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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Parvati Patel and Paola Picaso: Senior Year

Their last year at Sim State University has begun for Parvati and Paola.

After they both have finished writing their respective term papers early on in the first semester, I send them to Baliwood Lanes - a community lot kindly given to me by Twoyys4me, whose blog about Pleasantview can be found here. If you have ever played "The Sims Life Stories", you'll find Baliwood Lanes familiar! 

One of Paola's brothers, Pablo Picaso, puts in an appearance, but otherwise, everyone else here are NPC students and therefore of no particular interest to the girls.
After their meeting at Baliwood Lanes, Paola decides to invite her brothers Pablo and Prezioso over (they attend Sim State University, too, but live at a dorm) and asks them to bring along their male dorm mate. Who knows - there might be someone there to capture Parvati's eyes and heart.
It turns out not to be the case, though, and so it was just a good occasion for Paola to meet up with her brothers.
The girls both finish the first half of their Senior Year successfully, as was to be expected.

Now both of them need one more cooking skill point.

This term, I decide to send them to the Sim State Student Union to write their term papers.
Parvati finishes first, and pointing at the computer she has just left, exclaims: "Never again! This was my last term paper ever!!" She has recently lost her younger siblings in a fire at the gym owned by her brother, and knows that now all her mother's hopes for six grandchildren rest on her. She herself wants to graduate three children from college, but six... Oh well.

Paola finishes her term paper shortly afterwards.

Of the seven other students from New Maximiliania currently attending Sim State Uni, only Charlie Cho is seen at the Student Union tonight.

Life at the modest student residence is unexciting. The girls eat and sleep, phone friends and family occasionally, play the odd computer game or match of chess, and that's about it. Every now and then, they do the cleaning together, or something breaks down in the house and needs fixing.

I must admit I am glad to see them both graduate Summa Cum Laude. Without throwing parties, Parvati and Paola leave campus the same night and move back to New Maximiliania, where they will either be reunited with their families or start the next chapter of their lives on their own.

No fire this time :-D


  1. A nice fire-free round!
    Good to see the Baliwood Star Lanes in action. I had to modify mine a bit as there were a few routing issues but other than that it plays nicely.
    There are lots of 'lots' I think I've never visited, like the Sim State Union. I must do that more. :)

    1. That's what I always say when I see the students on other people's blogs visiting community lots. So nice to break up the dorm routine!
      Yes, I have been thinking about some minor adjustments to Baliwood Star Lanes, too. (I keep forgetting the "Star" in the lot's name!)

  2. I've just noticed parvati has a cute button nose!


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