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Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Sims 4: The Fogel Household - Week 1

Our next stop in TS4 is this house. Who lives here?

It is this somewhat discouraged looking man: Steve Fogel. You wouldn't guess from his facial expression that his aspiration is to be a Joke Star! He is a Young Adult, and one of his characteristics is that he is a Foodie. Foodie Sims are always happy to discuss recipes, talk about food, prepare food - and eat food, of course. Steve's belly is there for a reason, I believe :-)

On Monday morning, I leave him up to his own devices for a bit to see what he is going to do. Steve first makes scrambled eggs. Then, instead of eating them, he makes grilled cheese. And again, instead of eating either of the two meals already prepared, he chooses a bowl of yoghurt. Maybe he thinks he should start a diet, and skips the richer meals for a change.

 Travis Scott knocks on the front door. He shows up as a friend in Steve's relationship panel.

A little later, Bob O'Malley follows suit.

In TS4, bills are delivered on Mondays, instead of on the Tuesdays and Thursdays we are used to in TS2. After Steve has paid his, he has 1.248 Simoleons left.

He wishes to meet someone new, and since there is a constant stream of passers-bys walking along the road, I have him say hello to Dennis Kim and Geoffrey Landgraab, two of the playables we are going to meet further on.

 Tuesday morning sees Steve cleaning up the dishes from last night's impromptu party.

He then ventures out of his house to harvest whatever he can find. As a Foodie, he will find the wild sage useful... well as the wild strawberries...

...and the onions.

One female Sim shows as a friend in Steve's relationship panel, and she decides on visiting him today: Myra Loyd, a townie. She is as sad as she looks here. In TS4, you can always tell the mood of the other Sims, too, not just of the one you are currently playing. Your Sim can then try to do something to influence the other's mood, such as telling them a funny story when they are sad.

On Wednesday, Steve bumps into Myra - and Don Lothario. It almost looks as if those two have been going for a run together.

Bob O'Malley, who is another of Steve's friends, comes visiting in the afternoon. Giulianna Riley has joined the men when Steve invited her in as she was walking by.

 On Thursday, Steve has a lone breakfast of garden salad.

After breakfast, I send him out first to harvest wild plants again and then to dig up whatever he can find. Such pieces of rock can be found all over the neighbourhood, and the Sims can "dig" there. Sometimes they find a "MySims" statue, sometimes a mineral or a fossil. As Steve does not have a job, and I don't particularly want to fill his house with unnecessary objects, I sell what he finds immediately.

That day, he rolls wishes about physical activity a few times. Here, Steve is doing push-ups in front of his house.

Myra Loyd appears for another visit. Steve wishes to travel to the park, so he asks her along.

This is Desert Bloom Park.

Alexander Goth does not look very happy, does he?

Looks like Sims can now sleep (or at least nap) on community lots.

While Steve and Myra have a chat in the café, I spot a very young looking Malcolm Landgraab. He is another of the Sims we will meet further on.

On Friday, Steve meets Eliza Pancakes, fulfilling another wish to "meet someone new".

He then has a chat with his friend Bob O'Malley and young Alexander Goth, who now looks much happier than when we last saw him on the playground at the park.

This "pre-historic hoof print fossil" is something Steve dug up today. It is not very valuable, and so I decide to have him keep it on top of the wardrobe in his bedroom.

On Saturday, Travis Scott pays his friend another visit.

Steve spends the evening on his own, reading.

Sunday morning, Travis is back.

He shows Steve his new mobile phone.

The last thing Steve does on Sunday night before going to bed is repair his broken toilet.

Will Steve need a job eventually? Is he going to see Myra again, or is there someone suitable for him among the playables?


  1. Nice to get to the know neigbourhood or sims 4. Quite a few singles on their own isn't there.

    1. That's true, but the next household on the list is the Goths - finally, I get to play a family with a child and a teenager!


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