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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Ottomas-Singles Household: Week 7

For Week 6 at this household, click here.

After we have spent time with the "main" Ottomas family first and then with the twins at uni until their graduation, we have now arrived at the - alphabetically - last Ottomas-household in New Maximiliania.
But wait - we have not seen this house before, have we?
That's right. They have only just moved in, and this is one of the largest and most expensive residential lots out of the Maxis-made Lots & Houses catalogue.
Who are "they"?


Tommy Ottomas and his wife Silvia (at the back), her mother Kristen Singles (far left) and Kristen's best friend Chloe. Sivlia's father was Checo Ramirez; he left his wife Lisa to live with Kristen and Silvia until his death several years ago.
All four members of this household are on Permanent Platinum, so I won't control them much.
The large mansion comes fully furnished, and I decide to leave it exactly as it is for now. Maybe I'll change one room after the other later on, if and when I'll feel like it, or changing circumstances make rearrangements necessary.
Silvia's first stop is the swimming pool in the inner courtyard.
Tommy's first action is to ring his little brother Oliver, who has just graduated from uni and is now all set for starting the Slacker Career - his lifetime want is to be Professional Party Guest. He has come to stay.
And he is quickly followed by his twin sister, Olivia, who has the same lifetime want. Now three of the five Ottomas siblings live together again.
Olivia does not change her modest bedroom; all she does to give it at least a bit of a personal touch is to put her diploma on the wall and a vase on the mantelpiece. This picture is a good example of the funny way this house was furnished by Maxis - expensive fire places and sumptuous sofas everywhere, but the cheapest beds!
The desk, chair and computer are my only additions so far. And of course the vase on the mantel is from Silvia's inventory; she was very prolific at the pottery wheel during her university years.
Oliver and Olivia have to look for jobs, which is the only reason why I have put a computer in this room. But before Oliver has a chance to get there, the computer is occupied by Kristen.
Meanwhile, Olivia is joined by the Welcome Committe, which consists of only two Sims instead of the usual three: Chaz Whippler and Castanea Landgraab.
From the kitchen at one end of the mansion, a few steps lead down into the garden, to a grill on the patio next to the steps. Oliver makes hot dogs for everyone.
It seems a good choice for the al-fresco dining on the covered patio between kitchen and swimming pool.
On Tuesday, Olivia makes Comfort Soup.
Later, she invites her college sweetheart Gallagher Newson over. Look what is on her mind as she greets him with a passionate kiss! Sorry, Olivia, there won't be any little Ottomases from you.
With the onset of autumn, Oliver takes care of the leaves.
Tommy, whom I do not control, takes care of today's dirty dishes.
The three Criminal Masterminds in the family are all still working. In spite of having purchased one of the most expensive residential lots, there are still well over 100.000 Simoleons on their bank account. Better not ask a Criminal Mastermind where the money comes from!
Do you remember how, several times, townie child Orlando Bertino came home from work with the three ladies? Well, this here must be his Dad - Professor Grayson Bertino gets off the limousine that night.
On Wednesday, it is Olivia's turn to do something about the leaves.
Silvia sits with her brother- and sister-in-law and tells them how sorry she was to hear of both their parents' death in such a short space of time.
Oliver has decorated one of the sitting rooms with some personal objects.
Although he autonomously fell in love with Paola Picaso during his last year at university, he is very smitten with Chloe Singles (just to remind you: Tommy, who is married to Silvia, has three bolts for Chloe!).
It is now Thursday, and still Oliver and Olivia have not found jobs in the Slacker career.
Silvia and Tommy are often seen kissing and hugging in one of the many long passages connecting the various wings of the mansion.
Kristen stops to look at her own portrait many times. (All the paintings were moved from their old house; they did not suffer like I've seen it happening in some of my other households.)
A soft rain has begun to fall after sunrise, when a gypsy is seen sneaking up to the house. She leaves a magic lamp on the porch, but nobody needs it right now, so it just stays where she left it.
Oliver loves the pool. (Actually, I took this picture mainly to show you a bit of the layout of the house.)
It is still Thursday when I direct Oliver to prepare a meal. Unfortunately, the kitchen stove bursts into flames. And unfortunately, there is no fire alarm installed.
Everyone else is at work, so it is just the twins to deal with the fire, and they are obviously not very good at it.
It does not take long for Oliver to accidentally catch fire, too.
But somehow (without my intervention) he manages to get away from the flames, and I am beginning to think that the fire will just burn itself out when it has consumed enough objects.
Tommy's limousine from work pulls up in front of the house, and he comes running to the scene, too. His arrival seems to have fuelled the fire afresh.
Sadly, Oliver gets too close once more, and this time there is no help for him. He dies in the flames, at the age of 25 days from Elderhood. The kitchen is a mess, and Tommy and Olivia are both very hungry, very dirty and very unhappy.
By now, it is 11 pm and the Criminal Masterminds are returning from work, too. I tell Kristen to say goodbye to Professor Bertino, and look what she does!
I never saw it happening, having checked on Tommy and Olivia for a moment - and when I got back to the kitchen, it was all clean! It must have been Silvia, Kristen and Chloe to do the sweeping of the ashes real quickly.
Poor Olivia! Losing a family member is always hard, but it must be extra hard on twins.
With the kitchen being empty, I decide for it to be the first room to get something of a make-over. New floor, new wall tiles, new fridge, stove, counters, dishwasher and trash compactor. Nothing in here now reminds the others of Oliver's tragic death. Strangely enough, after the fiery drama, nobody rolled the wish of buying a fire alarm, and so none is installed.
On Friday, Tommy and Olivia invite their siblings and their respective spouses over - they are now all the family they have left, what with their parents dead, and now Oliver, too.
Here are Sharla (blonde) and her husband Mercutio (formerly Monty, far right), and David with his wife Lilith (nee Pleasant).
Sharla thinks: This place must have cost heaps of money! (And she is right.)
Silvia empties the trash compactor on her own accord.
Tommy tells his brother David how much he enjoyed their last happy gathering, which was Sharla's wedding.
In spite of them all grieving Oliver's death, he prepares Lobster Thermidor. He is, after all, a Celebrity Chef just like his father was.
"So here's the three of us, all married; I wonder when our little sister Olivia will tie the knot," David says to his siblings over dinner.
On Saturday morning, Kristen cleans up the dishes left from last night's family meal.
Olivia greets Fenya Freshe and Deirdre Dreamer, half-sisters with the same Alien but different human fathers (Tom Freshe and Dirk Dreamer).
"I am sure you'll do very well at university, if you go..." Olivia says to Fenya, who is a teenager and still some time away from deciding about uni.
The two half-sisters talk about their Alien dad in their hosts' hot tub.
Tommy cleans the kitchen counter on his own initiative.
At 11 pm, as Chloe gets off the limousine from work, the well-known hooded figure appears.
Chloe dies on Permanent Platinum. She was 73. Her best friend Kristen (now 75) and Kristen's daughter Silvia witness her taking her last cocktail.
On Sunday, the morning starts with a decidedly wintery chill in the air. Olivia is glad of the many fire places in the house. Once again, she has been unsuccessful in finding a job on the Simternet.
For a change, it is Silvia who decides to make something to eat.

Uh-oh... not again!!
Phew! This time, the fire stopped after consuming most objects in the kitchen, and no Sim fell victim to the flames.
Without me telling them to do it, Silvia and Olivia sweep up the ashes before they take care of their own needs.
The kitchen is nearly the same as before. Tommy is starving - the fridge is full.
Bye-bye for now, all you Ottomases!

When will Olivia find a job and start working towards her LTW? Is she going to roll wants for Gallagher next time? How much longer will Kristen be around before following Chloe (and Lola, who died a long time ago)? Are Tommy and Silvia going to keep taking relatively good care of themselves?


  1. What a shame for poor Oliver. Olivia will get over him quickly- Sims are like that. :D
    That's a great house but is it a nightmare to play or not? I just wondered seeing as it's so big.
    There's so much drama when your sims are left to their own devices- I really need to do that more.

    1. Leaving my Sims to their own devices can be a bit boring, which is why I enjoy the dramatic times ;-)
      Yes, the house is huge, and it takes them quite a long time to get from A to B. Maybe I will assign Olivia a different room when she'll find a job, so that she won't miss the car pool to work!


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