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Friday, 27 February 2015

The Sims 4 - The Roomies: Week 1

The Roomies are exactly what the name implies: four people sharing a house, not unlike Summer Holiday, Travis Scott and Liberty Lee.
This is their spacious house in Oasis Springs:

And here are the four Roomies, from left to right: Mitchell Kalani, J. Huntington III, Zoe Patel and Gavin Richards.

Mitchell (left) wants to be a Joke Star. Fat chance with his current job as Assistant Dishwasher! Gavin (right) is an aspiring Bestselling Author who currently works as Blogger.

J. Huntington III values nothing more than physical fitness and dreams of being a Bodybuilder. Maybe he should change careers; I can't see working in Quality Assurance being of much use there.

Zoe is the only one of the quartet who does not have a job at the start of the game. Like Summer Holiday, she sees herself as a future Friend of the World and will do anything to make and maintain friendships.
It is now Monday morning, and Zoe has just gone out to greet Geoffrey Landgraab.

Later, she has salad and a drink for lunch. This is something I like about TS4: A Sim can have a meal with a drink, or just a meal, or a drink only - the possibilities of doing things simultaneously are far greater than they were in TS2.

After work, J. goes jogging. (I wish I knew what "J" stands for - it's a shame that no proper name was given to this Sim!)

Gavin spends the hours before bedtime writing.

Turesday morning sees Zoe first washing up the dishes from last night's dinner...

...and then preparing breakfast. One of her characteristics is "clumsy", and it shows in some activities: she clangs the dishes about and spills a lot when stirring the mixing bowl.

Mitchell meets and greets Katrina Caliente.

I have him quit his job as Assistant Dishwasher and start in the Entertainment career instead: He now is an Amateur Entertainer. In TS4, Sims can find jobs on the computer or the phone.

On Wednesday, all four Roomies have breakfast together.

Zoe spends the day alone at home again, but she does not stay alone for long: Whenever another playable Sim walks past, I send her out to greet them. Here are Don Lothario...

...and Summer Holiday. The two ladies have similar interests and views and get along very well.

Tonight, Gavin prefers reading instead of writing. An aspiring Bestselling Author should do both, he knows.

On Thursday, Mitchell meets the Landgraabs.

Meanwhile, J., Zoe and Gavin enjoy a lazy late breakfast on the settee.

Unfortunately, the computer breaks, slowing down Gavin's progress as a writer a little bit. The computer is quickly replaced (not repaired - there is enough money to the household, and nobody is in need of handiness skill), and Gavin can keep writing.

On Friday morning, Mitchell decides to have a liquid breakfast only.

Today, Summer Holiday has come over again, followed by Carley Hillmann. Carley is a non-playable but shows in Gavin's relationship panel as his romantic interest, and in Mitchell's as enemy. I wonder what the story is behind that!

Saturday sees Zoe using the computer for the first time. She loves to socially interact with other Sims, and so chatting online and setting up a social network profile with followers is the right thing for her.

Gavin and Carley spend time together, but Gavin does not show any flirty wants for her.

Out in the back yard, Mitchell entertains Zoe and Summer with the comedy routines he has written.

Meanwhile, J. decides to visit the gym.

There, he meets Don Lothario and Eliza Pancakes.

He shows the want to chat with Eliza, and I watch them for a while.

Sunday morning starts harmless enough: three of the four Roomies meet in the kitchen, all intent on making breakfast. Clumsy Zoe is at the stove.

So far, so good.

But then, a fire breaks out - the first one I witness in TS4! I lean back and watch.

Without me telling him to, J. drops what he was doing, grabs a fire extinguisher and sets to work on saving Zoe's life.

It does look pretty scary, and for a while, I don't know where it is going to lead.
 Scary indeed!

But finally...

...the flames die under J.'s vigorous attack, and all Zoe needs is a shower and something to eat.

By the afternoon, she even feels well enough again to go for a run.

So this was my first fire!
It took me pretty long to finish the week at this household, and I must admit I wasn't too keen on playing the Roomies. Their house is not my favourite, and I wasn't overly interested in their lives. Maybe I've already had enough of TS4 for a while. Well, the next household to play will be a family of three generations, so maybe I'll enjoy that more.


  1. I can see by the entry it was not your favourite. How many houses to you have left to play? Then back to TS2

    1. Just two, peachy: the Spencer-Kim-Lewis family (3 generations) and one single Sim household.

  2. so it won't be long until you can play ts2 and i wonder why they can't do everything that you have played in ts4 lol

    1. It'll still be a while before I'll get to play TS2 again - first, I must clean up New Max and make sure the graphics bugs are sorted, but I do hope everything will be alright!

  3. I hadn't realised you were having issues with New Max. I hope you can get them sorted out and that you enjoy the last two TS4 families a bit more than you enjoyed this one! Some families just don't click for us, for whatever reason. :)

    1. Yes, it's strange sometimes, isn't it!
      New Max as such isn't a problem (I hope), but I have experienced graphics bugs in neighbourhood view (lots overlaying each other) and towards the end of the round, they were visible on the lots, too (not just in neighbourhood view). Each time I bulldozed one of the overlaying lots, the game took forever to do that and then after some minutes simply stopped working. When I force-ended it and got it back up, the bugged lot was gone, so I hope once I've cleaned it all up it will run OK again.

  4. I enjoyed the round and while I've seen that house before I've never played it.
    I do find it interesting that some Sims 4 sims are pre-programmed to like or hate each other although I've not seen any fight like say if you put a Capp or a Monty in the same room. :D

    I do like the way Sims can eat, drink, watch tv or talk whilst eating but it does bug me that they don't all sit together when eating like a normal family would. :D

    I like the fact they can work out and make friends at the same time though. The Roomies seem like a nice bunch to play.

    I'm back with TS2 for now but will get around to TS4 again as I did quite like it. I do hope you can get New Max back up and running. I know you aren't a fan of custom content but you may be interested in the LotDebugger from MATY which is designed to help clean up bugs such as corrupted memories, invisible sims, clearing gossip and unnecessary memories (such as 'met so and so') as well as a host of other things, which might help you. I have it if you'd like it just let me know and I can mail it to you.

    1. Thanks for the offer, that sounds like it could really be helpful. So, yes, please, send me the LotDebugger.
      Meals in TS4 often go a bit different from what we expect, don't they? But the multitasking abilities are great.
      Looking forward to reading new TS2 stories in your blog!


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