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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Ophelia Nigmos: Week 9

For week 8 with Ophelia, simply click on the "Nigmos" label and scroll down one post.

After almost 2 years in real life, we are now back at the old Spectre mansion for a week. You probably remember that Olive Spectre has died long ago - she was already an elderly lady when the game begun, but her house did not remain empty.

Her niece Ophelia Nigmos inherited the place and moved there after she finished college.

That, too, happened a long time ago, and Ophelia is now an elderly lady herself. She completed her lifetime want of 50 first dates 10 days before reaching elderhood. On the wall are photos of herself and one of her first dates, Ripp Grunt, as well as with the love of her life, police officer Dorian Kauker. Before she got round to marrying him, he was eaten by the cowplant in her garden.
Now Ophelia is 66 and on her own.

Well, not entirely. Her dogs Alegra (left) and Alabama (right) are still here... is her cat Balin. The dogs are elderly, too; Balin is by far the youngest household member.

Until some years ago, Ashley Pitts and his wife Stella (nee Terrano) shared the house with Ophelia, but they have both died of old age, too. By rights, Ophelia would not be alive anymore, either. But she has had cowplant milk two or three times, adding years to her lifetime bar.

On this Monday, she greets first Lilo Landgraab...

...and then Lilo's half sister Perseida Powers. Both women have interrupted her rounds of jogging through the neighbourhood when Ophelia greeted them.

Guests such as Perseida are especially welcome: Without anyone asking her to, she starts to do some gardening.

For Ophelia, Tuesday begins with a game of fetch with Alabama.

Then she decides to go and buy fresh groceries in town instead of having them delivered.

She also hopes to meet a few New Maximilianians there.

Jared Starchild is one of them. Like Ophelia, he loves dogs (and has two), so I am sure the two of them have lots to talk about.

Before heading home, Ophelia has a burger, prepared by one of the townies on their own accord.

At home, she takes care of the bills (commanded by me) and then does a spot of housework such as taking trash out (not commanded by me).
Her thoughts keep going back to the time when she was engaged to Dorian. Poor Ophelia, a Family Sim like her should not be alone!
Interestingly, she rolls the wish to have a date with Jared Starchild.

On Wednesday morning, Ophelia takes a nice hot bubble bath (even though it is summer).

She has a mug of coffee and cookies for breakfast, wondering what it would have been like to have children.
Then she decides to let the past rest (at least for a while) and invites Jared Starchild over, plus his two dogs. It looks like he is deliberately keeping a polite distance between himself and his hostess, but later, they have a dream date together - ending up with pink hearts.

Ophelia still thinks of Jared when she cleans the pet beds (on her own accord) on Thursday morning.

Unexpectedly, first Alegra and then Alabama are asked to play fetch with Mr. Reaper. Not totally out of the blue, as both dogs were in their senior years, but last time I checked their lifetime bars it looked as if they both had a few more days left.
On the same day, Balin becomes an elderly cat.

Now there are only Balin and Ophelia left.

Out of habit, Ophelia cleans and fills the second food bowl on Saturday morning, even though it is not necessary, now that there is only one cat in the house.

She wishes to have a date, and since there seemed to be good chemistry between her and Jared Starchild when they met at the shops the other day, I have her ask him over for a date at home.
It is a success (no wonder - Ophelia has more than enough practise when it comes to dates!), and at a few hours later, Jared is fully in love, while Ophelia is still at the pink hearts stage.

Heather Huffington walks by and is asked to join Ophelia and her guest for a bowl of salad on this beautiful late summer evening.

For Ophelia, Saturday consist in doing... nothing, really. She looks at the pictures on her walls, plays a little bit at the computer but generally, as I said, does nothing.
But for me, it is still an interesting day, because it is the first time in my game that I observe a cat sleeping on a counter (or if I have seen it before, I can't remember) - I didn't know they can do that! Of course I knew they can sleep on beds, pet beds, the floor and (I think) the largest of the scratch poles, but not on a counter.

I already knew this, but it is still nice that it was programmed into the game: cats can use the toilet, and if they have the choice between this and their litter tray, they prefer the proper toilet.

Breakfast on Sunday morning consists of a bag of cookies by Ophelia's own choice.

Nothing else worth mentioning happens all day, until just before 7:00 pm, Nellie Newson walks past and is greeted by Ophelia.

"It is nice that I have company for dinner," Ophelia says to the young woman.

She is now 73. Will she see Jared again? Is she eventually going to move to the Senior Residence, or stay here at the old Spectre Mansion?


  1. **Ophelia has more than enough practise when it comes to dates!**
    Thank you very much, you made my day! I laughed loud about that. - It is nice to read about those pink hearts. :) I am curious how the relationship with Jared will be.

    1. Yes, I'll see whether he rolls any wishes about her when it is time to play his household. Glad I made you laugh :-)

  2. It's great that Ophelia has Jared for company now she's alone. Do you have trouble with ghosts in that house or have you moved the tombstones? I remember it being a nightmare to play with all the ghosts.
    I've seen cats jump on the counters before but never seen one curl up and sleep, it's cute :)

    1. I moved the tombstones from the start, where the cemetery was is now an orchard.
      Yes, cats like to sit on the counter, I have seen that often in my game, but never sleep!

  3. Oldie love is so cute! I call all elders oldie real life and sim life since I met Coral and Herb. It would be so nice if they could spend their remaining time together. For most of his prime he was too busy in the company of dogs right?

    1. That's true. Now he is down to two dogs. If he rolls wishes about Ophelia when I play his household, they will be together.


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