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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Pablo Picaso: Week 2 back in New Max

Click here for Pablo's first week back from uni. 

As opposed to a large lot with several Sims, we are now going to spend a week at a small house with just one Sim living here, on the steep slopes of the hills that mark the border of New Maximiliania:

Pablo Picaso.
Last time I played here, his twin brother Prezioso was living with him. Prezioso has since moved in with and married Lilo Landgraab, the half-Alien daughter of Malcolm Landgraab.
Pablo was supposed to marry, too, because this would help fulfill his father's lifetime want of marrying off three children. However, Pablo's parents Gary and Jessica Greenman (formerly Picaso) have both died, and now Pablo does not HAVE to marry anymore.
He is working hard at his own LTW of becoming Head of SCIA. His current job is that of a Rookie Field Agent.

On this Monday morning, he wakes up with two tasks on his mind: 1. to make two more friends (necessary for his next promotion) and 2. to buy new clothes. It is winter, and what he has age-transitioned into years ago is certainly not suitable for this time of year.

A taxi takes him across snow-covered New Maximiliania to H&M.

After he makes his choice of woolly jumper and warm, baggy trousers...

...he goes upstairs to make hot dogs for himself and whoever else happens to be around, such as Dirk Dreamer here.

Back home, he changes the furniture in his bedroom from two single beds (which were fine for himself and his brother) to a double bed.

He wishes to invite someone over, and who but his twin brother and new wife should it be! Maybe it is not the best idea, though, to hide behind a newspaper when your brand new sister-in-law is trying to get to know you, Pablo.

Tuesday is quickly told: After a late and lone bowl of cereals for breakfast, Pablo does a spot of cleaning, rings an acquaintance (trying to build up a friendship), goes to work, returns several hours later, makes himself a bowl of mac & cheese and ends the day stargazing with the telescope on the patio behind the kitchen.

Wednesday is similar with the only difference being that Pablo is not hungry enough for either breakfast or dinner (he must have get good food at work), and before he positions himself at the telescope again, he blogs about science for a little while.

On Thursday morning, Pablo wakes up from the phone ringing. By the time he sleepily makes it there, whoever had been trying to reach him has given up.

I have often found that Thursdays tend to be the most eventful days of a Sim's week. Today, Pablo is promoted to Double Agent - in spite of him still lacking two friends necessary for the promotion.

He has a lone celebratory meal of spaghetti with meatballs and tomato sauce.

Afterwards, he diligently studies mechanical for his next promotion - and now he needs four more friends.

Friday is the first day of spring, and Pablo dons a t-shirt, jeans and canvas trainers. Today, he manages to get to the phone in time, but it is "only" a townie. Nevertheless, Pablo needs friends for his next promotion, and so he does not politely end the call as he would have done otherwise.

His house has now a new facade. He also wishes for an orchard tree which I have put close to where the postie is headed a few seconds after I took this picture.

Pablo returns from work with colleague Edwin Sharpe in town. We have not seen Edwin in a while - I have always had a bit of soft spot for him and think he is underrated.

The two men eat together; it does not seem to bother them that this morning's breakfast bowl is still on the table. Maybe the pretty tulips make up for it! Pablo asks about Edwin's family situation and tells him that he, so far, has not met a lady he wishes to get engaged to or marry.

Pablo has the weekend off and is looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday morning. He does not expect Trisha Traveller's surprise visit and wakes up by her ringing the doorbell. Of course he politely greets her, but when he retreats to the bathroom for a shower, Trisha takes the hint and leaves.

The newly planted orange tree is not too happy about the low temperatures and last snow flakes to fall on this spring day, but Pablo makes sure to at least look after it properly by tending it as necessary.

He spends the rest of Saturday talking on the phone to old and new friends (he now only needs two more), sitting in the sauna for a while and then indulging in his hobby since from when he was still at college - playing the synthesizer.

Sundays are, if possible, family days for my Sims. Pablo invites his twin brother Prezioso and older sister Paola over, along with their spouses (Prezioso's wife is Lilo Landgraab) or partners (Garrett Newson is Paola's boyfriend).

Later, friend Charlie Cho comes visiting on his own initiative. Doesn't he look as if he has forgotten something and tries hard to remember? Maybe it is "What did I come here for...?"

Maybe he came here for the hamburgers Pablo serves for dinner. It is the kind of lively meal Pablo enjoys and has been missing all week, what with being so busy at work and all that.

This was a quick, fun round. I did send Pablo to the telescope almost every night, but nothing happened. Also, there is currently no romance for him on the horizon, but who knows what will happen in the future!


  1. love the sims 2, i use a cheat so my sims dont need friends for promotion, going to look at some older posts now

    1. Hello Anonymous, and welcome to New Maximiliania :-)
      I have much more fun when my Sims have to work for their friends, money and promotion; in fact I think they earn money far too easily, especially if there is more than one adult working in a household.

  2. I'm loving the black and white theme of Pablo's home, it's perfect for a bachelor boy isn't it?
    Looks like a great week for Pablo with work and friends, and I agree, Edwin Sharpe is a great Sim. (One of these days I'll get back to my game!).

    1. I'd love reading an update from you!
      Yes, I liked sticking to the black and white theme when I was furnishing and decorating Pablo's home. His bathroom is the exception with blues and greens and teal.

  3. Hey! I would like to ditto twoyys on the house deco. I really liked it and also thought bachelor pad. I dont know Edwin Sharp but the name is familiar. Isnt he a uni guy?

    1. Yes, Edwin starts out as a playable student sharing a house with his older sister Roxie and her boyfriend Jonah Powers. He has an ugly hairstyle to begin with, and a few extra pounds, but when you change his looks and get to know him, he develops real charm :-)


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