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Friday, 30 December 2016

Hermia Capp's Family: Week 7

The 6th week with this family can be found here, in case you want to refresh your memory before reading on.

The Capp mansion, a sprawling, bustling family home, filled to the brim with Sims - eight of them live here right now.
After the first Capp manor was given up (the huge garden made the lot almost unplayable - it was a) impossible to keep up with gardening, and b) took everyone way too long to get to the school bus or car pool), Consort Capp moved here with his orphaned grandchildren Hermia, Juliette and Tybalt.
Late in life, he found love again in the person of Dora Ottomas. His wealth was generously used to help the ever-growing Ottomas family to move to a better house.

Consort and Dora have been resting side by side here for a long time now.
Cornwall Capp, another member of the family clan, lost his wife Regan many years ago in a fire caused by a burning pile of leaves. They were both still young and very much in love, and Cornwall never remarried or even showed a romantic interest towards anyone.
The family have generously offered him to move in with them so as not to spend his old age in loneliness. He is now 76 and the only household member on Permanent Platinum.
Hermia is Lady of the manor these days. Her husband is Tank Grunt, who took her family name.
Both their lifetime wants changed some time ago. After Tank originally wanted to have 20 best pet friends, he now has been working at becoming Mad Scientist. Last Friday, he was made Top Secret Researcher.
Hermia diligently worked (with Tanks help) at having 6 children to marry off. When she had five, she decided that she rather wanted to have 20 best friends.
Here are the kids: Callum...
...and his twin brother Christopher...
...their younger brother Carl...
...and his twin sister Carolina...
...and Cameron, the youngest.
When the kids are all off to school on this Monday morning, Hermia takes care of the fruit trees in her green house. She always makes sure the family eats wholesome, healthy, home-cooked meals.
Monday afternoon, Cameron grows up - now there are five teenagers in the house!
It is still dark on Tuesday morning when Callum goes for a run before school. He has discovered the pleasure of being fit last week and is determined to keep in good shape for his LTW of having 20 lovers.
Carl and Cameron have a game of chess and talk about Consort's and Dora's ghosts who frequently appear at night.
Meanwhile, their father repairs the broken tap in the master bathroom upstairs.
Hermia puts the juicemaker to good use with the fruit frehsly picked in her greenhouse.
"So, Cameron, now that you are a teenager, what are your aspiration and lifetime want?" Carolina asks her little brother. "I am a Popularity Sim and want to own 5 top level businesses," the boy replies. He knows his family has enough money to facilitate the start of his business career eventually.
By the way, Carolina wants to have 20 best friends, just like her mother. Carl dreams of 50 dream dates, while Christopher has the same LTW as Cameron - maybe they can benefit from each other's businesses.
That night, Consort's ghost appears for the first (and I think only) time this week.
It is Wednesday morning when Cornwall, whom I do not control, chooses a bag of crisps for breakfast. He is now 78.
Hermia does the crossword on the porch swing in the front garden when the house has quietened down with all the kids off to school.
The afternoon is much less quiet: The five teenagers bring friends home from school and enjoy the hot summer afternoon playing in the pool behind the house.
(Phoebe Love is in the jaccuzzi - she is one of the few townies I am going to try and add as permanent residents to the 'hood, as she has the same surname as one of the pre-made playables, Sarah Love.)
In the early evening, Cornwall is invited by Mr. Reaper and his Hula girls to finally follow him to where his beloved wife has been waiting for him all those years.
Dora's ghost is a lot more active than Consort's. She is out and about almost every night and loves to "play" with what would be her great-grandchildren of sorts.
Cornwall was not really related to the other Capps in my game (I only pretend he was), but the family still grieve about him. For Carolina, he was like a grandpa.
Cameron misses the kind old man, too.
Tank needs to brush up on his skills if he wants to be promoted again.
As I said, Dora enjoys playing with the kids :-D

On Friday morning, Hermia is seen at her sewing machine. Many of the clothes you see on herself and Carolina are her own creations, and she frequently rolls the wish to "sew a project".
Phoebe Love comes visiting just as the school bus pulls up in front of the house. Along with the Capp kids, Odell Ottomas gets off.
Tank is promoted to Theorist, thanks to the studying he has been doing in the morning.
Once more, the teenagers occupy the pool and jaccuzzi all afternoon, having a lot of fun. Summer has slipped into autumn very gently, but it may well be the last time it is warm enough for a pool party.
All that splashing about has made them hungry, and the kids gather round the dining table. Callum tells them of his plan to get engaged and married only after he has achieved his LTW of 20 lovers. The others are amazed that the thinks so far ahead already.
When I tell Cameron, the youngest, to say good-bye to Phoebe, this is what he does! His older brothers can't believe their eyes, and he seems to hope his mother won't walk in on them just now!
Saturday morning Tank and Hermia remain in their bedroom for a while, talking about how their children are growing up now. It will soon be time for the two oldest to go to college.
Remember my new rule of sending each household to a community lot at least once a week? Hermia and Tank decide to take the family to Hunter's Park.
A mix of other New Maximilianians and townies are there already, including Tybalt Capp (dressed in green), Hermia's big brother. Do you know who the others are?
As expected, the set of swings is rather popular.
Later at home, Carolina invites over some of her girl friends: Dora Dreamer, Maria Monty and Phoebe Love. She wants to include her younger cousin, Catherine Capp, but the little girl looks a bit lost among the teens.
Odell Ottomas was walking by and asked to join them.
On Sunday, Callum (left) and Christopher (in the car) leave for college They would have turned into adults this afternoon, and I was watching out for either of them to roll the wish to go to college. It wasn't until today when Christopher woke up with the wish, and them being twins, of course his brother is going, too. We will catch up with them there soon.
What used to be their room is now redecorated and furnished to suit Carolina, who up until now slept in the master bedroom with her parents (although in her own bed).
Tank invites over his family. Ripp Grunt is his younger brother, and Cameron's uncle.
General Buzz Grunt is, of course, his father, and the children's Granddad. Some of the Capp dynasty are invited, too; in the back, you can see Goneril and Clover (one of Tybalt's children and married to one of the Newson girls) approaching.
And here we have another townie eligible for permanent residence: Matthew Cho. I don't think I have seen him before; ever since I have re-organized the 'hood, new townies keep appearing.
Vivian Cho has died a long time ago, but her daughter, Etsu Cho, and Etsu's son Charlie Cho are still around and would like to welcome Matthew as their "relative".

This is where the week ends. It was a pleasure to play this busy family, but because of there being so much going on at the same time (for instance, making sure all 5 kids did their homework every day), I played on normal speed nearly all "week". This took longer than expected; also, I wasn't around all the time, spending Christmas first with my family and then with my boyfriend's.

Maybe I'll manage to get in one more update this year - and then it will be time for another head count!


  1. lovely to see so many people on one lot. I don't know if you can't cheat them as family member by using cheatenabletrue (or something like that) I use the simblender but you don't really download anything in case anything happens in your game.

    1. Using the "Tombstone of L and D", a Sim can be added to a family. But I did not do it in this case; I may give it a try with one of the to-be-added townies.

  2. First of all Happy New Year, hope it's a happy and healthy one. :)
    So nice to see the Capp family- 5 teenagers, eek. :D
    I do love this house, is it a Maxis one?
    It must be a little annoying when the LTW's change, especially with Hermia who was so close with 5 kids! Still it makes for more realism in a way.

    I like that you are getting new townies as well, you'll have some new Sims to introduce into your 'hood sometime. :)

    1. Happy New Year to you and yours, too! So far (3 days in), it is both happy and healthy :-)

      Yes, the house is a Maxis one. I think it either came with the Gardens & Mansions stuff pack or with the Freetime EP. Somehow I found it suits this big, wealthy family well.

      The new townies are somewhat exciting, as I never know in advance what they are going to be like as playables - jobs, inventory, friends and so on.


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