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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Freshman Year: B'Elanna Beaker, Callum and Christopher Capp

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We're back at Pinenut Plaza Dorm for the Freshman Year of not only the Capp twins...
...but of B'Elanna Beaker, too. She has been sitting in the student bin since I've been playing her household earlier this round.
The dress she has chosen to arrive at college will instantly be replaced by something more practical, and I will make sure Christopher Capp is not going to show off his tummy in the middle of winter. His twin brother Callum seems to be the only sensible of the three newcomers - at least when it comes to dress sense!
Wilma Williamson is still here. She is the only Sophomore at the dorm right now.
Her half-sister Perseida Powers is the oldest student. She has just started her Senior year.
There are also Stephen and Meike Riley, two Juniors, but they are asleep at the moment. The door you can see here is, by the way, Stephen's room.
"College, here I come!" Callum is all set to meeting as many girls as possible - after all, he wants to have 20 Lovers!
His brother Christopher looks at college life a bit different. After he has changed into a better fitting pair of trousers, he autonomously decides to give the boys' bathroom a good scrub.
Meanwhile, Callum meets and greets the only resident NPC student here, Sunny Wilkie. "Where on the Dean's List would I find your name then," he flirtingly asks.
And then the unthinkable happens: He realizes he has 3 bolts for B'Elanna!
Of course, 3 bolts can not be ignored, LTW or not.
B'Elanna has brought along the facial surgery machine in her inventory, given to her by her aunt, Beta Beaker. It is only fitting that she is the first one to use it.
Much, much better!
Stephen Riley is the first to finish his Term Paper this semester.
Remember my way of playing uni households? I only control my students until everyone has the skllls they need and the Term Paper written for the current semester. That means Stephen is now a "free range" Sim.
Christopher is next to write his Term Paper.
Meanwhile, Wilma Williamson makes a bad experience with cosmetic surgery. (The game did that autonomously!)
Her second attempt is not much better.
But doesn't the saying go "Third Time Lucky"? And it is true in her case, too.
Perseida Powers is next. "I have a nose! I have a nose!!!" she exults.
Wilma explains to newcomer Christopher that he will automatically be enrolled in Philosophy if he does not make up his mind about his Major in due time.
Stephen has been working out on the exercise bike and then went to bed all sweaty. The next morning, he comes down for breakfast still smelly, in spite of a fully functional and accessible shower room upstairs.
Callum rolls the wish to declare his Major in Psychology. (Note the NPC student girl "incidentally" having decided she wants to sit on the "comfy" settee near Callum!)
B'Elanna chooses Art...
...and Christopher opts for Economics. A sensible choice, given his LTW of having 5 top level businesses.
B'Elanna, who dreams of having 50 first dates, thinks she is about to have # 31 with Callum. But then she remembers: He was her 3rd date, back when they were both teenagers. Never mind, he is her 3-bolt man, and they have a dream date that night.
A real, proper dream date ;-)
Callum still thinks of B'Elanna's kisses the next morning.
And she thinks of him even as she calls the Matchmaker.
She can't help it - those 50 first dates have to be had, even if it means merely greeting each candidate, telling them a joke or so and then end the date. Beaumont DeBateau is # 31.
Abhijeet Depiesse is # 32.
Has Callum sought revenge for B'Elanna's dates and invited Perseida to his bed? No. He was fast asleep when she decided she wanted to sleep in the most comfortable bed at the dorm. Apparently, the two of them were friends before uni, otherwise Callum would have left the bed as soon as a non-friend joined him.
He has no idea he was not alone that night when he gets up and makes the bed next morning; Perseida got up hours before him.
The semester is over for Stephen, Meike, Perseida and Wilma.
This semester, Meike is the first to complete her Term Paper.
Perseida has been cleaning the girls' showers and then went to work on her charisma, still surrounded by soap bubbles. Is that what they call clean speech? :-)
The newcomers finish their first semester successfully the same night.
I don't know why the cheerleader chose Christopher's room to do her assignment in - there is nothing going on between the two.
Callum has worked hard but finishes his Term Paper in good time.
B'Elanna enlists the help of the Matchmaker again. "You bring me a Vampire..."
"... and a slob for my dates # 33 and 34?" she complains. For the rest of the semester, she does not call the Matchmaker again.
Of course, it wouldn't be uni if we didn't see at least one sponge bath - right next to the shower room!
One evening, Perseida decides her cooking is better than the dorm cook's. She makes spaghetti, but only for herself.
I nearly always forget to send my students to a community lot, but not this time. The taxi takes them to a lot on campus, Chestnut Park.
It is a beautiful spring day, and Stephen and Wilma (they became an item last time I played the dorm, I think) enjoy hot dogs on a bench in the sun, talking about what they will be doing when they leave uni and grow up "properly".
A good witch makes the day even more beautiful.
Back at the dorm, a streaker makes his way into one of the bedrooms.
Stephen and Christopher sit in the cafeteria together, and Stephen tells the younger student how he has been making friends for life here at the dorm.
Meike Riley has been working out like mad and is now too tired to even eat. She nearly misses her final exam because almost all her needs are in deep red.
But she makes it, and finishes her Junior Year successfully, just like Stephen. Wilma is now a Junior, while Perseida has graduated.
A little later, the newcomers finish their Frehsman Year.
Most of the students are hungry when they return from their exams. The corm cook chooses this very unfitting moment to set the stove in the cafeteria on fire! Good job there is a sprinkler.
Perseida dons her graduation robe. She has graduated Magna Cum Laude (3.9) in Drama and will move back to New Max after her party. She made her LTW of having 20 best friends while still at uni and so from now on, her life will probably be rather quiet.
Her "mother" Roxie Sharpe and one of her best friends, Ramon Ramirez, are the first to arrive.
Next are half-brother Sirius Swain, "uncle" Edwin Sharpe, her human Dad Jonah Powers, friend Calendula Capp and half-sisters Giselle Goth and Isabelle Indie (left to right).
Isabelle realizes that Callum Capp is her 3-bolt-man. I'm sorry, Izzie, he's going to stay with B'Elanna, if I have anything to say in the matter.
Perseida's hairstyle changes to this rather unattractive one after the end of the party. I really don't know yet what to do with her; move her back in with her family, or find a place on her own. In any case, we are going to see her again later this round.
The visit to the community lot has messed up Callum's schedule - his final exam takes places 6 hours after that of his twin brother. But he returns successfully, and the Freshman Year has ended for all three newcomers.

Who is going to take Perseida's room? Is B'Elanna going to keep dating, and will Callum start to work on his LTW of 20 Lovers in spite of his relationship with her? Are Stephen and Wilma going to spend more time together? Will Christopher find a love interest, too; and what about Meike?

Now I'm off to do the head count - look unter "lists and stats" to see the result for 2016.


  1. More college students to go through the mill. it is so annoying when you have taken to a community lot and time is messed up. Off to read the head count.

    1. I really wasn't sure the Capp twins would be going to college at all; only on the very last day before growing up did Christopher roll the wish.

  2. Another great college round. Looks like Callum will be spoilt for choice with all these 3 bolt ladies after him!

    1. Yes, isn't it strange how some Sims never meet a 3-bolt-Sim while some others have several candidates? And Callum's turn-ons do not even match B'Elanna!

  3. It's so neat to see so many playable students in the same dorm! I try to randomly select where students will live on my campuses, so some end up in houses, some in dorms, and it's rare to have more than 3 or 4 of my own playables in teh same dorm. Then of course, I do play with Greek Houses, which tends to suck up the entire student population as they strive for new members. ;) Sorry I've been absent for so long! I'm trying to get caught up from the beginning of your new round of play :)

    1. Hello and welcome back - good to "see" you again! Moving playable students into different places certainly makes the game more interesting. But I tend to want to play as "efficient" as possible, which is why I want to have as many students as I can in the same dorm. For the same reason I have set up the Senior Residence - to make rounds just a little bit shorter by consolidating households.


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