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Monday, 25 August 2014

Jasmine Rai: Week 3

(For Week 2, all you have to do is click on the "Rai" label and find that week.)

At this apartment building we still find the same three playables renting as before: Sarah Love, Brittany Upsnott and Jasmine Rai.
It is for Jasmine that we are here this week. It is her third week since graduation, and she has been on Permanent Platinum ever since she became a Rock Goddess 22 days before Elderhood.
Although she has switched from the music to the natural scientist career, still hardly a day goes by without her playing her electrical guitar. Sadly, she has to interrupt her playing several times for bouts of illness.
On this Monday, she autonomously tries to pet a visiting skunk. You can see the consequence!
In the afternoon, Hermia Capp comes home from work with Jasmine.
When Jasmine has nothing else to do and does not feel like playing guitar, she likes reading the newspaper in the hallway of the apartment building. She must be feeling very much at home here, walking about in her bathrobe at all hours!
Or she writes her diary, another favourite pastime for her.
It is Tuesday, and Jasmine is not getting better. She will spend nearly all week suffering with a cold or the flu, with the exception of Thursday and Friday. Maybe not sitting around in the draughty staircase in her bathrobe would have helped!
Still, she gets dressed eventually and ventures out of her apartment, where she meets Sarah Love, who is renting an apartment on the same floor I think.
Downstairs in the entrance hall of the building is a big aquarium. Jasmine is fascinated by the colourful fish and often stops there to watch them.
Later that Tuesday, Sharla Ottomas walks by...
...followed minutes later by Alexander Goth.
It is early Wednesday morning, and Jasmine's idea of a healthy breakfast is pork chops :-)
She then spends some time in front of the aquarium.
Work must be a welcome distraction to her these days; just look at her happy face when she hears the car pool outside!
On Thursday morning, Jasmine autonomously cleans the kitchen.
Hermia Capp, her colleague, is here once again. The two share some gossip about Delilah O'Feefe.
Just as it is getting dark, Cherry Capp walks by. She is one of Tybalt Capp's six plantchildren.
Cherry and Jasmine can't decide whether to get into the hot tub with Sarah Love and Hermia Capp or not. (They don't.)
It is Friday morning and Jasmine cleans the bath. She really is good as an autonomous Sim, taking care of her own needs by cooking herself proper meals and getting enough sleep as well as keeping her flat in order.
Due to a chance card, on this day she is promotoed to Unnatural Cross Breeder. Actually, her job is just a time-filler; she does not need to work for money or for her lifetime want any more. But unless she wishes to retire, she will go to work.
By now, Hermia and Jasmine are friends.
Justin Kim walks by... do Beau Broke...
...and Lisa Ramirez. Next in line is Christopher Capp, whom you can see in the distance.
Saturday sees Jasmine enjoying a very early breakfast of Salmon.
After work, she is glad to find a pizza waiting in her kitchen, ordered by the landlord for the block party. It is winter now, and Jasmine has changed into a woolly jumper and warm trousers.
As she has been doing every day this whole week, on Sunday afternoon Hermia Capp comes home from work with Jasmine again.
Tara Goth is greeted with a friendly kiss on the cheek.
The week ends with Jasmine writing her diary. Not that she has anything exciting to report - no fires, no deaths, no love interests... Will her life keep being so uneventful?


  1. is there any 3 bolt loves in her friendship panel? if not she is just going to go work and bring home Hermia Capp for the rest of her life!

  2. There are several, in fact, but they are all happily married and I don't want to break up any of those marriages for the sake of Jasmine. Who knows - she may still find that special someone if she keeps greeting each and every New Maximilianian walking by :-)


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