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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Ottomas Family: Week 6

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The Ottomas family still live at the house that has undergone some changes, inside and out, since they first moved here many years ago, when they were still relatively poor and the children were little.
Who lives here nowadays?
There's Peter, who still works as a Celebrity Chef at 71, and is on Permanent Platinum...
...his wife Samantha, whose lifetime want changed inexplicably from having 50 dream dates (of which she had 39 with her husband at the end of their previous week), and their firstborn David (yet another Sim with a changed LTW: While before, he wanted to have 50 dream dates just like his Mom, he now dreams of becoming The Law.
There is also Alegra, a dog that was acquired by the family autonomously while I was playing another household and had them visit a pet shop on a community lot.
Their daughter Sharla moved back in after college. As you can tell, she is expecting - a necessity, if she ever wants to see those six grandchildren she has set her heart on.
Upstairs in the purple bedroom, we find Lilith - née Pleasant, now Ottomas, and David's wife. Lilith has been on Permanent Platinum ever since she became a Rock Goddess some time ago.
Now that Samantha has decided she wants to max out all her skills, I have her do as much of the skill-related household jobs as possible, such as repairing the broken shower.
The scorched figure in the corner behind the house is Peter - he was, as you can see, struck by lightning while playing Lilith's Rock Hammer guitar.
Samantha and her Mom share an intimate moment with the next generation of the Ottomas family.
"I am quite sure you'll have twins, sweetheart," her Mom tells Sharla after that conversation with the baby - or babies - in her daughter's belly.
On Tuesday morning, we find out whether Samantha was right!
Of course she was right - meet Odell (held by Sharla) and Orlando (held by Lilith) Ottomas! I like the idea of Lilith helping her sister-in-law with the babies. She was the first one to rush to the scene, and so Sharla handed Orlando to her and gave birth to Odell.
Peter is over the moon!
Lilith makes Lobster Thermidor to celebrate - she did that on her own accord, and it fitted the occasion so well!
Sharla learns everything about parenting. Actually, she could have asked her parents - they surely have enough experience with babies, having had five of their own!
Davis now busily checking the Simternet for a job in the law career every day, but without success so far.
Instead, he helps his little sister with her twins whenever the need arises.
On Wednesday night, Peter returns from work extremely tired.
Well, he may rest his tired old bones forever now - he dies moments afterwards, leaving his family with a fortune of more than 200.000 Simoleons. He was 74 and is much missed by his wife, children and daughter-in-law.
Sharla seems to be affected more than anyone else, even more than her mother.
On Thursday, I watch Lilith, halfway expecting her to starve to death with nobody to blame but herself. (She is on Permanent Platinum and therefore not controlled by me.)
The well-stocked fridge is only two doors away.
But all she eventually has is a bag of crisps.
The crisps aren't very filling, and soon Lilith is nearly starving again. But instead of getting herself something properly - like the leftovers from when she cooked Lobster to celebrate the birth of her two nephews -, she chooses all sorts of other activities, just not cooking. Here, she plays with Alegra.
Next, she gives financial consulting.
Finally, a can of juice has to make do for her.
David has found a job as a Paralegal and is looking forward to rising the steps of the career ladder as quickly as his wife did before she reached the top.
Whenever possible, Lilith joins her sister-in-law in taking care of the twins.
She even manages to make grilled cheese for lunch - for a change!
The three ladies sit down together for a relaxed meal, while David is at work and the babies are asleep.
Thursday evening sees the twins' birthday - they are now toddlers. I accidentally took only a picture of Odell, but you'll see many more pictures of the little boys.
On Friday morning, just as Orlando has been cuddling Alegra, she is approached by a hooded stranger who plays that very last game of fetch with her.
I know she has hardly featured in this chapter, but rest assured that she was a beloved family dog and never lacked attention from her humans.
The same day, David is promoted to Personal Injury Attorney.
Orlando tries catching fireflies. I forgot toddlers can do that! He ventured outside on his own, and discovered the fireflies without me doing anything.
Meanwhile, Samantha and Odell play with Olivia's old dollhouse. The boys' nursery used to be Olivia's room before she left for college.
Saturday morning is spent with preparations for Sharla's wedding. Yes, wedding! She spun the wish to get married as soon as she had given birth to her twins, and it seemed to be logical to have her marry their father, Mercutio Monty.
Here he comes, accompanied by his brother Romeo and his half-Alien daughter Maria.
Olivia and Oliver, the youngest of Samantha's and Peter's children, are of course invited to the wedding.
Mercutio and Sharla are now the latest Mr. and Mrs. Ottomas!
Tommy (ginger hair) and his wife Silvia have just made it in time for the ceremony. Silvia is, as you maybe remember, the child Kristen Singles had with Checo Ramirez.
The wedding is a lively affair with such a large family, and requires some clever management on my part to avoid everybody trying to give the toddlers a bath all the time.
Samantha just wishes Peter could have seen Sharla getting married, and the twins grow up!
Mercutio settles in well with his new family. David likes his brother-in-law and admires him for his skill on the guitar. Of course he is not as good as Lilith, his beloved wife and Rock Goddess, but good enough to win his respect.
On Sunday, Samantha maxes out her third skill, creativity. The other two are cleaning and mechanical. I doubt she will have the time to max out another one.
Uh-oh... Lilith seems to be quite smitten with her new brother-in-law...!
A close-up of the twins playing with the dollshouse together.
David has made bass with squash for Sunday dinner. Lilith had to go to work, but everyone else is home.
I am glad Samantha had the occasion of that last family meal; her dessert consists of Mr. Reaper's famous "Stairway to Heaven" cocktail. She dies at the same age as her husband, 74.
The little ones are affected by their grandmother's death, especially Orlando, who saw it all happening. His aspiration plummets into deep red, and it takes a lot of snuggling, playing and talking from his parents to make him feel better.
With Samantha gone, I can finally rectify a mistake I made at the wedding: When the game asked whom to move in with Mercutio, I did not add Maria - although she is his daughter. She had to stay with her uncle Romeo for a few days. But now, the two of them join the family, and the house is full to the brim with eight Sims!

Next stop are Oliver and Olivia, the twins who are currently at college.


  1. Peter & Samantha raised a good family and had happy and interesting lives.
    I like that Mercutio has moved in! In my megahood he married Lilith because of their high attraction so I shall be interested to see if anything transpires between them or if she will stay faithful!

    1. Yes, Mercutio and Lilith having become in-laws and living under the same room could mean some drama!
      Peter and Samantha did not have the easiest of starts but made up for it big time.

  2. This is one of the sweetest blogs I have ever read about.


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