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Monday, 5 December 2016

The Capp-Gavigan Family: Week 2

Click here for the first week at this household. 

Hello and welcome to the first of several households with the surname Capp!

Do you recognize this house? Originally, it belonged to Tara Kat. A long time ago, Tara married Chester Gieke, took her cats and everything else and moved in with her husband.
The house still stands, but has other residents now.

They are Ariel Capp...
...and her husband Isaiah, formerly Gavigan, along with their children Cataldo...
...and Caleb.

Both Isaiah and Ariel wanted to marry off six children when I last saw them. But coming back to them this round, I find Ariel now simply dreams of celebrating her Golden Anniversary. Isaiah still wants to marry off six, and therefore, this family have their work cut out for them - especially since they are rather poor.
Ariel makes the calculations for this week. Their budget is tight, as usual, but with the kids to look after (and hopefully more on the way soon), neither husband nor wife think they can hold a job.
They do everything around the house and garden themselves to save money.
Ariel rings her mother to say thank you for two gifts that have just arrived:
a statue and a telescope.
(During last round, I had Goneril make a present to her daughter Ariel, to support the young couple a bit, just like parents in real life do if they can.)

The statue is sold, but the telescope is kept. The household account now shows a reassuring 7.256 Simoleons, as opposed to the 1.202;- a few hours earlier.
Her sister Desdemona gave Ariel this tea set and a pitcher, something nice to look at in the otherwise sparsely furnished house.
On this Friday (the week here starts on a Friday), Odell Ottomas pays a visit.
What started like a perfectly harmless day turns into a catastrophe when a fire breaks out in the kitchen while Isaiah was preparing dinner.
Ariel dashes past Caleb and her husband...
...and carries the baby, Cataldo, outdoors where he will be safe.
This was, I think, the first time I observed this autonomous reaction to fire when a baby is around.
Indoors, Caleb and his Dad seem to be unable to do anything helpful about the fire.
Ariel can't rescue her firstborn, either.
Young Caleb perishes in the flames. What a tragedy!
All of Saturday, the bereaved parents interrupt what they are doing, bursting into tears.
Losing a child must be the most terrible thing that can happen to any parent.
Of course Ariel is happy about the new life in her, but it won't bring back her poor little boy.
Later that day, old friend Tessa Ramirez comes visiting. I think their friendship goes back to uni, if not longer.
Tessa can tell her friend is overcome with grief, and helps by doing such practical things as giving baby Cataldo a badly needed bath. (She did that on her own accord - both parents had taken too long before changing the diaper, because they kept stopping and crying for Caleb.)
It is Sunday when Isaiah ventures out to the telescope for the first time. Looking at the star-filled early morning skies, he wonders which one now shines for Caleb.
The 500 Simoleons reward he receives for discovering a new star (Caleb!) are very welcome.
Ariel's sister Desdemona and her husband Beau Broke are invited today, along with Beau's brother Benvenuto and his wife Pauline (Aspir).
Ariel and Desdemona's mother Goneril as well as Desdemona's daughter Catherine - baby Calogero's cousin and Ariel's niece - are also there.
Ariel holds little Cataldo close, with Aunt Desdemona and Uncle Beau looking on.
Happy Birthday, Cataldo!
Desdemona, further advanced in her pregnancy than her sister, has an extra helping of cake, while Pauline and her brother-in-law enjoy a pillow fight.
Catherine and her "uncle" Benvenuto dance together.
Desdemona plays with her nephew. It's a lovely birthday party for the little boy, and a family gathering that shows Ariel and Isaiah that they are not left alone to cope with the grief for their firstborn.
It is Monday, and Ariel teaches Cataldo to walk.
At 2:10 in the afternoon, she goes into labour.
Soon afterwards, little Calogero is born - that is the third boy for Arial and Isaiah!
The random townie came in uninvited.
On Tuesday, Ariel teaches Cataldo to talk.
Isaiah repairs the bathtub.
Early on Wednesday morning, he spends some more time at the telescope. You know I am hoping for an Alien abduction - after all, he is the one who wants to marry off six, so he can help producing so many children!
A cosy winter morning at the Capp house; Cataldo playing with the fire truck while his Mom is having breakfast.
Yes, she is pregnant again!
At 6:00 pm on Wednesday, Cataldo turns into a child.
At the same time, his little brother Calogero becomes a toddler.
And this... you know what a picture of a lone telescope usually means in my stories!
It is Thursday morning, and Isaiah has just come back from a "visit" aboard an Alien starship - much to his wife's delight, but not at all to his own!
With a growing family and little money, the children have to pull their weight as soon as they are old enough. Cataldo cleans up the muesli bowls before he leaves for his first day at school.
His Dad wonders whether he is carrying a half-Alien baby. I dare say he is!
The week for the family ends with Cataldo having dinner with his parents. Ariel muses about how fast the kids grow up.
With this week's bills all paid and no income apart from the generous gift, the household now has 3.727 Simoleons.

Will Ariel and Isaiah benefit again from the Capp family's wealth?
Is one of them going to give birth to a girl, or are there only going to be boys in this family?


  1. What a tragedy losing their son. But they are well on their way to having a big family now. This house always looks bigger outside than inside I think but it's lovely.

    1. You are right about the deceptive size of the house; it is not going to work with a larger family, and so I am thinking about moving them somewhere else - not easy with their limited funds. Perhaps the older generation can help out, they are all wealthy enough!


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