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Monday, 18 November 2013

The Biggs-Ruben Household: Week 7

You can click here for Week 6 at this household, or simply click the "Biggs" label. 

At the start of their previous week, the Biggs-Ruben-household moved from their impractical rented apartment to this rather posh house in the old heart of New Maximiliania. They are still there, and I am still playing them as I have been doing for a while now: treat them largely as non-playables, since they're all on Permanent Platinum.
Joshua, left, is now 68. He still has no love interest, but rolls the wants to "meet someone new" and "get married" as soon as the week starts. His younger brother Martin, 61, recently married his college-sweetheart and 3-bolt-love Marla Biggs.
On that Monday, Marla is the only one who has to go to work.
Martin cleans the bathroom on his own accord.
The Repo man appears... as usual, nobody has bothered to pay the bills.
He takes, of all things, one of the toilets, which is of course quickly replaced.
Joshua has been greeting Darren Dreamer while the Repo Man has been doing his job.
Friend Almeric Davis comes visiting shortly afterwards.
Last but not least, Pablo Picaso puts in an appearance.
Maybe it's the fact that there are three guests in the house, or maybe he just felt like it: Martin prepares lobster Thermidore for everyone, all on his own initiative.
But instead of having a plateful himself, he chooses to stuff his face in front of the fridge! Marla watches and seems to think "Men..."
Tuesday morning, Martin has a nap on the settee, with Marla keeping him company.

Everybody goes to work today, which solves the problem of getting meals.

Marla and Martin's three-boltness shows all the time. Those two can hardly keep their hands off each other :-)

On Wednesday, all three of them have gone to work again. Upon his return, finally Martin thinks of putting the kicked-over trash bin back up.

Joshua had been wishing for a wombrat cage and a bird cage, and I buy both. Funnily enough, it is Marla who first rolls the wish to play with a wombrat, and so I have her stock the cage and name the wombrat Stanley.

She then rolls the wish of stocking the birdcage, and here is Ollie :-)

Martin does not always sleep in bed when he is really tired. Sometimes he naps on the settee, or on the armchair like this time. Ollie can fly around the house whenever he wants to.

Thursday morning, Joshua has a breakfast of juice.

He then goes to play with Ollie without me tellling him to.

It is officially spring now, but still very cold.

On Friday, Joshua greets Param Patel.

Saturday morning, Joshua plays with Stanley.

Meanwhile, both Marla and Martin have rolled wants of buying orchard trees and garden plots, and of planting a seed as soon as the plot was prepared. So I have them go out and do a spot of early morning gardening.

Finally, the snow has gone. The back of the house looks like this now.

Again, nobody has been paying any bills, and so the dishy Repo Man is on his way to the house once more.

This time, he takes one of the sinks and the outdoor light on the ground.

On Sunday, Joshua makes turkey for everyone.

Later, Ariel Capp walks by and is greeted by him. Joshua has a crossed-out bolt for her, so there won't be any pink hearts flying between these two, I guess.
He is now 75; will he ever find someone to fall in love with and get married to before he dies? Is Marla ever going to cook a meal? Will Martin keep his habit of sleeping anywhere but in bed?


  1. Looks like Joshua is going to be an eternal bachelor.
    It's interesting to see how the houses play when you aren't controlling them. I need to sit back and watch a bit more in my game I think, heh.
    I do love this house- one of my favourites to play once it's had a bit of remodelling inside.

    1. I like the house, too, although I must admit I have not spent much time and effort on furnishing and decorating it. The living room is nearly empty, and there are several rooms upstairs with notihing in them, too. I always think about moving more Senior Sims in together, to make it appear something like a home for the elderly, but never really get round to it.

    2. Yes that is a good idea, I tend, like you to keep them in one house until they die.


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