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Monday, 19 January 2015

The Sims 4: The Caliente Household - Week 1

The Caliente sisters hardly need introducing, do they? Well, their living arrangements in TS4 differ a little from what we all have at the beginning of TS2 and TS3: Nina and Dina live with their mother, Katrina, and a "tenant" - Don Lothario.

At the start of the game, none of the Caliente ladies show any particular interest in Don, nor does he feel specically attracted to any of them. We'll see whether things will stay that way.
Katrina is the only "adult", the other three are "young adults". 

The lady with the plumbbob is Katrina, a Romance Sim. In front of her is Nina, whose aspiration is Mischief (that's new in TS4, and I must admit I am not particularly fond of it). Don Lothario is another Romance Sim. The only love interest in his relationship panel so far is Bella Goth. Nina, the blond Caliente sister, has Mixology for her aspiration - another new one. Her relationship panel shows Martin Jolly as her love interest, a townie (I think) who - as far as I know - is married.

This is their house:

On Monday, Don wishes to schedule a date with someone, and so I have him ask Bella to the "Rattlesnake Juice", a community lot:

 It does not take much from Don's part...

 ...before he has Bella where he wanted her: in his arms, and her lips firmly locked with his!

Dates work a bit different in TS4: There are "instructions" in the upper left corner of the screen, telling you that your Sim should, for instance, interact with their date 10 times, sit and talk to them x times, and so on. A meter tells you how well the date is going. When the meter is full, your Sim will find a reward object in the household inventory when they return home.

In the meantime, in front of the Caliente house, Nina meets Mortimer Goth (if he knew what his wife is doing right now...!) and Nancy Landgraab.

On Tuesday, Katrina is the first to be up for breakfast...

...followed by Don who does not deem it necessary to cover up before he walks around the house.

Nina wakes up angry. An angry Sim will be able to do things such as "vent to someone" or "be mean to someone", not available while they are not angry. Don't worry, Nina didn't do anything too bad that morning.

Katrina wants to have a date, too. There are two romantic interests among her relationships, one of them being Nico Dubois (another townie). She invites himt to the lounge, another community lot.

It's rather busy inside, and no matter how many times Katrina tries, she is unable to get a drink from the bartender - although the 10 Simoleons for it are taken from her account every time I click "order drink".

Dina, whose aspiration is Mixology, practices mixing drinks at the bar in their kitchen back home.

Wednesday morning, the girls have breakfast together.

On Wednesday, Katrina's date Nico Dubois moves in, adding around 19.000 Simoleons to the already well-stocked household account of 28.000. Nico is the first Elder I play.

In the meantime, Don and Nina have discovered their feelings for each other. Not that Don wouldn't have accepted any romantic interaction from Katrina's or Dina's side, but somehow, Nina is best suited to him, and vice versa. They share their first kiss that day. It is also the first kiss I witness in TS4.

A little later, they have their first woohoo...

...and immediately afterwards, Don shows the want to talk to Summer Holiday! Nina can't believe it.

He invites her over. Don't worry - nothing "happens" between these two.

On Thursday, Dina  wants to visit the gym, and so I take the opportunity to have a look at this community lot myself:

The lady  she is talking to here is Eliza Pancakes. We will meet her later, because the Pancakes are a Maxis-made household.

The gym is as busy as the bar. Most of the time, the big wall TV screens are on; not sure why they weren't at this moment. By the way, what's on telly in TS4 is often something from TS3.

Household chores in TS4 seem to be much reduced, compared to TS2. Just think of the kitchen counters: In TS2, they need cleaning nearly after every meal. In TS4, I have not seen anyone clean a counter in a whole Sim-week. But that does not mean that there is nothing to do at all; here, Don takes out the trash (on his own accord).

It is Friday morning when Nico is up early and practises programming. This was one of his wishes.

Don does not want to wait for any of the ladies to prepare breakfast and grills a batch of burgers in the backyard instead.

Dina takes advantage of the beautiful sunny day and goes jogging. Everybody in this household, especially Dina and Don, are true fitness fanatics: Whenever I leave them to their own devices, they exercise or show wishes to exercise.

Everyone takes turns in preparing meals; today, it is the men's shift.

On Saturday morning, Dina comes home from work with a promotion to Dishwasher.

Fitness fanatics, didn't I tell you?

Every now and then, I have her mix a drink. She needs to mix 10 drinks to achieve a milestone.

Now that Nico lives with Katrina, the two of them keep showing wants about each other all the time. After their first woohoo (which happened the day Nico moved in), Katrina even showed the want to get married to him. But after the game crashed for the umpteenth time, that want did not reappear.

On Sunday, instead of exercising all the time, Don decides on reading. He doesn't really strike me as the bookish type, somehow :-)

When I started playing this household, I checked everyone's relationships. This is Maxwell Esparza. For Don, he is a friend already at the beginning. For Katrina, he is an enemy. I wonder what happened between those two! When Maxwell is invited over by Don (who keeps showing social wants involving Maxwell all week), I expect a fight or something, but Katrina simply ignores him.

 The week ends Sunday night with Nina chatting to one of her friends on the computer.

Will Nina and Don stay together, in spite of Don's affair with Bella Goth and his interest in Summer Holiday? Is Dina going to focus on something (or someone) else apart from fitness and mixing drinks? Are Katrina and Nico going to get married?


  1. interesting. i did quickly play them while i had ts4, i can they are some good things but just not enough for me. sorry your game keeps crashing. Hope you can get it sorted out.

    1. Thankfully, I found enough information on the forums from other TS4 players with the same problem and was now able to fix it - at least that's what it appears like now :-)
      In my case, the solution was to take online-access to origin off while playing AND turning down some of the graphics settings. While before, the game crashed every 10-15 minutes, I was able to run it for 1 1/2 hours yesterday uninterrupted, and then turned it off myself because I wanted to watch telly.
      I still save like mad, though!


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