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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Baldwin Family: Week 5

For the fourth week of the Baldwin family, click here.

Welcome back to the 5th week at the Baldwin's house!

At the moment, only two family members live here: Benjamin Baldwin, who is 72...

...and his daughter Sofia Baldwin. She has graduated Cum Laude in Physics and is working hard to become Head of SCIA. The young man in the back is Rick Contrary, "just a friend", you know.

On the Monday of their 5th week here, Sofia's younger brother Marcus returns from college. He has graduated Magna Cum Laude in Economics and will start to work on his lifetime want of becoming a World Class Ballet Dancer as soon as possible.

Benjamin is on Permanent Platinum and can therefore do as he  pleases most of the time. More often than not, this means writing his diary. Here, he is apparently writing something about Marcel Jocque.

Anyway, he is very happy to have both his children back home with him. It was bad enough losing his wife first to another man (Isabel fell in love and moved in with Beamont DeBateau, Armand DeBateau's resurrected zombie-father) and then to death. His children mean the world to him.

Benjamin is one of the very few Sims in my game who have ever managed to pet the skunk without being sprayed, and when the skunk appears that afternoon, I send him out to try again. But for some reason, instead of approaching the skunk, Benjamin just stands there and waits. What for?

Oh... that's what he was waiting for. When he is just turning 73 on that Monday at 6.00 pm, the Grim Reaper and his Hula Girls come to pick Benjamin up for his very last trip. Poor Marcus! He can't believe he has only had the chance to spend a few hours with his Dad after his return from college before he is taken from him.

But he has to believe it; there is the marble tombstone (to be moved to the cemetery at Gamesend Grounds, of course).

Marcus seems to be a lot more affected by his father's death than Sofia. He thinks of him all the time.

No matter what he does.

Maybe it just took a little longer to sink in for Sofia.

Yes, these are sad times for the siblings.

At least, when on Tuesday Marcus finds a job in his coveted career, he has something to focus on: Working on his skills. The special ballet barre becomes available to him instantly, and is installed in the living room at first.

The bedroom that Marcus and Sofia used to share when they were children is now refurbished for Marcus' use. The ballet barre is installed and mirrors and a stereo put up.

Instead of two single beds for the siblings, there is now one double bed for Marcus. Where does Sofia sleep now? Well, she takes their father's room.

Still on Tuesday, Sofia gets demoted to Rookie Field Agent because of a chance card. She heads back to work straight away and is back on her former position as Field Agent later the same day.

For Marcus, the new job has not yet started, so he has plenty of time to greet any other New Maximilianian passing by. This here is Matthew Hart.

Wednesday morning is sunny and bright, and Marcus flies the kite his sister once made for him.

Later, he welcomes Alexander Goth, an old (literally!) friend of his sister's.

Sofia is promoted to Double Agent.

On Thursday, Marcus goes to work as an Interpretive Dancer for the first time and comes home with a promotion to Tap Dancer.

Sofia, who was also promoted (she is now an Elite Operative), has to brush up on her skills before she can hope for another step up the career ladder.

It is Friday, and while Marcus is on his way to work, Brent Roth pays a visit to Sofia. Maybe you remember him as one of Brandi Broke's twins and Sofia's three-bolt love, but I made him get married to Sandra Roth because those two share the LTW of raising 20 puppies and kittens. Still, a 3-bolt-love is nearly impossible to resist, and when Sofia invites him over, Brent does not hesitate.

"I know you are married now, Brent, but I simply HAD to see you," Sofia explains to a serious-looking Brent over plates of Hamburgers. Meanwhile, a hard-working Marcus is promoted to Ballroom Dancer.

Saturday morning sees Sofia in the kitchen, making omelette for breakfast.

She has the day off and uses it to catch up on some badly needed yardwork.

She interrupts that task just long enough to greet Wilma Williamson.

Marcus is now a Flamenco Master (here still in his Ballroom Dancer outfit).

On Sunday morning, Sofia wakes up well before 6.00 and heads to H&M for some winter clothes.

She is lucky to find the shop already open at that hour!

Later, dressed in one of her new outfits, she makes herself a nice dinner of pork chops.

Marcus can't eat with her today, he is on his way to his first performance as Flamenco Master.

Sofia has finally made her Golden Toymaking Badge (the first Sim in New Maximiliania to have managed this!) and invites eight of her best friends over for a little house party. She has not put up any Christmas decoration, but each of her friends receives a gift of handmade toys.

Alexander Goth seems to be particularly happy about his parcel.
And Brent? He and Sofia can't resist their attraction for each other, it seems.

How long until Sofia and Marcus will reach the top of their careers and be on Permanent Platinum? Who is going to be first? What will become of Sofia's 3-bolt-love for Brent? Will Marcus do something about his hibernating relationship with Pauline Aspir?


  1. You can't keep those 3 bolt sims apart for long it seems. How great to share the toys- Alexander never seemed to grow up much, lol.
    I don't think I've ever seen a Sim pet a skunk and not get sprayed. That will make Benjamin fairly unique when his family reminisce. He lived a nice life looking after his children.

    1. There are less than a handful of Sims in my game who have ever managed to pet the skunk without being sprayed, and the gods know I have tried!
      Yes, 3-bolters just have to be together, somehow.

  2. Replies
    1. FTW? I don't know what that means.


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