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Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Ottomas Twins: Final Year at Uni

The Ottomas twins, Oliver and Olivia, have resolved not to spend their final year at university at the old dorm, but to rent a place instead. Student accomodation is not hard to get by at Sim State University, and especially not since the money they have inherited from their late parents has been transferred to their accounts. The other two playable students left with them at the dorm, Paola Picaso and Parvati Patel, move to the new place with them.
        Here they are, from left to right: Paola Picaso (daughter of Jessica Picaso), Parvati Patel (eldest daughter of Ramir and Ana Patel), and Oliver and Olivia Ottomas.

        As usual at the start of a semester, everyone needs to brush up on one skill or the other, as well as write their term papers.

        I found a Munchie Bot in one of the students' inventories, and from now on, they live nearly exclusively on pizza and chinese takeaway.

       Every day, I make each student call at least one friend. Other than that, once they have gotten their skills and written their term papers, I do not intervene.

       Paola is the first one this semester to finish her term paper.

     The house only has two bedrooms upstairs, and so the twins share one.

        The campus coach does well in giving Oliver some work-out advice; you can tell that, with the exception of Olivia, they all have expanded a bit around the middle!

      Paola couldn't wait for the Munchie bot to return with yet another batch of chinese takeaway and is making grilled cheese instead.

        Soon, the place turns is a mess, with half-eaten takeaway cartons and other rubbish littering the floor.

       Paola and Oliver autonomously develop a crush on each other.

      "I am sure our names will be on the Dean's List again this year," Oliver reassures Parvati, who looks a little nervous about their upcoming exams.

      Paola shocks Parvati when she has a sponge bath in the kitchen instead of waiting for the bathroom to be vacant.

        Oliver and Olivia have both easily mastered their end-of-semester exams and are now starting their very last semester.

        Before anyone can write their term papers, the computer needs repairing - this, of course, calls for my intervention, because no Sim has ever been observed repairing anything on their own accord. I wonder whether that will change in The Sims 4?

        The two younger students follow suit with successful exams.

        The Munchie Bot needs repairing, too.

       For once, the Cow Mascot is put to good use when I have one of the students influence her to clean. (I know - I said I was not going to interfere, but I was sick and tired of smelly rubbish everywhere!)

        Very rarely, all four students manage to sit down for a meal at the same time.

        The coach is back, and he can tell that Oliver has not been heeding any of his valuable advice since his previous visit!
The twins have just written their final exams! Oliver has graduated Magna Cum Laude and Olivia Summa Cum Laude, both in Art.

       What remains to do now is to throw their graduation parties and then move back to New Maximiliania, where they will hopefully soon be able to embark on their careers and become Professional Party Guests eventually.

        To the left with the ginger hair is Tommy, the twins' second older brother (David is the oldest), and the "star" of my next post.

        A familiar scene for everyone who, like me, chooses to intervene as little as possible in their Sims' lives!

        Oliver leaves; we will meet him again in New Maximiliania, but probably only in the next round.

        Olivia does not want to leave without her own party, of course.

        It is a good occasion for her to see her sweetheart again. Now, who was he? I have forgotten - was it one of the Newsons?

       Anyway, her party is a lively affair (and a welcome chance for Olivia's big sister Sharla to get out of the house for a while and away from being Mom to toddler twins!), and then she says goodbye to Parvati and Paola, who stay on for another year.


  1. Uni is always fun to play- I dread it before I get there but enjoy it when there if that makes sense. :)
    I like that your sims choose their partners by themselves.

    1. Regarding uni, I am always in two minds. Like you, I switch between dreading it and enjoying it. The best playing is when I have a full household of 8 playable students.


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