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Friday, 8 November 2013

Barry Beaker: Week 1

For the fourth week at the Beaker house, click here. For Barry and Björn's college years, click the "Beaker" label at the top of the page.

Barry Beaker is the first of now several college graduates who moved into one of the premade houses that can be found Downtown. I don't think I have ever played in this house before; it is large enough for a small family, and certainly large enough for one single Sim.

Barry Beaker is, as you may or may not remember, Loki and Circe Beaker's son - the only one of their three children that has both of them as his biological parents. Loki's other two children, Björn and Beta, are half-Alien and are not blood-related to Circe. After he has graduated in Mathematics, Barry will now focus on his lifetime want: He dreams of being Chief of Staff. He has saved up most of his student grants, and therefore has still more than 6.000 Simoleons left after purchasing the partly furnished house.

Selling off the mis-matched furniture gives him more than 10.000 Simoleons to play with.

There is not much fun to be had all on your own in a totally empty house - unless you like rope-skipping :-) Don't worry, Barry does not have to sit and sleep on the floor. He furnishes the house to suit his needs and still has about 1.800 Simoleons left after that.

Three of his wishes involve one of his friends from university, Marcus Baldwin. Marcus has lost his elderly father only a few days ago and is grateful when Barry invites him over for a meal and a chat.

Checking the Simternet for jobs in the Medical career on the computer delivered by Mr. Humble, Barry is disappointed.

Meanwhile, the welcome committee has arrived. It consists of Melody Tinker, Gavin Newson and Sally Riley.

Just after dark, Erin Singles rings and invites Barry to meet up at "Games of Glory". For a brief while during Barry's early childhood, Erin lived with the Beakers; she and Nervous Subject, who was the Beakers' tenant back then, fell in love, and they moved out together when both families started to grow.

Erin brought along mostly friends of her own age: Don Lothario, Ophelia Nigmos and Kristen Singles, who is not a relative but used to be Erin's housemate before she moved in with Nervous.

There is only one woman more or less Barry's age, and that is Tina Traveller, who is still at university. Barry is not really interested in her. Actually, he became an item with Ariel Capp when they were both living at the same house at university.

His affection for Ariel does not stop him from discovering that Monica Bratford, who appears later on, is his three-bolt-lady! They don't even speak that night, however, and Barry goes home unsure as to what he should do.

For the moment, he lives (and sleeps) here on his own.

Tuesday still shows no positions open in the Medical career.

Tara Gieke (nee Kat) walks past, and is greeted by Barry.

Barry makes use of the spare time while he does not yet have a job, and learns fire safety. Not a bad idea, what with so many fires breaking out throughout New Maximiliania all the time!

On Wednesday, he rings several of his friends. It is always a good idea to stay in touch.

He invites his family over to have a look at his new place, but only his father Loki and younger half-sister Beta can make it; both Circe and Björn are working. "What are you going to do about getting a job, then?" his Dad wants to know. Barry scratches his head. "Umm... keep looking, I suppose..."

Ramir Patel joins the small gathering when he happens to walk by and is invited in by Barry.

On Thursday, all the family have time to come over: Circe and Björn, as well as Björn's sweetheart Bottom Summerdream and her parents Titania and Oberon, where the young couple lives.

Finally, on Friday, Barry finds a job and starts immediately as a Specialist.

He returns from work the same day with a promotion to Surgeon.

Ty Bubbler is today's fellow New Maximilianian who gets invited in.

Barry is so taken up with his surgery practise station that he works at it well into the night, maximizing his mechanical skill.

On Saturday, for the first time this season, the leaves want raking.

And since Barry has not rolled one single want involving Ariel Capp all week, I decide to let him invite Monica Bratford over, and see how things go for the two of them. They spend the afternoon talking, playing red hands (induced by Monica) and talking some more. Nothing further happens, but they part as friends.
If I remember correctly, Monica's partner Andrew Jacob died last round, which would leave her free for a new relationship. 

Sunday passes without anything worth mentioning. 
How long until Barry will be promoted again? Is he going to fall in love with his 3-bolt-lady Monica, or is Ariel going to reappear on the scene?


  1. After Stella Terrano I think Monica is my favourite Uni sim to play, so I'm rooting for her over Ariel. :D
    Barry has had a pretty productive week with meeting, greeting and working as well as learning Fire Safety. I'm still wondering if knowing about it actually makes a Sim do anything about it!

    1. If I find out, you'll read about it here :-)
      Yes, I am looking forward to playing Monica's household and see whether she rolls wants about Barry.

  2. Taking it slowly with the romance might be a good thing!

    1. I keep giving that advice to a friend in real life - but does he listen to me? Does he heck :-D


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