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Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Pleasant-Summerdream Household: Week 8

The Pleasant Hacienda is where we are going to spend this Sim-week. Who lives here?
Angela Pleasant...
...and Puck Summerdream. Angela and Puck autonomously fell in love with each other when they were both at college. Angela has been on Permanent Platinum for a long time now, having reached her lifetime want of having 20 best friends 22 days before reaching Elderhood. Her parents Mary-Sue and Daniel Pleasant are long gone, and her twin sister Lilith married David Ottomas and lives with her husband at the Ottomas' house.
Puck is one of those Sims whose LTW has suddenly changed - and I must admit I am rather glad about it: Originally, he wanted to have 20 best pet friends, something no Sim in my game has ever managed. Now, though, I find he wants to become The Law.

Because of Puck's former LTW, three dogs and three cats live here as well. You can see all but one of the pets in this picture.
On this Monday morning, Puck's last chance to reach his new LTW passes by - there is no position available in the law career, and he will turn into an Elder later today. Sorry, Puck!
Well, it's not as if he'll be bored anytime soon! With three dogs, every day at least one of them needs a bath, not to speak of cleaning the cats' litter tray and doing the constant round of cleaning and refilling the food bowls and scrubbing the pet beds.
Oh, look! A magic lamp... haven't seen one of those here yet :-)
The clean bot breaks, as is so often the case, and Angela has to be quick in turning it off and repairing it before it can cover the entire place in trash.
Puck and Angela spend the afternoon in the autumn sun doing some gardening together.
Fenya Hart walks by and is greeted by Angela. If you remember Fenya's tragic story: she was adopted by Matthew and Jane Hart after her entire family was wiped out during a Christmas tree fire when she was only a little girl.
Sofia Baldwin is, I think, one of Angela's friends from college. She comes visiting on her own accord.
A birthday cake and a platter of crackers and crisps is ready in the kitchen.
At 6.00 pm on this Monday, Puck...
...and Angela turn into Elders.
Puck's mother, Titania Summerdream, can't believe her boy now has white hair like herself!
It is Tuesday, and sadly, a fight breaks out between two of Puck's pets. Sake and Alabama have never took a liking towards each other, while all the other cats and dogs get along with each other very well most of the time.
Jared Starchild is invited in for Chinese noodle box, courtesy of the Munchie bot.
Angela greets Christopher and Callum Capp, two of Hermia Capp's children.
On Wednesday, Angela spends most of the day working at her robot station.
Age is no reason not to be fit, as Puck proves.
Silvia Ottomas (nee Singles, daughter of Kristen Singles and Checo Ramirez) is welcomed at the Pleasant Hacienda.
Angela's latest project is finished - a female Servo, Serva Pleasant.
Dora Dreamer is politely greeted by Puck.
On Thursday, Angela shows that she does not want stand back behind Puck's good example. (I never tell my Sims to use this device; there are several objects in the house with a much higher fun score, but they keep going back to the ergometer.)
On Friday, the whole family has breakfast together, prepared by Serva.
All week, Angela and Puck have not rolled a single want for each other. But by their autonomous actions they show that they are still as much in love with each other as ever.
Sometimes they even manage to sleep in the same bed at the same time, as here on Saturday morning.
Serva has seen her "humans" using the ergometer and wants to give it a try, too.
This Saturday afternoon, Puck's friends and family are invited. Titania Summerdream and Erin Singles look as if they have been shopping for outdoor clothes together :-)
Sake has just turned into an elderly cat.
Puck's sister Bottom and his parents Titania and Oberon are in the sitting room watching TV when Bianca Capp comes in. Looks like she finds Oberon most attractive!
Pepper is now an elderly dog.
Lilo Landgraab joins the growing crowd at the Hacienda.
On Sunday, Serva finds a job as a Starter. Her LTW is to become Hall of Famer.
The clean bot breaks yet again - this is at least the third time this week!
Serva comes home with a promotion to All Star.
We leave this unusual household in mid-winter and will be back when I reach the name Summerdream on the alphabetical list of surnames in New Maximiliania.

Will Puck and Angela start rolling wants for each other when spring arrives? Is Serva going to stay with her family, or will someone else during this round ask her to move in?


  1. It's a shame Puck never found his job but that's what happens with these changing LTW's I suppose!
    Their house looks lovely, I like the décor.
    I don't think I've ever played Puck to an elder before so it's good to see.

    1. Yes, it's a shame but such is life - not everybody will make their LTW come true... He still is happy enough and keeps busy with the house and the dogs, and of course with Angela :-)

  2. Wow Puck and Angela together.


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