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Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Sims 4: The BBF Household, Week 1

Will you stick to reading my blog even if I post about the Maxis-made families of TS4 for a while, before returning to TS2 and New Maximiliania? I really hope so, because blogging is just so much more fun when there is someone out there who reads and comments!

Just like with New Maximiliania, in the TS4 neighbourhoods I am also going to play each of the pre-made households for one Sim-week in the alphabetical order of their surnames. There are less households than in TS2, so it won't take me as long as a full round in New Max.

The first household on the list is the BBFs. They are three young adults living together:

Summer Holiday, Liberty Lee and Travis Scott. Just like in TS2, the Sims in TS4 have aspirations and lifetime wants. They can fulfill daily wishes and more long-term goals. They have no fears but can become angry, embarrassed, sad or have other negative emotions, depending on their interactions with other Sims and their environment, or how well their needs are taken care of.

This is their house:

Just a fun shot to show you what I found when Summer opened the fridge to prepare a meal:

Monday was largely uneventful. I familiarized myself with the household and fulfilled a few minor wishes.

On Tuesday morning, Travis wakes up nearly starving.

I have him make breakfast for the household, and all three housemates sit at the bar that separates their kitchen from the living room.

Summer rolls the want to shape a bonsai tree, and so I place one in the corner next to the book shelf and have her shape it.

Later, when Travis and Liberty are at work, she goes out to greet as many of her neighbours as possible. The guy with the sunglasses is, by the way, no other than Don Lothario.

It was one of Summer's mid-term goals (as opposed to the more long-term goal that is her lifetime want) to introduce herself to 10 different Sims. She completes this milestone (that's what the mid-term goals are called in the game) by greeting this elderly lady in the yellow track suit.

It is Wednesday morning, when Summer wakes up desperate for a pee. She nearly has a toilet accident and manages to reach the bathroom just in time.

While she is having a shower, Liberty and Travis have breakfast together, this time at the kitchen table. It is not entirely clear to me how the Sims in this game decide where to have their meals; sometimes, one of them will eat alone at their desk, or two of them will sit on a bed together and eat, or a group will use the sofa and armchair in the living room. Most of the time, though, the preferred choice seems to be the kitchen table.

Liberty watches some telly while Travis is busy practising programming at the computer in his room.

Summer travels to the park first (to fulfill another of her milestones, this time it is to meet someone new in 3 different locations)...

...and then to the museum.

This is where she meets Bob O'Malley. He may never win a beauty contest, but he and Summer hit it off instantly, and who knows - they may even become more than friends one day.

Back home, she works on her charisma.

Travis had the wish to meet someone new, too, and it looks like Brittney Milligan could feature more often in the future. Travis thinks that he has never before met a lady as beautiful as her.

On Thursday morning, Liberty prefers to have breakfast alone at her desk. Apart from being hungry, she is also in desperate need of a shower - can you see how dirty her skin and clothes are?

Friday morning sees all three housemates gathered around the kitchen table for breakfast.

Travis spends a lot of his free time practising programming in his room. He often turns the stereo on and listens to music while he works. I never tell him to do that. That is, by the way, something I really enjoy about TS4: the Sims' ability to multitask.

On Saturday morning, Summer is once again very close to having a toilet accident!

All three housemates have breakfast together once more. For the first time this week, Liberty and Travis begin to show wants about each other: chat to, be friendly with, and so on. Nothing romantic - yet.

Summer is out for a walk by the river and bumps into one of her friends. Londyn takes a photo of the two of them on her mobile phone.

Liberty achieves a milestone when I place a woodwork table for her on the back porch and have her craft a sculpture.

And Travis? He rings Brittney and invites her over. Although the two of them are not even on friends status yet, not only does she come over instantly, but she also seems to be delighted when Travis tries a bold pick-up line on her.

Looks like there could be something in the air for these two!

Sunday starts with Liberty repairing the broken sink in the bathroom.

Later, she hangs out with Travis on his bed. Like the day before, the two of them keep showing friendly wants towards each other. And since neither of them has to work today, it is easy to fulfill them all.

Bella Goth is one of Travis' acquaintances. She comes visiting on her own accord and is asked to stay for dinner.

The week ends with Liberty planting mushrooms and bluebells in the back yard. She found the plants while out walking.

Is Travis going to follow up on his attraction towards Brittney, or will he and Liberty develop more than just friendly feelings for each other? What will Summer do - is Bob O'Malley interesting enough, or is there someone else in the neighbourhood more suitable for her?


  1. I'd be very interested in reading your blogs no matter what you're playing.

    I haven't actually played this family yet. I guess I'll get to them eventually. I'm on a TS2 kick right now but I know eventually I'll switch back over for a while.

    1. Good to know you'll still be "with me" :-)
      I wonder whether I should open up a TS4 blog, or simply keep posting the TS4 chapters here. What I've done now is put "TS4" in front of the name label.

  2. i will also be reading your blog too, i don't mind reading about the sims 4 just can't stand playing just not my cup of tea. Have a wonderful time playing.

    1. Thanks, Peachy! I just wish TS2 would not have begun showing that "layering" of lots and freezing whenever I delete one of the faulty lots... it would make re-organizing the hood and starting Round 6 so much faster and easier without this problem!

  3. yeah it would be keep playing sims 4 until you want to sims 2 out

  4. In TS4, it doesn't have the toddler age group, but it has between six life stages with baby at the start when the Sim is born and it turns into child, just like the case in TS1. Still on TS2 with a freeze time community and household live screen.

    1. I have not played a family with children yet, so that remains something to discover. Not sure what you mean by your last sentence.

  5. It's so much easier with just adults isn't it? because when I was playing with this household there was so much stress with the children they had!

    1. I have not much experience with TS4 households yet (and have not played again since 2015), but I imagine it is a bit more of a challenge than a household with only adults.


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