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Monday, 28 May 2018

The Newsons Sisters: Week 2

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This snow-covered house is currently the home of two sisters.

Gabriella Newson is a Romance Sim who wishes to have 20 lovers. She has not done very well yet - at the moment, there are only two names on her list. We find her sick with a cold on this Monday morning.

Her sister Georgia is diligently working her way up the career ladder with the goal of eventually becoming Hand of Poseidon. We see her leaving for work as a Deep Sea Fisherwoman long before daybreak.

Georgia does not approve of her sister's romantic ambitions, and so Gabriella tries to follow her inclinations while she is alone at home.
Today, Dirk Dreamer becomes her Love # 3.

Georgia comes home around lunch time with a promotion to Protector of Whales.

Gabriella wasn't aware of it being already so "late"; just now, Justin Kim has arrived upon her invitiation.

He knows what Gabriella has in mind, Georgia, apparently, does not, and politely greets Justin.
Not long after this picture was taken, he is added to Gabriella's list as # 4.
(Actually, he is a happily married man - I hope there won't be more to his fling with Gabriella than the tender kiss she gave him as soon as Georgia was upstairs!)

Georgia's job means very early starts, and so she has her breakfast alone on Tuesday morning.

By the time Gabriella gets up, Georgia has already put in several hours of hard work. Gabriella spends some time musing over her list, wondering whom to call today.

She decides on Gunnar Roque. So far, they have been "just friends", a friendship developed over several phone calls.

Gunnar seems to be interested in becoming best friends for life. But by the time he leaves, he and Gabriella have a crush on each other.

The girls' brother Gallagher comes visiting on his own accord.

"Do you really want to steal the hearts of so many men, and possibly break their wives' or girlfriends' hearts along the way?" he asks his sister. Gabriella says she can't help it - it is her lifetime want, and she is a Romance Sim; not her fault!

On Wednesday, Gabriella and Gunnar spend a pleasant afternoon in the sauna, while the world outside is covered in snow and Georgia is at work.

The Capps, Arielle and her husband Isaiah, come visiting in the evening and share a plate of Christmas cookies with the sisters and Gunnar.

On Thursday morning, Georgia is up very early. Has she forgotten that she has the next few days off?

Probably not. I guess she just wants to make sure to take advantage of her time off as much as possible, learning the skills she needs for her next promotion.
The sisters spend part of the morning in the living room together.

Then Gabriella builds a snowman and invites Gunnar over. She is smitten by him, even though...

...he destroys her snowman! Minutes later, he becomes Gabriella's love # 5. Once the red hearts are in place, she says good-bye to him - no time for long-term romance while she still has so much to do before her LTW comes true!

I have not yet sent the girls to a community lot, and today is a good opportunity, what with Georgia not having to go to work. As Gabriella wants to win a cooking contest, they drive to Copur's Kitchen Cook-Off in their brand new car (a wish of Georgia's).

Gabriella prepares pork chops for the contest.

Uh-oh... Justin Kim is here, too. Remember how he became Gabriella's love # 4? Even though, while at college, he and Georgia were an item (or was that during their teenage years?) - and anyway, he is a married man now!

He and Georgia dance on their own accord.

Then the food contest starts. We have three Baked Alaska - was that today's theme? Georgia hopes her sister will win, even though she entered a completely different dish.

And the food judge... gives the prize... to Gabriella!!

She is over the moon, while the other contestants express their frustration in various ways.

Some of the visitors sit down with the sisters to eat of the winning dish. Justin does not eat, but he sits next to Georgia. Justin... may I remind you once more, you are now MARRIED! (His wife is Cherry, nee Capp, one of Tybalt Capp's plantchildren.)

Nothing else worth mentioning happens that day; the girls drive home, spend the evening doing whatever they feel like (for Gabriella, that means trying to establish some more friendships with male friends over the phone), and go to bed when they are tired.

Friday is another day off for Georgia, and she has mastered all the skills necessary for her next promotion. Therefore, the sisters decide to invite over some of their siblings with their respective spouses. It is also the first day of spring, but still rather cold with a light dusting of snow on the gorund - Ginger (far left, near the car) has already cast aside her winter clothes, it seems.

The family members do not all fit around the table (some are using the sauna or at the computer), but Georgia wants to keep at least one chair available for whoever wishes to join in the lively meal.

Eventually, most of their guests say good-bye on their own; the girls send the remaining ones on their way home soon afterwards, and silence descends over the dark house.

On Saturday morning, Georgia feels decidedly unwell. A coughing fit keeps her in the bathroom for what feels like hours. But... she also wants to gain fitness, and she knows that sometimes a beginning cold can be fended off by some light exercise. Therefore, she decides to go jogging in spite of her illness.

Gabriella is pleased to see all the snow gone when she goes to feed the fish a bit later that morning.

When Georgia comes home, she is still ill - but fit, and a big wish of hers is fulfilled.

After Georgia has eaten, taken a shower and retreated to her bed, Gabriella invites Prezioso Landgraab over (he is one of the Picaso boys, born early on in my game, and now married into the rich Landgraab family). He asks whether he can bring along a friend (he does not know yet what Gabriella's intentions on him are), and of course she is all for it - never miss a chance to meet a new potential candidate for her list of 20 lovers!
I am pleased to see he brings along a new member of the Smith family, a holiday townie named Kennedy Smith.

"I've heard here in New Max, there are some pretty good kissers among the female population," Kennedy jokes in what he thinks is a charming manner. Gabriella is unimpressed; she does not even have one bolt for the stranger. But who knows, he might come in useful at some stage.

Georgia wakes up from her nap and joins the small group for a hamburger.

Later, the three move to the sauna, while Georgia goes back to bed. Kennedy tells the others that he hopes to meet his distant relatives here in New Max and that this was the reason for his trip here, on invitation of Prezioso (they must have met during one of the few holidays I have sent my Sims on).
The day ends with Gabriealla and Prezioso having a crush on each other - he now has no doubt about her intentions anymore.

Sunday starts off with Georgia receiving a phone call from a townie. The townie sends her this huge wall TV to product-test it for him - Georgia is happy, since the girls have not yet spent money on a TV set.
A shelf is mounted underneath the TV to hold some books, a pile of DVDs and a few decorative objects. (Of course there are no piles of DVDs, but let's just pretend one of the book piles is DVDs.)

For Gabriella, it is a successful day - Tank Capp becomes her Love # 6. That surely makes up for her having won against him in the food contest the other day!

The week at this household is over. I have no doubt we will meet Gabriella and Georgia again, as guests at their siblings' houses and probably on a community lot every now and then.
It was fun to play them, and I did enjoy a bout of Gabriella's "buy me!" wishes, making me think about what to put where and generally giving the house a bit more of a lived-in feeling.


  1. A lovely round for Gabriella and Georgia. I often think the 'buy me' wishes do make us buy things for our Sims we normally wouldn't! I like the use of the tv shelf :)
    20 lovers is a harder LTW but Gabriella has started well!

    1. I am confident that Gabriella will make it - she is very determined, with or without her sister's approval! (Georgia went to "lecture" her a few times after she'd done something with a married Sim... I am not kidding! Just like the "lecture" interaction a Sim can autonomously start when another Sim breaks an object.)

  2. Nice to have a fine evening read, thank you! I like the decoration under the TV.
    Gabriella's LTW is one of the funny ones. Good luck! :)

    1. Thank you, Bee!
      When I put the TV on the wall as it was, it looked a bit... sterile, I thougt. A coffee table or counter underneath would have interfered with the space in front of the desk, so I thought of the shelf.

  3. Nice round! The girls will surely make their LTW soon at the rate they're going! I also like the tv and shelf unit. I have not seen it before. Very creative.

    1. Thank you! I just came up with the idea for the shelf below the TV when all that wall space looked so empty :-)


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