot, but she has gone on to marry Kevin Beare, and they have stopped seeing each other long before that. Edwin's lifetime want of becoming Head of SCIA came true last week.

Perseida is Jonah's half-alien daughter and the youngest household member.

I rarely tell Edwin what to do; he is "sharpe" enough to work out for himself when it is time to serve a meal.

One of the most popular objects on this lot is the train set. Perseida gives her fun-level a boost before school by playing with it for an hour.

Roxie watches her; although she is not biologically related to Perseida, she feels almost like a mother to her, especially since she will never have children of her own.

As she is on Permanent Platinum, I do not control Roxie, either; but like her brother, she is quite good at taking care of things. She even does some gardening on her own initiative.

It is 3.00 pm on Monday afternoon, and Jonah's car pool pulls up in front of the house at the same time as Perseida's school bus. She is happy to learn that her Dad has just been promoted to Hall of Famer and will be on Permanent Platinum like Roxie and Edwin.

Three hours later, Jonah and Roxie turn into Elders...

...while upstairs in her room, Perseida turns into a teenager. The lot decides on her aspiration to be Popularity, and her LTW turns out to have 20 simultaneous best friends. Shouldn't be too hard to achieve!

Tuesday morning, Edwin wakes up feeling anything but great. He decides to stay in bed a while longer.

Perseida meets Cherry Capp.

When Roxie and Jonah return from work, recently created Serva Pleasant is with them.

On Wednesday, Serva comes back, and Edwin soon engages in a came of catch with her, although I don't think Edwin should be out in his PJs. He is still sick with the flu, after all, and should have been staying in bed.

Perseida has not come home alone, either. One of her many half-siblings, Graham Grunt, gets off the school bus with her.

I always like it when my half-alien half-siblings talk about their alien father!

On Thursday, Edwin seems fully recovered. He does nearly all the cleaning jobs around the house without me telling him to.

He even gets rid of the old newspapers on the path leading to the front door.

Gardening is the last chore he takes on that day.

Perseida is accompanied home from school by another one of her half-siblings, Fenya Hart.
Edwin is demoted to Double Agent - "thanks" to a chance card. Well, it was a chance card that made his LTW come true, and so being demoted makes little difference to him.

Friday morning sees Roxie patiently waiting for Jonah to wake up. By the way, ever since the two of them turned into Elders, they have three bolts for each other - although neither has "white hair" as a turn on.

Just as Edwin leaves for work and Jonah and Roxie have a game of "throw football", Perseida gets into the family car. Where does she go?

To H&M. Money is not a problem in this household, and she really could do with a change of outfit.
She makes her choice and pays. No other teenagers living in New Maximiliania come to the shop while she's there, so I send her home straight away.

For a change, it is Jonah who does the gardening on his own initiative.

Roxie has benefited from Perseida's trip to H&M and now wears something much better for summer than the long-sleeved shirt and warm jeans she age-transitioned into.

Saturday morning, Perseida spends a considerable amount of time on the phone. She needs to make and maintain her friendships if she wants to see her LTW come true.

Those of her half-siblings who are already her friends are invited over on Saturday afternoon: Fenya Hart, Sirius Swain, Wilma Williams...

...and Graham Grunt, who becomes her Best Friend # 7 that day, after Sirius Swain has been # 6.

Edwin sits down with the youngsters to share a delicious cheese cake bought at one of the two bakeries run by playables in New Maximiliania.

Sunday is off to a cheerful start when Edwin and his big sis do the school cheer in one of the two upstairs bathrooms.

Less cheerful are the tasks of repairing the broken shower and mopping the floor.

Perseida and her "uncle" Edwin enjoy a game of catch.

Later, Perseida follows the good example set her by the three adults and does some gardening without me telling her to.

She finishes the week by making Fenya Hart her Best Friend # 8. Not bad - nearly half of her LTW achieved, and that's only the first week since she knew she wanted 20 best friends!

Will Roxie and Jonah get married eventually? What about Edwin - is there a "Mrs. Right" out there for him?


  1. a lovely update, nice to see that roxie and jonah are still together in your neighbourhood, mine are not together anymore( in my neighbourhood) so it is nice to see them getting old in your game.

    1. I was pleased when I found out they now are 3-bolters, and my guess is that one (or both) will spin up the wish of getting married when spring comes round next time.


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