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Friday, 13 February 2015

The Sims 4: The Purdue Family - Week 1

Siblings (twins?) Cassidy and Ollie Purdue...

...share this house on the bank of the river in Willow Creek:

I think they are supposed to be twins. Their genealogy shows them as brother and sister, and they are exactly the same age (young adults, of course - what did you think?).
Cassidy has the Musical Genius aspiration, and her brother wants to be Painter Extraordinaire - two creative young minds.

So, on their first day in Willow Creek, Ollie paints...
 (His first painting. An interesting take on the ongoing Llama theme in the Sims-games.)

...and Cassidy practises on her guitar..

(Ollie's second painting. This reminds me of some of the creatures in "Spore", a game Will Wright - the creator of The Sims - introduced in 2005 or 6.)

On Tuesday, Cassidy welcomes Nancy Landgraab.

Ollie's paintings of the day include this yellow-orange abstract work...
 ...another Llama...
 ...a rather intense portrait...
 ...and this fairy in blue.

The game crashed on me, so it is daylight again here but still Tuesday, when Ollie paints this abstract landscape, which I rather like:

Cassidy talks to Vivian Lewis and Nancy Landgraab when they happen to walk by.

This dark blue skyline will look good in Ollie's bedroom.

Cassidy shows the wish to earn 50 Simoleons in tips. So I have her take her guitar outside and play on the small stretch of land between their house and the next, where many Sims walk by. However, this bit does not count as "public", so nobody stops to give her a tip.

Meanwhile, Ollie paints his first Impressionist painting:

In order for Cassidy to fulfill her tips-wish, I have her travel to the "Blue Velvet".

She meets several Sims we already know there, such as Travis Scott (right)...

...and Summer Holiday in a pretty pale blue outfit I've not seen on her before.

Hard to believe, but this girl in pink is Liberty Lee - looking very different from her day-to-day outfit!

It is Wednesday early morning when Ollie is up and at his easel again. 

Today, he finishes his first "Realism" painting: a piece of watermelon. Different styles of paintings become available as a Sim increases his skill, and each style offers a small, medium or large painting. There is a certain cost for the material, but when the painting is good or excellent, it can be sold for much more than the initial cost.

When a Sim enters the "Confident" mood, they can paint something otherwise not available for them. Here, Ollie first produces a singer...

...then a kitten...

...and then some... umm... splashes.

Meanwhile, Cassidy goes to the "Solar Flare", a lounge in the other part of the neighbourhood.

While an unknown townie is telling jokes at the mic (or maybe she is reciting poetry, I really can't tell), Cassidy hits the strings.

After a while, she switches to her own guitar (she brought it along in her inventory), and someone else takes her place at the lounge's own guitar. 

She soon has an appreciative audience and gets all the tips she wanted.

Thursday is rather boring with Cassidy practising...

...and Ollie painting.

After having finished another Confident painting, Ollie takes a break and chats to Giulianna Riley and Alexander Goth.
After a while, Giulianna leaves, and Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis joins the small group. She is easily bored, though, and does not stay long. I wonder what she will be like to play when I get round to her family.

Ollie goes back to his easel.

The first painting he produces on Friday morning is this beautiful soft pastel.

For a change, brother and sister have breakfast together.

Later, they travel to the Museum, where Ollie wants to look at some paintings (a wish of his).

He admires the old masters.

Cassidy is not that interested in the museum's exhibits and stays in the garden, playing her guitar for tips.

The museum has a self-service bar where Ollie gets a drink.

Cassidy meets Summer Holiday on the way to the toilet.

Back home, Ollie has to deal with the broken sink in the kitchen/dining area...

...and is still cleaning up the mess when his sister prepares their dinner.

This beautiful ship is Ollie's first painting on Saturday morning...

...followed by another work in soft pastels.

The siblings visit the Lounge together today.

While Cassidy plays for her growing audience...

...her brother has an animated conversation with a townie by the name of Georgia Valentine.

Later, he has a drink at the bar.

Ollie surprises me on Sunday morning by wishing to play the guitar. I indulge his wish briefly, but he should focus on painting really.

 "We've had a good week so far, haven't we," Cassidy says to her brother.

All of a sudden, the siblings can't cook anymore. Whenever I click on the fridge or the stove to have them prepare a meal, the amount of Simoleons is taken from their account, but they can't do anything. Hoping this will fix the bug, I replace the cheap kitchen equipment with a new fridge in cheerful red and a better stove.

The problem persists, however. All that is possible for them is to have "quick meals" from the fridge, such as crisps, yoghurt, cereal, orange juice or milk. Maybe they will have to move house next round.

Sunday evening ends with Ollie having to repair the toilet and the sink.

It was interesting to play two Sims so focused on something specific in their lives. Ollie's paintings were always a surprise, and Cassidy learnt new songs all the time.


  1. oh dear sims 4 already going wrong that's not good. It seems that these two were very uneventful all painting and playing music most of the time.

    1. They were indeed, peachy. But it still wasn't as boring as my account makes it appear, because it was always interesting to see what painting Ollie was going to produce next, and what son Cassidy would learn to play next.
      The frequent crashes I used to experience at the beginning have stopped since I've toned down some of the graphics options in the game. But this is the second lot with a bug - first, the homework bug for Malcolm Landgraab, and then the fridge bug here.

  2. The Purdue's seem like a nice creative family. I love seeing all the different paintings in the game. I really like the second lounge, it's handy for playing in public or working as a mixologist. :)

    How annoying for you to be experiencing crashing and bugs with this game. I didn't get any crashes when I first played it at all. Perhaps since the 'pool' patch things have gone downhill? I still don't have it back on my pc yet. :D

    One bug I do know about it that if you let a Sims' inventory get too big then they can't move out or get married without the game crashing.

    1. Maybe you remember how, in one of my Sims2-households, I observed one Sim (was it Max Flexor?) for "hours" while he was looking through the telescope, just because I wanted to see all that would come up? And sometimes I've done similar things with the surgery career reward to see what my Sims pulled out of the dummy patient, or I have them salvage the trash can to see what they find.
      Following Ollie's progress with painting was along those lines - only with a lot more variety :-)

      So far, none of my TS4-Sims has very much in their inventories, but thanks for the warning!

  3. The cooking bug is annoying. I've had it pop up a few times. If you restart your computer, it fixes things. No idea why but someone suggested it to me and it does work. That's the only bug I've really had so far. The game has crashed twice I think but otherwise it's working fine.

    I've been playing around with an ISBI just to see what the sims will do on their own. It's been interesting watching a sim get energized and suddenly decide they like to jog or work out. Trying to figure out how to get the sims to do what I want without controlling them has been a challenge...that's I'm pretty much losing. Oh well. I didn't understand TS2 when I started playing that either.

    1. What is ISBI?
      So far, I am still pretty much controlling my Sims in TS4, trying to fulfill their wishes and work on their milestones. But I can already see that they appear to be quite good at taking care of themselves as opposed to some of our friends in TS2 :-)


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