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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Calendula and Servo Capp: Week 1

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A bunch of Plantsims, all with rather characteristically facial features - who are they?
Well, we're at Tybalt Capp's house, and here are three of the six children he planted when his lifetime want changed from having 20 best pet friends to marrying off six children.
Tybalt himself became a Plantsim after many, many hours of intensive gardening. He never had a real love interest, but coming from the most numerous clan of all New Maximiliania, it seems a natural wish of his to see the family name spread even further.

From left to right, here are Cornel, Corydal and Cherry Capp.

Tybalt is now 65, and talks to the trees in his orchard nearly as much as to his children.
Three of them are already married, by the way: Castanea married Malcolm Landgraab, Clover married Ginger Newson, and Calendula married Pleasant Servo.
Servo was made by Angela Pleasant a long time ago.
This is his wife, Calendula - she is the reason why we are here this week, as her name is the first on the alphabetical list of all Capp family members.
Tybalt's house is at the edge of Downtown New Max, and as you can see, my game is still not free of graphics bugs.
If the other three children are to get married, someone must make room here. Also, I am not too keen on playing so many Plantsims for a whole week; it does get a little boring, to be honest.
Therefore, I have Calendula buy five bottles of Plantocillin from the Gypsie Lady.
She is the first to drink one.
Hello, Calendula - you look nice as a fully "human" Sim!
Her sister Cherry is next.
I am glad to discover that she has a different hairstyle from Calendula's.
Now the boys: Cornel sports pointed ears and the typical Capp face, I think.
I don't know whether Corydal's ears are pointed, too.
Last but not least, Tybalt drinks his medicine and turns into a full human being again.
As soon as it is daylight on this eventful Monday morning, Calendula and Servo move to their new home in Bluewater Village.
The welcome committee consists of Ana Patel, Justin Cleveland and Natasha Una.
Calendula's and Servo's first day at the new house goes by rather uneventfully.
On Tuesday morning, I find Servo in the living room, patiently waiting for his wife to wake up (he never sleeps, just needs the occasional recharging session in the sun).
While Calendula is still asleep, Servo goes out to play in a puddle. Any moment, I expected him to run amok, as we all know Servos and water don't go together well - but nothing happened.
When he has just about an hour left before going to work, Servo recharges while his wife's family (and a friend, Perseida Powers) arrive for the housewarming party.                                                                                                            
A game of kicky bag proves to do the trick - the party is a great success!
But not everybody plays. Some, like Castanea and Cornel, rather sit down together for a chat about what it was like when they were all (literally!) growing up.
Servo returns at 2 pm with a promotion to Senator.
sCalendula says good-bye to her sisters and her friend for now.
She has other ideas about how to celebrate her husband's promotion ;-)
At 5 pm, she goes to work herself, but comes back early, demoted to Dish Washer. Her mistake was appearing at the work place in a Halloween costume, as the only employee (of course, a chance card).
But she goes back to work straight away and is re-instated at her old position as Drive Through Clerk.
The couple start Wednesday morning with a game of chess up in the attic.
The rest of the day goes by uneventfully. Servo is at work, while Calendula has the day off. She greets Mickey Dosser and for some reason seems to be totally smitten with him - even though there is one negative bolt between the two of them (whereas she and her husband are 3-bolters!).
On Thursday morning, Servo puts in some recharging before his car pool arrives.
Meanwhile, Calendula has cereal for breakfast.
Later, when her husband is at work, she meets and greets Christian Love. He is one of a few townies with the same surname as a playable Sim. Such "special" townies I treat as if they were relatives of the playables, and if possible, I have a resident Sim befriend them so that they can eventually move in. Christian's "niece" Sarah Love has been a playable Sim from the day the university expansion was added to our games, so I hope to have her "uncle" move in at some stage.
The candy-making machine was available to Calendula when I checked her career rewards, but the house is very small. Therefore, the equipment is set up behind the house, where she spends a pleasant hour making (and eating!) candy before the car pool picks her up for work.
When she returns at night, her smile says it all: Calendula has been promoted to Fast Food Shift Manager.
On Friday morning, though, her candy-making session shows in her expanding waist. Her husband does not mind her gaining a few pounds at all, but Calendula immediately rolls wishes for buying an exercise machine and getting fit again. There is just about enough space in the bedroom for the exercise bike, and she puts it to good use as soon as the device is set up.
Wow, that was quick!!
Because he takes the wrong decision with a chance card, Servo is demoted from Senator to Judge today.
But his wife comes home with another promotion: Calendula is now a hostess again, a job she already had at the very start of her career in the culinary field.
On Saturday morning, Calendula is obviously very much looking forward to work. Her good mood pays off when she returns with a promotion to waitress. She goes straight back to the restaurant.
That pays off, too - she is made Prep Cook that same evening.
Husband and wife sit together at the breakfast table on Sunday morning.
You can tell there have been small improvements to the furnishing and decorating of the house since they moved in at the beginning of the week. Money is becoming less of an issue now, with a promotion bonus almost every day.
His wife goes to work, and Servo spends part of the day reading the paper.
All week, the Capps have not been to any community lots - but I really want to stick to my new rule of sending each household to at least one community lot per week.
Since Calendula rolled the wish to win a cooking contest, I have the taxi take them to Copur's Kitchen Cook-off.
Calendula is rather annoyed when she finds out another of the contestants, Tom Freshe, has entered a Baked Alaska like herself. Does she have a chance to win?
She does!

I am really pleased how this week played out for this unusual couple - an ex PlantSim and a Servo. You know there are many more Capp households to play, so I better move on to the next one.


  1. It was a good week for Calendula and her Servo hubby. Lots of promotions and the house is looking great. The Capp family must be the most prolific in your neighbourhood.
    Nice to see lots of visitors and an outing as well. :)

    1. The Capp family are the largest of all New Max, what with so many of them needing children for their lifetime wants :-)
      I had not played a food contest in a long time, so this was fun to do, too!


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