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Monday, 14 July 2014

Jessica Peterson: Week 5

Week 5 with Jessica Peterson is about to begin. Will it be as boring as Week 4?
Remember: Jessica has been on Permanent Platinum ever since she became Hall of Famer eight days from Elderhood. She is a rich elderly lady, but still lives in her modest rented townhouse. Hers is the red one.
        Jessica, the way she looked when she was younger.
        Recently, she has had a make-over by Charlie Cho, Etsu Cho's son. I actually like the pink bob on her!Jessica is not controlled by me except for when other playables walk by and I send her out to greet them, and when it is time to pay the bills and restock the fridge. Her absolutely favourite object in the house is the computer. She spends hours and hours here; either chatting online, or browsing the web, or giving financial consulting. I imagine her advice to be something along the lines of "live modestly, save all your money" - she has accumulated an impressive 80.000 Simoleons, all on her own.
        It is usually omelette for Jessica's lonely breakfasts.
        And she still has the weird sleep pattern she adopted during her previous week.
        Tuesday morning, all she can think of is money, apparently. Well, she is a Fortune Sim.
        Desdemona Capp walks by.
        Making her bed is something Jessica hardly ever forgets - although there are some much more important things to do in her house, such as cleaning the toilets (she has not cleaned them for ages!).
        On Wednesday morning, it snows.
        evin O'Feefe (formerly Beare, married to Delilah O'Feefe) is her guest for the evening.
       One of the other tenants in this row of houses, a townie named Neil Chalmers, has clearly been out in the snow too long. But both Jessica and the other neighbour do nothing about it, and Mr. Chalmer soon gets up and makes for his own door.
      A friend rings Jessica on the phone. Yes, surprisingly, she still has some friends left!
        Although Kevin O'Feefe is still there, Jessica makes chef salad only for herself.
       Meanwhile, Kevin keeps his hostess' computer occupied.
        On Thursday, Jessica cleans the kitchen counter.
       Ariel Capp walks by.
        Soon afterwards, Ripp Grunt puts in an appearance.
        Jessica must be more popular than I thought - she gets phone calls nearly every day.
        But her bad hostess skills show once more when, instead of talking to her guest, she hides behind the newspaper.
        On Friday, she is back to her lonely breakfast.
       A bout of flu/cold/mysterious disease has her firmly in its grip.
       It does not stop me from sending her outside to greet Sharla Ottomas...
        ...followed by her younger sister, Olivia Ottomas...
        ...and Marla Biggs.
       It is Saturday, and to clean the bathtub seems more important to Jessica than to do something about the horribly smelly toilet.      
She still is not really well and takes a nap on the settee.
        The landlord has a fight with one of the other tenants. He wins. Is that what he meant when he invited everybody to his weekly party, saying "Come and have fun with the neighbours"?!
        Carla Reamon walks by.
       On Sunday, Jessica ventures out again, wearing just her PJs. She talks to Neil Chalmers.
        Apparently, he does not share her sense of humour.
A slapping match ensues.
       It is only interrupted when I make Jessica greet Sirius Swain (Eric Swain's half-Alien son)...
       ...Gunnar Roque...
        ... Morty Roth...
        ...and Trisha Traveller.       
The slapping match resumes and quickly turns into a full-blown fight.
        Jessica wins the fight, and Neil Chalmers beats a retreat - for now.

Sorry - this was a rather boring week, I'm afraid. No fires!! :-D
Jessica is now 67 and has probably at least another full week before her. If anyone else in New Maximiliania should develop a 3-bolt-attraction for her, it might change her life.


  1. i don't think she made enough meals to even start a fire or no leaves to sweep lol.

    1. Besides, there is a fire alarm in her kitchen :-)))

  2. I think a couple of fights, a frozen neighbour and lots of socialising is a pretty good week for the undirected Sim!

    1. If it had not been for the fast forward button, I would have given up on her - playing a single household without controlling them is really rather boring!

    2. Yes a bigger family is more interesting for sure. At least the time passes quickly with a single sim though. :)


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