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Thursday, 31 May 2018

Gallagher and Jacqueline Newson - Week 2

Click here for Week 1 at this household. 

This small house is not, as one could imagine, somehere in the country. No, it is in New Maximiliania's Downtown, a piece of idyllic countryside amidst concrete, glass and steel.

Gallagher Newson lives here...

...with his wife Jacqueline, nee Jacquet (Gilbert Jacquet's half-Alien daughter).
Gallagher's lifetime want is to become Game Designer, and he ended the previous week with a promotion to Power Leveler.
Jacqueline's LTW is to have 50 dream dates. She had 29 when we last saw her - almost all of them with her husband, since the days they were "involved" at college.

This Monday morning, Gallagher does not have to go to work. The couple have their dream date # 30 together, their small greenhouse is paved over and a hot tub installed. The hot tub was Jacqueline's wish, and since neither of the two is interested in gardening, the new use for the greenhouse suits them much better.

Another wish of Jaqueline's is to buy new clothes, and it is true - her choice is rather limited. A trip to the shops does not take them long, and is also good for yet another dream date, # 31.

An assortment of townies and New Maximilianians witnesses the date, and Christian Love seems to think that he wouldn't mind a date with Jacqueline, either.

Both spouses want to dine out, and so the taxi takes them the short distance to "Le Magnifique" after dark.

One of Jacqueline's many half-siblings, Beta Beaker, is also here. "Hi sis," she greets Jacqueline.

I was too slow with the camera, but something funny happened there: This townie (Amin Sims?) walked up to the table and took Jacqueline's plate of hamburger before she had a chance to take her first bite!

In the kitchen, I notice Lance Landgraab coming through the door. I didn't know he works here! (He does not, of course. But it really happened like this, and as he was wearing his work clothes, it looked like he was part of the restaurant staff.)

Before Monday is over, the couple manage to have dream dates # 32 and 33.

It is Tuesday morning, and Jacqueline and Gallagher have just had their dream date # 34.

Then Gallagher is off to work, leaving Jacqueline behind. She watches affectionately as he gets into the car, and then goes about the housework, talks on the phone to some friends and watches a movie.

Gallagher returns from work not only with a basket full of groceries (I don't know where he got that from!), but also with a promotion to Real Time Strategizer.

Over dinner he tells Jacqueline (who has been using the hot tub, as you can see) that he would love to have dream dates with her all the time, but also needed some time to work on his skills for his next promotion. Jacqueline understands, of course.

On Wednesday, when her husband is out for work, she goes on a hike. Upon her return, she can't stop scratching herself for hours - she has stumbled across some poison ivy.

Gallagher comes home with colleague Deirdre Dreamer in tow, one of Jacqueline's many half-sisters.

A very happy Jacqueline is just about to bring her latest date with her husband to a dream date - it is her # 35.

Thursday is totally uneventful and quickly told. Helena Stacks comes visiting on her own accord - she does not even need to be greeted, she simply walks in, watches TV for a while, then soaks in the hot tub for hours. Meanwhile, her hosts take almost no notice of her, since they are busy with dream date # 36. Gallagher woke up with the wish to stay home from work, and so he did; he used the time not only for the date with his wife, but also to acquire another skill point towards his next promotion.

It is Friday morning, and Gallagher has just left for work. Jacqueline prepares an omelette for herself for breakfast.

Just as she has taken the trash out, Matthew Smith walks by and is greeted.

Gallagher comes home with another of his colleagues, Tessa Ramirez, and with another promotion, too: He is now Guild Leader and will need several skill points for his next step on the career ladder.

He admires how lovingly his wife has decorated the house for Christmas while he was out, and now she is making pork chops for themselves and their guests to celebrate Gallagher's latest promotion.

Matthew entertains the others over dinner with his plans to go skiing in the mountains this winter. After the meal, the guests head off to the hot tub (I would not recommend it on a full stomach!), and their hosts have their dream date # 37.

On Saturday, nothing more remarkable happens than dream date # 38. Gallagher places a rose bouquet in front of the door after each date; most of them are now stored in the attic of the house.

Gallagher now does not start work until 2:00 pm, and so on this Sunday morning, he is willing to give over some of his skilling time for dream date # 39.

After he has been picked up for work, Jacqueline goes for a hike, as she has done most days this week. Sometimes she has come back with items in her inventory (such as a garden gnome) or a new beetle or butterfly for her bug box. Today, it is neither - instead, an angry swarm of bees chases her all the way home.

But by the time her husband returns from work, Jacqueline has forgotten all about the aggressive bees, and fully focuses on dream date # 40.

The week here is over; both Jacqueline and Gallagher have done well in view of their LTWs. I did want to have a Family Sunday for them, but after his latest promotion, Gallagher was going to be out all of Sunday afternoon well into the evening, and so I'll wait for the next Newson household where I will hopefully get to play a family gathering, because I really like that.


  1. wow I don't think I have ever finished 50 dream dates ltw. Another ten to go.

    1. It isn't hard, really, it just takes time. The good thing is that both Sims have all their needs go up to almost completely full after a dream date - no need to sleep or stop to eat, but they can start the next date right away.

    2. that was really sweet! I like when one spouse has the desire for 50 dream dates, It makes the couple much closer - I too have never completed though. I also never played Gallagher as an adult. I did get him to university, I think he just finished b4 one of my crashes.

    3. They were 3-bolters already, and of course the many dream dates are great to keep them very close - even when they are not together, they think of each other :-)

  2. This was really sweet, thank you very much for this nice morning read. I like the 3-bolters. :D

    1. You are welcome, Bee! Yes, 3-bolters are hard to resist, aren't they :-)

  3. aww they are such a lovely couple! only ten more dates to go until Jacqueline is perma-plat and does gallagher have two more promotions until he's perma-plat?

    i think to pice things up you could add a telescope;he might have a cute little alien baby!

    1. I don't know how many more steps on the career ladder Gallahger needs, but he seems pretty far ahead already.
      As for a telescope, I have put one to the side of the house already last round, and Gallagher spends a lot of time at it - he needs logic points for almost every promotion anyway :-)

  4. Catching up after my holiday, still some reading to do!
    Another fun round, isn't it annoying when Townies steal your Sims dinner?! I guess Amin must have been really hungry!
    Jaqueline & Gallagher are doing great with their LTW's, almost there for both of them!

    1. I don't think I've ever observed a townie stealing my Sim's dinner - I sat there open-mouthed :-)


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