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Monday, 26 January 2015

The Sims 4: The Kay Household - Week 1

Yet another Maxis-made single household is to be found on this lot in Oasis Springs:
(There are actually two neighbourhoods in TS4, Oasis Springs and Willow Creek. They are open in the way that Sims from both parts can meet each other. I think you can tell by now which house is where.)

The name of this young lady is June Kay. She has the Master Chef aspiration and is a foodie like Steve Fogel. June has neither a job nor a love interest. She has two friends and one enemy, though.

One of her friends is a townie named Nancy Martino, and she promptly appears for a visit on June's first day.

The other friend is Rita Person - Mortimer's former (?) affair.

June wants to plant something, so I have her explore the surroundings of her house to find some seeds to plant. She comes across this little old well where she finds a frog. Different kinds of frogs can be collected throughout the neighbourhood. The Sims can either keep them in their inventory, sell them or have them as pets in a terrarium.

Through the backdoor in June's kitchen is an area that seems the right place for planting sage, daisies, chrysanthemums and strawberries.

On Tuesday, June meets and greets Vivian Lewis. I believe her son is the "enemy" in June's relationship panel, so I find it interesting to see that the two ladies do not at all get along with each other, although they have never met before. 

 By Wednesday, June's garden is coming along nicely.

Dozens of Sims walk past June's house every day, but I have her greet only the playables. Don Lothario is one of them.

To make progress towards her lifetime want, I have June take a job in the culinary career. She starts out as Assistant Dishwasher and seems to be happy about it.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday all pass pretty much after the same pattern: June wakes up late, has her friends come over, does the necessary gardening, eats and then goes to work until late at night when she returns so exhausted that she goes to bed straight away.

I fulfill many of her minor wishes such as cooking a meal, buying a bonsai tree (in the corner of her sparsely furnished living room), telling jokes (to her friends) and so on.

Nothing much has happened this week; it was played mostly on high speed. Will June have a more exciting week next round? Is she going to meet Steve Fogel - or someone else who could be interesting enough for her? And why is the Lewis-guy her enemy?


  1. maybe they have memories put in by the developers so when you play you can either keep them at enemies or make them friends your choice

    1. Yes, I guess that's so. A bit like in TS2, where some of the Capps are enemies with the Monty clan, and so on.

  2. I do find that they are so exhausted at the end of a working shift that there's no time for anything else. I miss the simple TS2 energizer. :D

    1. They can "take it easy" while at work, but that only seems to help with the fun level and does not make much (if any) difference to their energy level.


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