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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Paola Picaso: First Week Back

Paola Picaso is the daughter of Jessica and the late Matthew Picaso. Her parents split up when Matthew found his 3-bolt-love in Alex O'Mackey and moved in with her, leaving Jessica to raise their children alone. Paola's brothers are still at university. Meanwhile, her mother found happiness again with Gary Greenman, one of Rose Greenman's plant children (turned human). Jessica married again and is now Mrs. Greenman. She has had another daughter with Gary, Glenda.

Paola has recently graduated Summa Cum Laude in Philosophy and can't wait to get started on her career in Education; her lifetime want is to become Education Minister. Where has she moved to after finishing uni?  
With the money saved from her university grants, she was able to buy this charming house with spacious garden and pond. You wouldn't guess from its country-like looks that it is actually in New Maximiliania's Downtown. 
The house comes partly furnished, but while Paola wants to stick to the country-theme, she gets wants better quality for her kitchen appliances and a full bathroom next to the bedroom.
The typical Family Sim, now that she has graduated and found a place to live, Paola's thoughts go towards getting engaged. Whom to, though?
Garrett Newson! The two of them were at uni together, and Garrett doesn't think twice when Paola invites him over - not just for a visit, but to stay. He moves in, adding a neat 20.000 Simoleons to the household account. His aspiration is Knowledge, and he dreams of being a Game Designer.

There is now more than enough money to furnish the house according to the needs of a young, career-oriented couple. The small room at the back is turned into a study, the front room has a comfortable settee and a book case for skilling, and the cosy dining table and chairs are in the kitchen.

Next on Paola's to-do list is a trip to Amelia's Closet. The clothes she age-transitioned in are not only mis-matched and ill-fitting her curvy figure, but also won't be ideal for all kinds of weather.

Back home and already wearing one of her new dresses, Paola is successful with her first attempt at finding a job: She can start tomorrow as Elementary School Teacher.

Meanwhile, Garrett greets the welcome committee, consisting of Calendula, Cherry and Servo Pleasant-Capp... and a skunk.

In order to be ready for her first day at work, Paola makes use of the rest of Monday to brush up on her skills.

A happy couple retreat to their bedroom that night.

The next morning, Tuesday, Garrett uses the cologne Paola has given him. It is one of her turn-ons, but they still remain a two-bolt couple. Never mind, they are very much in love.

Paola goes to work, and Garrett spends the day at home alone, thinking of her ;-)

It has only been her first day, and Paola has already been promoted: she is now a High School Teacher.

The evening is spent working on her skills for Paola, and writing his diary for Garrett.

Her new work schedule means Paola has time to have breakfast with Garrett on Wednesday morning. "I am so proud of my Paola," he thinks.

After the car pool has picked her up for work and he has cleared the breakfast things, Garrett checks the job platform on the Simternet again. This time, he is lucky: There is an open position as Realtime Strategizer, and he can start work right away. "That'll be a nice surprise for my Paola," he thinks as he heads out to the waiting car.

Hopefully, the nice surprise makes up for the not-so-nice one she had at work today: The wrong decision with a chance card means Paola was demoted to her former job as Elementary Teacher.

Jimmy Phoenix walks by and is promptly greeted.

On Thursday, Paola and Garrett wake up feeling less than brilliant. They can't seem to stop coughing (honestly, I really HATE that and wish Maxis would have toned down the flu/cold/mysterious disease a bit when programming the game).

Good job that the oranges on the tree in the front garden are ready to be harvested. A boost of vitamin C is just what the two of them need now.

It looks like Paola's superiors have seen that all she has done wrong was pick a decision with a chance card, and not poor performance at work; she gets back her job as High School Teacher today.

It must be Promotion Day today - Garrett is made Guild Leader.

Friday morning makes me hope nobody will fall into the hole this stray wolf has dug right outside the front door!

This afternoon, just as Paola returns from work, some of Garrett's siblings arrive. He is very close to them, since the Newsons grew up without their parents but had to rely on each other all through their childhood and youth. Luckily, they all live in New Maximiliania and can come over anytime.

The pond turns out to be the most popular part of Paola and Garrett's place.

Paola was not alone when she got off the car earlier this afternoon; her colleague Corydal Capp came with her. Over plates of chef salad, she frequently mentions how much she loves Garrett - just making sure her friendly colleague doesn't get any ideas.

She does not have to work on the weekend, and so Paola invites over her family on Saturday.

She is pleased to see her mother looking so happy. Her second (slightly younger) husband seems to be doing Jessica a world of good.

"Oh yes, we are both doing well at college," her younger twin brothers Pablo and Prezioso reassure their big sis.

When Garrett comes home from work at 9.00 pm, he is on Permanent Platinum: 23 days before reaching Elderhood, he has made his dream come true and is now a Game Designer!

I do not control him anymore now that he is on PP, but Garrett obviously is determined to celebrate his last promotion by making pork chops for everybody.

Paola has something else in mind to celebrate ;-)

A late bath marks the end of this eventful day for Garrett.

A magic lamp is delivered on Sunday morning, but as it is not needed, I just place it in a corner in the study for now.

For several days in a row, Paola has spun up the wish to go on a mountain holiday, and so I finally give in and let the couple book 3 days in Three Lakes.

Money is not an issue, and so they choose the most luxurious accomodation available.

Paola didn't know Garrett plays the piano so well!

Together, the vacationers explore Three Lakes, visiting various community lots.

Isn't it daft how sometimes Sims visiting a restaurant together will insist on sitting at different tables?

Paola likes the cosy, rustic atmosphere at their hotel.

The blue wallpaper reminds them of their bedroom at home.

The next day, souvenirs are bought.
...local specialties are tried...

...and the slapdance is learned.

Paola has fun log-rolling.

She did not expect having to wash her own dishes after room service brought up a meal, though.

Still, the couple are having a great time.

The lot seems to be buggy; after room service has delivered the requested meal, the NPC stays where he is, watching the couple eat, and then go to bed; all the time, he keeps inspecting his uniform, but never leaves the room. Also, the maid never turns up to clean the dishes or the bathroom, or to make the bed during the three days of their stay.

Their last day is spent at Three Lakes Cabins. Paola finds the hammock so relaxing, and enjoys the view across the forest to the mountains.

A romantic couple of hours sitting around the camp fire concludes their mountain vacation. It was funny: while Garrett had the wish to see Bigfoot, Paola was scared of him. It never happened, though.

Back home, Paola and Garrett will remember their three days at Three Lakes every time they look at the souvenirs on the shelf.

How long until Paola will become Education Minister? Are the two of them going to get married?


  1. hopefully they will get married soon, and maybe have babies? nice to see the vacation spots i have started using mine more again. The maid never cleans the rooms when i use vacation lots or cleans up the dishes, but when i go back to the same place all the dishes and everything is clean again.

    1. It is so seldom that I send my Sims on vaction that I'd forgotten how the maid works on vacation lots.
      No babies for these two, since they don't need them for their LTWs. Marriage will happen if either or both of them roll the want - maybe in spring :-)

  2. or garrett gets abducted by aliens!

    1. That is a possiblity I am not ruling out just yet - although Garrett is now on PP and therefore not controlled by me anymore, so he probably won't spend night after night at the telescope :-)

  3. What a lovely round for Paola and Garrett, so great that he joined the family! They'll never be short on company with his large extended family to call over either.
    Education is a nightmare career for bad chance cards I think although they get better towards the latter stages!
    Nice to see your Sims on holiday! Yeah the Porter and Maids do not work well- I have a hack that I use to rectify that :D
    I love their little rustic cottage too. :)

    1. It was a cosy week with them, I quite liked it myself :-)
      I've never really paid attention to which career has "worse" chance cards than others, but there is probably some sort of system behind it all.


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