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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

The Ottomas Brothers' First Year at College

After a brief stint at the old sorority house, I have moved my current group of students into a small dorm once more: There are five playable students right now, two of them young men, so the sorority house did not seem to be the best place anymore.
This one looks exactly the same as the dorm I've used before the move to the sorority house, but it is really a lots & houses import from La Fiesta Tech. I chose it because it has just the 5 bedrooms needed for my students this "year".

The two young men who have just arrived are twins Odell (left) and Orlando (right) Ottomas.
They have come to join Giselle Goth (with her back to the camera), a Senior Student, and Maria Monty (the Ottomas' boys sort-of step sister, and half-sister to Giselle) and Lisa Gieke. Maria and Lisa are both Sophomores.

After everyone has claimed a room, Odell is the first to finish his term paper - even though he has not yet decided on a Major.

Maria is glad to have her younger "brothers" here at the dorm.

The cow mascot could not resist and made the sprinkler in the small cafeteria go off.

Lisa knew the Ottomas brothers already from school and spent a few afternoons at their home back when they were all still teenagers. Here, she is not only getting reacquainted with Odell - the two of them fall in love with each other autonomously shortly after this picture was taken!

Giselle gussying up :-)

Lisa looks a little forlorn here - I suppose she would have liked to sit with Odell, instead he is having a meal with his brother, and there are only two chairs at the table.

Speaking of Orlando, he and Giselle have the same lifetime want: They dream of six grandchildren! "I wonder whether the two of us should get together... eventually," Giselle muses aloud.

The first semester for Orlando and Odell is over. They have all finished with A+ grades, and I have only just realised that I have not sent them to a community lot. Well, that will have to wait until the next semester - hoping their schedules will allow for all five of them to go together.

The second semester of the Ottomas brothers first year is also the very last semester for Giselle. All the hard work she has put into her exams takes its toll on her when she falls asleep over her meal after returning from her exams. The dorm cook has it all seen before and politely looks the other way.

A streaker makes his appearance. As usual, nobody takes any notice of him.

Maria is the fist to finish her Term Paper this semester.

Giselle is woken up from sleeping over her dinner plate when the Cow and Llama start a fight in the cafeteria. The dorm cook has seen it all before and just keeps clearing plates and cooking more meals.

It is Llama 1 - Cow 0 this time.

Lisa finishes her Term Paper, too.

Odell wakes up to a newly furnished and decorated room - and rolls the wish to declare Political Science as his Major.

Giselle's room has a new look, too.

The same is true for Maria's room...

...and Orlando's...

...and Lisa's.
I have used the same furniture for each room, just all 5 different wood colours of the Malm series. Carpets are all from the Sims Life Stories stuff pack. The walls are still unchanged, and the rooms still do look somewhat sparse altogether. But they are small and should not be too cluttered, I think.

When Lisa, still in her nightie, goes to the cafeteria for breakfast, she stops short in her tracks:

This place, too, has had a complete makeover while the students were asleep!

Maria has the wish to become Big Woman on Campus. I have never knowingly had a Sim fulfill this wish and only know they need to have lots of friends. Here, she is befriending Ryker Love, the student who has only recently been asked to move to New Max permanently, and has (so far) declined the invitation.

All five of the group finish the second semester of this year successfully. Giselle has graduated and will soon be leaving campus. Who will take her place? Will she move back into the Goth villa? And who is going to join her there so that she can work on her lifetime want of having 6 grandchildren? What Major will Orlando choose? And why didn't the students go to a community lot this semester, either?

The answer to the last question is easily given: Because I forgot! I became distracted with making over the bedrooms and the cafeteria, and keeping track of their friendships etc. Well, there will be another year at this dorm eventually.


  1. Thank you very much for this nice chapter! The dorm cook made my day, sooo funny! - Awww, Lisa and Odell, such a sweet couple! - The makeover of the rooms is really great! I like the dorm.

    1. The dorm cook gets far too little attention, doesn't he :-)
      I like the makeover, too, and have deliberately left room for improvement so that I can do the bathrooms next time I play at uni.

  2. This was a nice Uni round with lots going on.
    I like to makeover each students room too, it's amazing the difference a new carpet and furniture can make as you have proved.
    For Big Sim on Campus I usually get my Sims into the secret society and have them befriend all the members whilst there.
    Maybe Orlando & Giselle should get together to achieve their LTW's, although knowing your game those will change somewhere down the line!

    1. It was fun to play, too. I guess the students' rooms will see more details added next time I play the dorm.
      Good idea with the secret society - I never remember that and will try this for the Big Sim on Campus.
      There has not been a change in LTWs in a while, so who knows; Orlando and Giselle stand a good chance :-)

  3. I dont really know any of these students except maybe Giselle - but it was still a good round. O and I do know Lisa but I still see her as a teen so I have to get used to her this way. Lastly, thank you for introducing me to Ryker - I'll be on the look out for him - see if he fits the family plan.

    1. You must have missed quite a few posts if you do not know the other students; they were all born in-game (except for Lisa Gieke) and have been introduced in their family posts before they started college.
      I wonder whether Ryker will appear in your game, too; I have only noticed him recently, and I know the game autonomously generates new townies etc. when some are made playable, as I have done with former NPC students Calvin and Shane Cho.

  4. No, well I dont think i missed - i recognize the names but i may not have payed good attention - I am known to favor my favorites. Im going to reviewtheir histories:) i didnt see Ryker but I like that name I only saw Chris Demi and Christian but there are some "Loves" still in processing so who knows (hehehe)

    1. Yes, Demi Love the pretty police officer is still waiting in the wings, so to speak! I must remember to have a Sim contact her soon.


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