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Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Beaker Family: Week 5

The fourth week at the Beakers' house can be found here.

The Beakers still live in the Maxis-made house I put them in when I started to play New Maximiliania five years ago and moved them out of their original house, but I may have to abandon this lot next round. The house seems to be somewhat bugged, in that family members get stuck at various activities every now and then, and I have to use the move_objects on cheat to free them.Who lives here at the moment?
There is Loki, 62 years old, and waiting for the moment his youngest child will graduate from college. His lifetime want is to see three children graduate; his sons Björn and Barry have already done that. Although Loki is not yet on Permanent Platinum, I leave him to his own devices most of the time. This results more often than not in Loki reaching a very precarious state regarding his needs; he does not seem to be the sharpest knife in the drawer and is nearly starving, while standing between a fully stocked fridge and a platter of freshly made chef salad.
His wife Circe is 59 at the start of their 5th week. She is on Permanent Platinum, having reached her LTW of being Business Tycoon already a while ago.
Beta is Loki's youngest child, a teenager with the Knowledge aspiration and the LTW of becoming Head of SCIA.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
On Monday morning, before the school bus arrives, Beta says good-bye to her Dad and step-mom and leaves for college. Just like with her older brothers, I have cut short her teenage years, sending her to uni as early as possible, so that Loki has a chance of reaching his LTW.
Beta is gone - but Barry is back! He moves in with his parents after only one week on his own (see previous post).
Both he and his mother go to work and come home at the same time, Barry with a promotion to Medical Researcher (remember: his LTW is to be Chief of Staff, and he is not far off now).
On Tuesday, Björn comes visiting on his own accord.
Strangely enough, even though Loki and Circe interact a lot when she is at home, Loki's social need drops so low that he receives a visit from the Social Bunny - a very rare occurrence in my game.
I have never watched the Social Bunny closely, for lack of occasion, and have certainly never seen it juggle with doll-house dolls!
That afternoon, Barry comes home with his last promotion: he is now Chief of Staff and has reached his LTW 20 days from Elderhood. Congratulations!
Meanwhile, a fight has broken out in the house. What's this? Has a burglar appeared at daylight? Have the Llama and Cow Mascot come over from campus?
No. Loki decided to attack the Social Bunny, and wins the fight. Barry has been watching, although he can not see the Bunny. I wonder what he has been thinking - his Dad having a fight with himself?
Now that he is on PermaPlat, Barry can do whatever he wants. First, he wants to relax in the sauna.
He then makes pancakes for everyone.
And just in time, because as usual, Loki was close to starvation.
It is Thursday morning, and Loki treats a bag of crisps as if it were some kind of gourmet nosh.
 Later on, he surprises me by preparing a turkey for dinner.
Meanwhile, it is Circe's turn to use the sauna.
Friday passes without anything worth mentioning, but on Saturday morning, Barry wakes up and rolls the want of falling in love with Monica Bratford, who he found out to be his three-bold-lady only last week! Ariel, his college sweetheart, has not once appeared on his wish list ever since he returned from college.
I make Barry invite Monica over, and soon, Barry's wish of falling in love with her is fulfilled.
It is now spring (which may explain the romantic wishes), and although I mostly do not control anyone in this household of PermaPlat Sims, I make Barry look after the flowers in the back yard.
All the time now, Barry thinks of Monica. He does not look it in this picture, but he is almost constantly smiling, and his thought bubbles show Monica and the purple woohoo symbol alternating :-) (yes, they used the sauna together... it was really steamy, I can tell you!).
Sunday, the 5th week ends at the Beakers' with Circe playing the piano to her husband's and son's delight.

Is Monica going to roll wishes for Barry when I'll play her household? Will Loki live long enough to see Beta graduate from college? How is she faring there?


  1. haha, I love the way Loki eats a bag of crisps!
    I've so rarely seen the social bunny I'd almost forgotten it existed! I shall have to give it a whirl sometimes.
    Glad to see Barry & Monica getting it together. Let's hope their love doesn't fade whilst she's in college!

    1. Yes, I've seen the Social Bunny very rarely, too - and now it has appeared in two different households in a very short space of time.
      Monica has long since graduated. You can read up on her under the "Bratford" label. She shared a place with Andrew Martin, his son Jacob and Jacob's Alien daughter Martina Martin. If I remember correctly from last round, Andrew died of old age, but the other three are still living in the same house.

  2. Love is in the air! Glad we're coming to "Bratford" soon :)

    1. You have been busy catching up, always nice to "see" you here on my blog :-)


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