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Saturday, 9 June 2018

The Newson Family - Week 7

If you want to read Week 6 at this household, click here

This Maxis-made downtown house is going to be our stop for the next week. Of course you know that we're not yet through with playing all the Newsons; this is still the "main" household.

Gavin Newson still occupies the bachelor pad on the ground floor. He is now 54 and still hopes to earn 100.000 Simoleons by selling his paintings.

The master bedroom is Ginger's and Clover's. There may be an age gap of 19 years between the two, but there are also 3 bolts - and two hearts full of love for each other.
Ginger would still love to graduate three children from college, and with two already having achieved that, it looks like she is well on the way. But unfortunately, her third child, Nelson, died years ago during a fire at college.
Clover simply dreams of the day when he'll turn into an elderly gentleman and can finally celebrate the Golden Anniversary with Ginger.

sGinger's eldest son, Nigel, moved back in after college. He is steadily working up his way in the sports career, wanting to achieve his lifetime want of being Hall of Famer.

On this Monday morning, Nellie moves back in. She does not need to think twice when her mother suggests it. Now she will focus on becoming Education Minister.

Nigel returns home with a promotion to MVP.

Nellie settles in by browsing the old family photo album.

Meanwhile, Nigel works on his body skill.

Nellie is lucky on Tuesday morning when she finds a job as a Substitute Teacher on the Simternet. As a Family Sim and having grown up as part of a large group of adoptive siblings, it is hardly surprising that she is thinking of adopting a child herself. So far, she has not shown any romantic interest in another Sim, and she does not need children for her lifetime want - but who knows what the future may hold for her.

She returns from work that afternoon with colleague Paola Picaso in tow. Paola lives, if I remember correctly, with Garrett Newson - we'll find out soon.

I always had Paola down as a rather nice Sim, but for some inexplicable reason, she is all set on attacking Clover. Ginger does not know what is going on here, but she tries to get Paola away from her husband, and not much later, politely asks her to leave.

Early on Wednesday morning, Gavin finds the shower at his ground floor bachelor pad broken and decides to fix it himself instead of waiting for the repair service.

Clover gets up, still holding a grudge against Paola Picaso. I really wonder how my Sims sometimes become enemies!

Nigel's sweetheart is Hailey Hart - you remember her, don't you? She is Matthew Hart's half-Alien daughter and lives with her children Harry and Hannah in a modest house. Recently, her adoptive half-sister Fenya joined her to help with the kids.
Hannah is Nigel's daughter, and he wants to invite them all over for his last day off before work starts again for him.
Unfortunately, Harry has to go to school and can't join his Mum, while little Hannah is still a toddler and is not brought along, either. But Nigel is happy to see Hailey, who greets him with a long, deep kiss and firm embrace.

Just then, Nellie returns from work. She took the right decision with a chance card and was promoted to Elementary School Teacher. (It was a chance card I'd never seen before in my game!)

This is what Ginger loves best: As many of her family at the table as possible! She is happy to meet her son's sweetheart but would also love to get to know her granddaughter, little Hannah, and Hailey's other child, Harry.

She ends the day by flying the kite in the back yard on her own accord.

Thursday passes without any particular events. Nellie goes to work (and is successful with another chance card, although not resulting in a promotion this time), the others read the paper (as Clover does here), talk to each other or to friends and family on the phone, and generally have an unremarkable day.

On Friday, Ginger practises boxing on the ground floor. (She did not roll the wish to be fit again, but I think it is what she would do, with a husband 19 years younger than herself.)

"Here's to us, Clover - we'll make it to that Golden Anniversary yet, you'll see!" she happily exclaims over glasses of champagne with the grilled cheese they have for lunch.

Today, Nellie and Nigel happen to come home from work at the same time and just as the groceries delivery van pulls up in front of the house.
Both have a promotion to report: Nellie is now High School Teacher and Nigel Superstar.

He is the first one to use Nellie's career rewards object, the book shelf that allows a Sim to study ALL skills without needing the necessary objects, as a chess board or telescope for logic etc.
In Ginger and Clover's master bedroom, there is enough space for the shelf, a comfortable settee and a reading lamp.

Ginger feels that two promotions in one day calls for a family gathering. She calls her siblings Gabriella, Georgia and Garrett over, while Gavin prepares turkey for dinner.
It is a lively and fun evening, in spite of Gavin having burnt the turkey. Garrett suggests they get a gaming console for the TV so that they could all have competitions.

There is no end to the promotions when on Saturday, Nigel returns as Assistant Coach.

Nellie looks lovingly at her Mom as Ginger serves grilled cheese (again - well, it is her secondary aspiration, determined by lot!).

Others their age would maybe spend Saturday night club-hopping or at some bar or restaurant, but the Newson siblings sit quietly over their books, skilling.

Sunday morning reveals the first snow of the year. It does not stop Nigel's flash new car pool from picking him up for work.

I've been waiting for this to happen - if you use the clean bots, hydro bots or others in your game, you will have made the same experience: After a few days in use, the bots invariably break and cause havoc.
Here, it happens just as the family is getting into the car, driving to...

...the Café Petit. I almost let the week pass completely without sending the Newsons to a community lot.  A cosy café is a good place to visit on a cold day, isn't it.

Several other Sims seem to think so, too. There is a mix of townies and New Maximilianians, but to my dismay, I find the cake counters empty.

Never mind, says Gavin and prepares delicious Layer Cake for everyone who wants a piece.

Back home, I have Ginger turn off the amok-running clean bot. Nigel repairs it, and the others help cleaning up the mess.

The week ends with everyone going to bed - except for Nigel, who is stargazing as he's been doing almost every night this week.

There is one more Newson left on my list, Garrett. His household will be played next.


  1. The Newson family had really an eventful week. - I really like the house. - Maybe one day there will be one sim who can build these robots. I'm looking forward to this. ;)

    1. I like their house, too, even though Nigel has to share a room with his younger sister. But who knows what life still has in store for them!

  2. I remember the outside and I like that house too but for me I think it was glitchy - I was wondering just a frame before what about the community lot venture-when Nigel and Nellie were studying. As for Nigel - Daughter? I thought he just finished Uni? Direct me please so I can read-re read the episode.

    1. He's been back already for one full round, okie. Click on the link at the start of this post for the previous week.
      Hailey Hart has two children, Harry (with Malcolm Landgraab) and Hannah (with Nigel). Hannah's birth is in this post.

  3. Ahhh! ok now I remember - I never missed one story it appears with them. I thought Nigel and Nellie were twins - I think I blocked out Nelsons passing - and I knew about the baby but I guess I didn't connect Nigel as the Nigel.
    Sheesh! its weird to watch those kids all grown up.

    1. Yes, it is like in real life - seeing them as adults makes one realise how time passes (and how we're not getting any younger, either :-) ).

  4. It's always nice to have family gatherings and The Newsons certainly have plenty of family to choose from.
    How strange about the community lot not having cakes, good job Gavin knew how to cook.
    I don't think I've played this house before, it looks nice though.
    It always makes me laugh when the bots go haywire. :)

    1. The community lot will probably only have cakes if I have a playable Sim run the shop as a business.
      The Newsons have a SentryBot, too, but that one just hovered quietly above its station all week, not zapping anyone ;-)


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