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Monday, 11 August 2014

The Pitts-Nigmos-Ramaswami Household: Week 7

Click here for week 6.

At the old Spectre villa, we still have the same Sims in residence as before:
Sanjay Ramaswami, who was invited to join the household after being left a widower, plus his pets...
...Stella Pitts, née Terrano, who at 74 still works as City Planner...
...her husband Ashley Pitts, happy Hall of Famer at 73, and their close friend Ophelia Nigmos, owner of her late great-aunt Olive's villa. Although she is actually only a bit younger than Ashley and Stella, she drank from the cowplant's milk several times and seems to be stuck on 54 forever.
Apart from Sanjay, the human household members are all on Permanent Platinum which means I only fully control Sanjay. He would have liked to become Celebrity Chef but found out too late (his LTW mysteriously changed half way through the round).
On Monday morning, Ophelia decides they'll all have omelette for breakfast.
Stella takes the wrong decision with a chance card and is demoted to Architectural Planner. Never mind - she has reached her LTW long ago, and there is so much money that nobody knows what to do with it anymore. Strangely enough, none of my elderly Sims shows the wish to retire - and so they don't.
Kent Capp is greeted by Ophelia.
On Tuesday morning, I find Stella cleaning the pet beds on her own initiative.
Ophelia takes care of the trash can someone has kicked over (I never saw it happening and have no idea who did it).
It's a busy day at the villa, with the car pool for work, the repairman's truck and the exterminator's van all pulling up outside the gate at the same time.
Gavin Newson...
...and Ty Bubbler are guests for the afternoon.
Stella comes home from work and is happy to announce she has her former position back.
Very early on Wednesday morning, I have Sanjay bring in what will be the last orange harvest of this year. Autumn is already here.
A rare shot of all four of Sanjay's pets together: Tucker (small dog), Balin (tail-less cat), Alabama (large dog, facing camera) and Alegra (greyhound).
Ophelia does a spot of cleaning.
Yet another magic lamp has been left on the lot!
That makes three... I could of course have Sanjay make a wish so that he'd be on Permanent Platinum like the others, but I don't want to.
Cyd Roseland comes visiting.
As does Titania Summerdream...
...followed by Ramon Ramirez.
At 6.00 pm, Stella would have been 77, but before she can say "birthday cake", she is handed her very last cocktail.
Ashley grieves for his beloved wife.
He can't believe she is no more.
That night, he autonomously chooses to sleep on her side of their marital bed, below the portrait that shows her as she was in her prime.
It is Thursday, and as every day, all New Maximilianians passing by are welcomed. Here we have Lazlo Curious, making the cowplant's acquaintance.
Victor Aspir...
...Ariel Capp and Rick Contrary are there, too.
This nice shot of Balin is all I have for you on Friday.
On Saturday morning, Sanjay tries to repair the dishwasher.
Ophelia can't stand to see dog puddles everywhere.
Just as Sanjay's lifetime clock turns from 69 to 70, Mr. Reaper is back for the second time this week. The howling of his beloved dogs is the last thing he hears in this world.
Ophelia never thought of getting married to Sanjay, but she loved him in her own way. Ashley wonders whether he'll be next on Grimmy's list.
Now that Ashley and Ophelia are on their own, I half expect them to give their friendship a new dimension. But for now, they are content with a friendly hug.
Sunday sees the first snow of the season, and Alabama meeting Tramp.
Half-siblings Sirius Swain and Isabella Indie look as if they have been on a walk together.
Dora Dreamer is yet another of their half-siblings.
Circe Beaker is next. It's nice for Ophelia to meet another original Strangetowner!
And Deirdre Dreamer follows her sister a little later. Having the house full of guests is just what Ophelia and Ashley need after the death of their partners.
For Ashley, it is the perfect reason to make his famous Holiday Roast - for the first time this week.

How much longer will he be around? What will happen to Ophelia when he dies as well? She has finally started to age again and is now 59, while he is already 80.


  1. thanks for an update, a sad but enjoyable read.

    1. Sometime in the not-so-far future, all my Maxis-made Sims who were adults when the game began will have been gone...

  2. Oh it is sad when the premade's are going, that's happening in my game right now too this round.
    Still, they had long and happy lives, although Sanjay died quite young I thought?
    Ashley is living a good long life though. :)

    1. Yes, Sanjay was relatively young; many of the premades that are adults when the game starts die around 70, I have noticed. It seems to be a sort of pre-set end of life for them. Most of the premades that start the game as elderly Sims (such as the Goodies, the Oldies, Betty Goldstein, Catherine Viejo etc.) die around that age, too.


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