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Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Summerdream Family: Week 5

Click here for the 4th week at the Summerdream house, or have a look at the posts under the Summerdream label, where you will also find the posts about Puck and Bottom at uni, and Puck's life with Angela Pleasant. 

The Summerdreams live at the same place where we left them last time, and the household consists of the same Sims as before: Titania (now 55) and Oberon (now 56)... well as Cyan, the dog they once acquired for their son Puck (who now lives with Angela Pleasant at her house), their daughter Bottom (not pictured) and her college sweetheart Björn Beaker, half-Alien son of Loki Beaker. Björn is the reason why we are here - actually, the name Summerdream is way down on the alphabetical list, but "Beaker" is the one to be played at the moment.

Today, though, the living room at the Summerdream villa takes on a different look: chairs and a wedding arch are set up...

...and a piano player is employed. Who is going to get married on this Monday?

Here's Puck, just arrived as the first wedding guest, looking very smart in his suit, if a little serious.

The wedding guests watch the ceremony. I think you know most of them, don't you?

Nobody thought they'd ever tie the knot - after all, Titania and Oberon already shared their surname, and had been living like husband and wife for donkeys years, but they were never married. As soon as she woke up that Monday morning, though, Titania rolled the wish to get married, and so I decided to have her and Oberon throw a big wedding party - after all, they can very well afford it, and the house is certainly spacious enough.

The applause is genuine; all their friends and family are happy for the two of them.

Of course, there is also a classic wedding cake, decorated with violets, matching the general colour scheme at the villa very well. Isn't Titania a radiant bride?

Not everybody finds a chair at the long table in the dining room, but never mind...

...there is plenty of room in the kitchen.

Björn is happy to greet his parents, Circe and Loki, who are among the guests.

Ripp Grunt, the piano player, is trying to befriend the female guests. Those Romance Sims...! ;-)

After Ripp has left the piano to chat up the ladies in the kitchen, Björn's brother Barry Beaker shows off his skill at the piano, much to Trisha Traveller's and Shaun Subject's delight.

As always, Circe and Loki seem to have their own private party going on.

Looks like at least one of the female guests (Tina Traveller) is falling already for Ripp's charms!

The next morning, a thick layer of snow covers the ground, when Björn leaves for work and Oberon plays fetch with Cyan.

It is Wednesday already, and Titania, who is still working at her lifetime want of 20 simultaneous best friends, greets Roxie Sharpe.

Björn is promoted to Warhead Disarmer.

Next to be greeted by Titania is Pauline Aspir.

Björn welcomes Simbot Pleasant. That bot is certainly getting around, considering the short time it's been activated!

Bottom is promoted to Family Law Attorney.

She now has to brush up on her charisma, and does so making use of her career rewards object. Simbot seems to find her speech really interesting.

The next day, Thursday, Björn is promoted to Hostage Negotiator.

Just as her mother starts playing a ball game with Opal Contrary, Bottom's carpool pulls up, and she gets off the car with a promotion to International Corporate Lawyer.

Now it is Björn's turn to improve his charisma.

On Friday, Oberon (who is treated as a non-playable Sim, since he is on Permanent Platinum) makes pancakes for breakfast. Bottom enjoys sitting down with her Dad, it doesn't happen often.

It was on Björn's wish list to buy new clothes, and I think he is right - nobody in the household has much variety in their wardrobe, and it is about time he gets rid of his Kimono; we are not in Takemizu Vllage here, are we! He buys new outfits for Bottom and Titania as well. (The lady in the background is Jodie Larson.)

This is one of the new outfits he brought for Bottom. She age-transitioned into something blue, therefore I try to stick to blue as the dominant colour in her wardrobe. I quite like the little cardie with the hearts, although I am not too keen on the combination of hot pants and boots.

On Saturday, Björn is promoted to International Sim of Mystery.

He is not the only one to come home promoted: Bottom is now an Entertainment Attorney.

And Titania? She has finally reached her LTW, at 61 years old!
The strange thing is that she has actually only 18 best friends... two of the ones she used to have died during the last round, but apparently they still count towards her LTW, even though it says "have 20 simultaneous best friends", which certainly does not apply to deceased friends. Never mind - she's made it, and from now on will be largely without me controlling her.

Having two elders who are treated as unplayables in the house means they get up and sleep at very odd times. On Sunday, Oberon spends hours and hours at the piano, still in his PJs...

...and Titania browses the Simternet, still in her nightie.

Oberon has been playing the piano so long that his social life is extremely low. To see the Social Bunny (this time a blue one, not a pink one as with Loki Beaker) appear is therefore no surprise.

But Titania is here, and the two of them talk, tell each other jokes, and hug until the bunny disappears. Oberon never even acknowledged its presence.

Let me end this week with a nighttime shot of the Summerdream villa from the back.

How long before Björn and Bottom will reach their LTWs? Who will be first? Is Puck ever going to move back in, and maybe bring Angela with her?


  1. How fun to see the social bunny again! Nice to see Oberon & Titania get married- it was certainly quite a shindig.
    I sometimes wonder if the LTW's get a bit bonkers but who cares if they achieve it right? ;)

    1. Yeah, not sure about the best friends count on Titania's LTW there, but you're right - who cares as long as she achieved it :-)
      It was fun to play the wedding, their house is big enough for the Sims not get all stuck in one bathroom, he he


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