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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Garrett Newson and Paola Picaso - Week 3

Click here for Garrett's and Paola's previous week.

Next to the house where Gabriella and Georgia Newson live is their older brother Garrett's place. Well, actually, it was Paola Picaso's place first - she bought it after graduating from college, and had her college sweetheart Garrett move in with her shortly afterwards.

During their previous week, they were very affectionate with each other, but neither rolled the wish to get married. Now as I enter the lot, the first wish that I see on Garrett's panel is "get married". Yay, I think - until I notice that, for some reason, Garrett gets up in the middle of the night and refuses to go back to bed, even though he is still rather tired.
It takes me a few moments to work it out: Garrett and Paola are not friends any more!
Checking both their memories, I find that at some stage in the past, Paola must have been kissing Corydal Capp, and got caught by Garrett. Nothing else happened between the two, but she was definitely in love with Corydal.
Now she still loves Garrett, but he does not even have friendly feelings towards her at the moment.
Maybe this brief flirt made Clover Newson so hostile towards Paola when she was visiting the Newson family the other day. After all, to Clover it must seem a double cheat - Corydal is his brother, Garrett his brother-in-law.

A reminder of happier times; souvenirs from Three Lakes and a photo of Garrett when he was a little younger. (By the way, Garrett is on Permanent Platinum, so I only control him occasionally. Paola has not yet reached her lifetime want of becoming Education Minister.)

On this Monday evening, when they both return from work, Paola is determined to patch things up with Garrett. He has retreated to the study, playing computer games. "Can we talk, please?" she asks, and Garrett does not refuse her.
After several rounds of talking, making jokes, appreciating him and even tickling him, Garrett is Paola's friend again. Phew! I hate situations like that in real life, and do not want them for my Sims, either.

Garrett is up early on Tuesday morning and finds he can not concentrate very well on what he is looking at online - thoughts of Paola and that he almost lost her are on his mind.

When their car pool arrives, they leave together just like they have done so many times before.

It is Wednesday when Paola is caught playing a video game during lunch time and is demoted. (Strangely enough, her job is still shown as that of High School Principal - that was the last one I'd noted down for her anyway. Maybe that is why she still does the whole "Look at me and what great things I have achieved today" routine!

Paola is so happy she and Garrett have made up. She shows her affection for him all the time.

sThursday after work, Paola invites Ryker Love over. She has been talking to him on the phone every day this week, and now they are friends. Hopefully, Ryker will soon be eligible to move to New Maximiliania permanently, as he is one of the few townies with the same surname as a playable.

Stephen Riley happened to walk by and was also greeted. He heads straight for the fishing pond, where Ryker joins him soon afterwards.

With their guests, Paola and Garrett sit down for dinner before it is time to go to bed.

Friday is unremarkable and ends with Garrett stargazing.

Saturday starts with a thunderstorm. Lightning hits the telescope in the garden, but as it is raining hard, the flames die quickly.

Garrett and Paola have the weekend off, and Paola invites Ryker again.
While she prepares lunch, the two men sit in the living room, chatting about uni. Ryker is unsure as to whether he should stay on to complete his courses or move to New Max and start "real life", as he calls it.

By Sunday, Paola is best friends with Ryker Love. She invites him over, hoping to persuade him to move to New Maximiliania and join his relatives here. But to my dismay, he refuses, and I have Paola hug and entertain him to make the friendship not suffer too much.

Sundays often mean family days for my Sims, and the Newsons are a large family: Garrett invites them all over today. It is raining as they arrive...

...but that does not make him any less happy to see his siblings and their partners.

Fortunately, it is still raining when lightning strikes the tree in front of the house. The fire is quickly put out. Did you know the skunk also notices the fire? It is the first time I notice this in my game, I think!

"The sun is out again, we should all take advantage of the beautiful afternoon," Jacqueline suggests after she and her husband Gallagher, sister-in-law Georgia and brother-in-law Garrett finish eating their blackened catfish.

The balmy summer night sees most of the siblings fishing from the pond, and the week that started so troublesome for the couple ends on a very positive note.

I was disappointed that Ryker did not accept Paola's invitation to move in - now it will be a while before I'll play this household again and she can try once more.
Garrett and Paola kept rolling wishes for each other, but not to marry. I wonder if that will ever happen!


  1. Crossing my fingers for this couple! I took a deep breath at the beginning. - I didn't know that telescopes catch fire, I only knew this about trees. - Thank you for this nice chapter!

    1. Pretty much anything can be struck by lightning and catch fire, bee - even an easel placed outside. I know that because that is how a group of students died at uni years ago; there was an easel on the balcony (near the "metal" rail, so that may have had something to do with it), it caught fire and so did some of the unlucky young men and women.

  2. Now I remember, I read the episode about those students some months ago.

  3. This is so weird! I could swear I commented on this yesterday but maybe I didnt publish or did so in the wrong location. Anyway , Basically Im glad the fire did no harm. Wasnt too worried about the couple- love always prevails! :) I just love those Newsons

    1. Sometimes blogger acts up on us.
      It was surprisingly easy to have Garrett feel friendly towards Paola again. All it took were a few jokes and tickles, and they ended up in bed together again.

  4. I don't think Garrett & Paola will show wishes to get married unless they get engaged. Sims are fickle creatures aren't they?
    I was holding my breath for a Sim death with the fires but happy none happened this round.
    What a shame about Ryker turning Paola down- his friendship toward her is clearly not on the same level, hopefully next time we see them all he will feel differently! :)

    1. They'll probably wish for a wedding when they become elders - I've seen that happening so often in my game.
      Ryker will come to live in New Max for good soon, I am confident of that :-)


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