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Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Sims 4: The Pancakes Family - Week 1

A surname we have certainly not encountered in any of the previous Sims games is Pancakes. In TS4, the Pancakes live in this pretty house (the larger of the two) in Willow Creek:

Here are the Pancakes, Bob and Eliza:
Bob wants to be a Master Chef and currently works as a Caterer. He has a gloomy streak and can be something of a slob and a loner. Eliza's aspiration is more materialistic; she dreams of being "Mansion Baron". At the moment, she does not have a job. She is a neat perfectionist. Sounds like a set-up that could be quite interesting!

On Monday, Eliza discovers the woodwork bench on the front balcony and decides to make a knifeblock for her hubby.

Nathan Snodgrass, whom we have already met as one of the Landgraabs' friends, comes visiting.

He is later followed by Bella Goth.

As a perfectionist, Eliza often shows the wish to make something of excellent quality, so I have her paint and craft a lot. Most of the time, though, the results are "good" and not excellent - she needs to build her skills some moe.

 It is Tuesday morning, and Bob and Eliza have breakfast together.

A good way for Bob to advance his cooking skills is watching the cooking channel. So far, nearly everything I have seen on the telly in TS4 is something from TS3.

So that he can use some fresh produce for his meals, I have Bob harvest wild strawberries and onions in the near neigbhourhood.

Eliza wants to meet someone new and fulfills that wish by greeting Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis.

Yesterday it was his wife, today it is Mortimer Goth who pays the Pancakes a visit.

That evening, Eliza wants to "try for baby" with Bob. Her wish is granted :-)

On Wednesday, Maxwell Esparza is the first of several friends to knock on the Pancakes' front door in the course of the day.

Bob brews chamomile tea on his own accord.

Eliza has just taken a pregnancy test - guess what the result was!

Bob is full of love for his sweet wife.

On the upper floor of the house, there are two bedrooms. This one is not very nice, and the couple never use it. With Eliza expecting, I decide to turn it into a nursery.

Early on Thursday morning, Eliza wakes up very hungry. Good job there are nearly always some leftovers from the many excellent meals Bob keeps preparing.

Eliza's skills have improved since the beginning of the week, and she can now make a bar stool at her woodworking bench.

When Bob wakes up hours after his wife, he wants to make chocolate chip cookies.

He heads off to work in the evening. So far, his gloomy streak has showed a few times, but it wasn't difficult to lift his mood.

Friday morning sees a relaxed Bob hanging out with a townie friend on the front porch.

Meanwhile, Eliza is cleaning one of the two bathrooms upstairs. As a neat freak, she derives pleasure from that activity.

Her pregnancy is VERY obvious now. Different to TS2, in TS4 the ladies do not change into maternity wear. I don't remember what it was like in TS3, because I only ever played one pregnancy in that game.

Eliza's handiness comes in handy when the kitchen sink breaks.

It is Saturday morning, and husband and wife enjoy a cheerful breakfast together.

Eliza feels a lot less cheerful a bit later when she has bladder failure - the first time I witness this in TS4.

She has gone into labour...

...and shortly after 8.00 pm on that Saturday evening, little Paula Pancakes is born!

Her nursery has a green colour theme, since it seems to be Eliza's favourite colour. (There aren't any such things as favourite colours in the game, not like in TS3. I just pretend it is so, because of the green top Eliza is wearing.) The bunny painting is by Eliza - she painted it when she was in a playful mood.

Bob comes home to happy news, bringing some happy news on his own: He has been promoted to Mixologist.

Sunday is spent looking after baby Paula and fulfilling many wishes about each other for Eliza and Bob. Nothing remarkable happens that day.

This couple was much nicer to play than the Landgraabs. I really like them - they are cute together, and seem to make good parents for their daughter.
Four more households to go until it will be time for me to get back to New Maximiliania!


  1. I'm enjoying your trip through TS4 and it's families! The Pancakes' seem like a nice family. I like that they aren't really compatible but get along anyway. :D

    I do love the 'mood' paintings. I hadn't seen the Bunny one before. :D

    I'm still having some issues but hope to get my Sims2 and 4 back on the pc really soon. :)

    1. Right now I am playing the Purdues, and Ollie Purdue wants nothing but paint, paint, paint all day - so I am getting to see a lot more paintings in TS4, "mood" and normal ones :-)

  2. yeah the pancakes seem polar opposites but get on really well. Glad to hear Twoyys4me missed your posts.

    1. They are so sweet with each other! Sometimes opposites work very well - I see that in real life a lot, too.

  3. Nice story Meks, so have you heard with the upcoming expansion pack of The Sims 4 and its entitled The Sims 4: Get to Work?

    1. Thanks! No, I've not heard of the "Work" EP for TS4, only of the one that's already out, about camping or something. I won't buy that one since I am not that much of a camping/outdoors fan (I like my luxuries!).

  4. Bob looks quite handsome in the shirt and tie, I have to say! A bit of a change from the robe I've seen him wearing in every other picture, lol.

    Can't wait to see who Paula looks like when she grows up!

    1. I like them both - they look so "normal", like most people do in real life; neither of them is ever going to win a beauty contest, but they are both pleasant to look at and sweet as a family.

  5. How sweet. I like the couple but Eliza's aspiration is annoying. Then again, I've found that most of them are.

    1. So far, Eliza's aspiration has not featured much; I have many of her day-to-day wishes fulfilled but not really worked properly on her milestones.


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