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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Lisa Gieke's and Maria Monty's Freshman Year

The "Famous Five Dorm" is our next stop. You can read the previous two semesters here.

In my last post, I told you that we were going to check on Maria Monty for her first year at college, and this is exactly what we are going to do.

She is not the only newcomer at this dorm: Lisa Gieke has only just arrived as well. Both Lisa and Maria have age-transitioned into different hairstyles than the ones I gave them as teenagers.

Maria does not look overly thrilled, does she!

Lisa is happy to have her old hairstyle back. Now she needs to change her clothes - it is winter here, and the bare midriff and sandals are not the best choice of outfit for this time of year.

As little enthusiasm Maria showed when she was still outside the dorm, as much she shows now after I gave her this new hairstyle - it is the first time I have noticed it in the hairstyle catalogue, and I think it suits her really well.

The other girls from last time are still around, too. Dora Dreamer has just begun her Senior Year, but unfortunately, the beginning of winter has her down with a bad cough.

Glenda Greenman, the only Sophomore at this dorm right now, is the first to finish her term paper this semester.

Remember how the 5-room-dorm seemed to be bugged last time I played here? It has not gotten any better: Of the two NPC students who took up the empty rooms, only one has left to make room for the two new arrivals. The other one does not show any signs of moving out.
Also, some of the chairs in the cafeteria can not be used although nobody is sitting on them; they show as "in use" when I try to move them without a cheat.
Plus there still is the persisting problem with the "stuck" fitness level - no matter how much the girls work out, they remain on the level they started out on.
I decide it is time to move, and since it is an all-girls-group of students now (not by choice, but by coincidence), I give them the former sorority house, long empty since the days when Heather Huffington & friends used to live there.

Why is there a police car parking in front of the house? I have no idea - was there a burglary last time when the lot was still lived in, or did the officer come to break up a noisy party?

Anyway, the police officer runs inside the house and as her name is Demi Love - another "relative" of Sarah and Christian Love! -, I have Glenda Greenman talk to her with the goal of befriending her so that she will eventually be able to move to New Maximiliania.
In the college phone directory, I find a student by the name of Ryker Love. One of the girls will befriend him, too.

Meanwhile, Lisa pays the bills.

Giselle Goth is the next one to finish her term paper; from now one until the end of the semester, I will control her only occasionally.

Maria plays the piano...

...much to Lisa's delight. So far, it looks like this group of girls and half-sisters are going to get along very well; no more fighting as before!

Glenda, eating leftover Chinese takeaway is not the best way to get rid of your puppy fat... if you actually want to, that is. (She does not show the want to "get fit", unlike some of the other girls.)

Dora finishes her term paper, too. She is still not well, and working at the computer for hours has given her a headache, poor thing.

Maria and Lisa, our two newcomers, are the last ones to finish their term papers. Maria has already decided on her Major: Politicial Science.

Giselle Goth cleans the stove; if I were her, I'd rather get rid of the smelly takeaway leftovers and half-empty drinks cans before doing that.

I have decided to let the girls make their own choice of the five bedrooms upstairs. I remember how I decorated and furnished them years ago to suit the personalities of their inhabitants! The one Giselle has chosen used to be, I think, Brittany Upsnott's room.

Lisa opts for the largest bedroom and the only one with a double bed - she isn't a Romance Sim, but likes her comfort after she slept all her life in a single bed at the Senior Residence.

Dora likes pink, and so the pink bedroom it is for her.

Glenda goes for one of the two blue ones, while Maria has the other one (not pictured).

Life with five girls is never dull. The Streaker seems to think so, too, but as usual, nobody takes any notice of him.

Not long before her first semester is over, Lisa decides on Drama for her Major.

One morning, I send Maria to repair the trash compactor. She is electrocuted but feels perfectly alright again after a nap and a shower.

With everyone on a different schedule, it is impossible to get all the girls together for a meal. Here, I have at least four of them at the breakfast table at the same time; only Maria is missing, as hers is the first class to start. "Do you want me to be one of the 20 best friends you're dreaming of, Glenda?" Lisa asks. Glenda is very happy about the suggestion, as her face shows.

The Campus Coach finally decides she has watched this bunch of girls steadily gaining weight long enough and puts in an appearance.

Upstairs, Lisa rather mops the bathroom floor on her own accord than working out.

The first semester is over, and our girls have all done well.

As with every start of a new semester, we have the usual skilling sessions going on. Glenda and Giselle are so eager to get started (and get it over with!) that they do not even take the time to change out of their sports outfits.

Now that Lisa has decided on a Major, she can hardly wait to write her Term Paper, it seems - this semester, she is the first to finish.

Dora has just written her last Term Paper ever!

Maria follows closely behind.

[The afternoon is chilly but sunny, and Glenda and Lisa spend some time outdoors, throwing a ball.

Later, Glenda sits down to write her Term Paper, with Giselle doing the same and keeping her company. Very soon, all five girls are on largely uncontrolled mode again.

It seems that not everyone plays the piano so well as to induce applause...!

Maria sticks to her wish of getting fit again and talks the other girls into joining her on a round of jogging through the neighbourhood one evening.

When they return, Dora becomes Glenda's best friend # 17 - only 3 more to go!

Since they moved from the small dorm to this house, the other girls have been able to change their  fitness levels again. Not so Glenda. No matter what she does, she remains with the extra pounds firmly attached to her hips and tummy, and the fitness bar not moving one bit. I don't really mind, as she never rolls the want to be fit anyway, but it IS strange.

On the day of the first snow, the girls give the house a festive look with the Christmas decoration they have found in the box room upstairs. They also put two poinsettias near the front door instead of the pink flowers and set up two Christmas trees outdoors.

Indoors, the usual fight between Cow and Llama mascot is going on - the first one since the girls moved here. As long as they do not start fighting again among each other, I can live with the odd mascot fisticuff!

The trees look pretty when they are lit up at night.

Lisa enters into the season's spirit and builds a snow man on her own accord when she returns from class that evening.

Glenda thinks of her half-brothers (this one is Pablo, they have the same mother - Jessica Greenman nee Picaso - but different fathers). Maybe it is time to invite the families of the students over for a Christmas party.

I swear I did NOT intend this to happen! When I lit the Christmas trees for the night, I was determined to turn the lights off as soon as the first student gets up before daybreak at 6:00 am, but they were all still asleep when the fire broke out, and the game was therefore on fast forward, the fire catching me by surprise!

At 7:00 and in full daylight, the girls come running out, and of course, the inevitable happens...

...Glenda and Dora perish in the flames. The fire stops burning after that. I was ready to save Giselle, as I thought "Not another Goth is going to die this way!", and I really want to keep the Goth family name alive in the neighbourhood. Thankfully, Giselle escaped what seemed a certain death.

She definitely is the most traumatised of this group of students, having lost her father and twin brother to a fire years ago, when she was only a teenager.

On a lighter note: Lisa's efforts have paid off and she has shed the extra weight she gained during her teenage years. The plate of spaghetti is well deserved.

The remaining three girls go to their exams and all return with good grades, but the sombre faces tell it all - they are still mourning the loss of their friends (and half-sister, in Dora's case).

Who is going to join them at the house for the next semester? How are the relatives of the unfortunate girls going to react to the news of the tragedy? What is going to happen with Gustav's Grocery, the first business Dora Dreamer owned? And who is now going to befriend Demi Love, the blonde police officer?


  1. oh dear, it seems you and sims fires even when you don't want them, they happen. It like the game know that you won't put out fires. Poor Giselle, certainly a traumatic life for her.

    1. I hope there won't be any more fires in Giselle's life now, but I can not guarantee it - as you say, fires happen in my game even if I do not want them!

  2. Such a great start and then this fire... -.- I like that they are living in the old sorority house. :)

    1. It was nice to revisit the old house, and the girls did not miss having a cafeteria cook :-)

  3. Wow! Dora Did write her last term paper ever - smh so sad. I liked both those girls. Now here's something funny - I too had found Demi Love back when I cheated Christian into the family- I used sim blender and I made an old couple in cas - then I teleported sarah and christian while doing that I saw Demi and a few other loves but they did not look enough to me like sarah to be in the family. When Demi changed over in my game, she actually had no job! lol When I get it all going again I will have her again she was sarah's older sister

    1. I liked Dora and Glenda, too, but now they are gone...
      Interesting about Demi and how you handled the Love "family" in your game!

  4. A tragedy indeed to lose 2 of your girls. I didn't know the Christmas trees could set on fire.
    It's certainly been an action packed round and I noted a few more 'Love' future inhabitants.
    I always liked this sorority house and It's great that the girls are all getting along.

    1. I did know about Christmas trees catching fire - if you leave them lit for a certain number of hours (not sure how many), they will catch fire. It happened to the family of Phineaus Furley and Alegra Gorey; all but one lost their lives in such a fire at their home. The only surviving family member was Fenya Furley, who then was adopted by the Hart-Stacks family.
      Yes, it will be nice to have some more "Loves" in the 'hood :-)

  5. Aww, such tragedy after such a promising start away from the glitchy dorm! I must admit most of my college Sims end up in Greek Houses (just to fulfill their own wants, and then their wants to recruit pledges). I've discovered a curious "new to me" glitch lately...some of my Sims who have graduated, moved back to the neighborhood and gotten jobs, later continue to display college status as their age and job screen. They also walk like college students and appear in the campus directory, even though they are back in the neighborhood. It doesn't seem to stop them from advancing in actual jobs or life, even though I can't actually see their progress. Have you ever encountered this? So far I have 2, but I fear there are more as I see them in the campus directory but just haven't played them yet...

    1. Oh dear, this sounds like a rather bad glitch, one that could spread. I imagine it could be caused by some download or hack, if you use them.

  6. I don't use any hacks, unless you include in-game cheats like the boolprop code or moveobjects; I use these only to "fix" things that are the fault of the game, like moving a Sim who's somehow got stuck someplace they can't get out of. The only downloads in my game are a very few no-custom-content buildings I got from the Sims 2 site back like 8 or 10 years ago, but they are not in play in these situations. Part of me wondered if this glitch was attached in some way to the greek houses, as the ones I've noticed were all greek-members. But like I said before, most of my college Sims at some point join a greek house so that's hard to narrow down. So far it's only males I think...I am worried about it spreading. It doesn't make them unplayable or anything, but I'm worried if it started happening to female Sims, they'd have no ability to get pregnant as the game considers them students.

    1. Sometimes glitches happen like that, even without any downloads or hacks :-( I hope it does not spread in your 'hood!


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