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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Thomas-Bubbler-Household: Week 5

(For week 4, click here.) 

The Bubbler-Thomas or Thomas-Bubbler household is at the beginning of their next week in New Maximiliania. Sam Thomas has already reached her LTW of becoming General some time ago, while Ty Bubbler still has his work cut out for him: he dreams of owning five top level businesses, and so far has managed two.

On Monday morning, the couple have breakfast together and plan their week ahead.

It's going to be a very busy week, but they both know that some recreational time is also very important. Therefore, after finishing breakfast, clearing the table and washing the dishes together, they build a snowman in the front yard.

Ty sells his community lot shop, "Bubbler's Bubbles" (he had been selling party balloons and bubble blowers there), since it had reached rank 10 at the end of last week. He is now ready to set up another home business.

This time, it is not "Bubbler's Bubbly" (his first home business was selling champagne and wedding cakes) but "Bubbler's Blossoms", selling plants and flowers.

On its opening day, "Bubbler's Blossoms" reaches rank 1. The customers you can see here are Ellen Frost and Jill Smith.

Melody Tinker is actually the one to be responsible for rank 1.

At 6.00 pm on that day, first Ty turns into an Elder...

...and then Sam. They used to be a firm 3-bolt-couple, but with elderhood, they went back to two bolts for each other.

On Tuesday, the shop quickly rises through ranks 2, 3 and 4. (The lady in the background with the curious facial expression is Alex O'Mackey.)

Ty gets a "best of the best" award and proudly displays it on the counter.

On Wednesday, Sam tries to revive their old 3-bolt-attraction by changing her hair colour. Unfortunately, no "real" brown hair is available to her, only this "custom" hair (although I do not have any custom content in my game!), and it does not alter the 2-bolt-status.

The shop reaches rank 5.

Now that Sam and Ty are both elders, they do not have the same nearly endless energy as before. But they do have plenty of money, and so it is decided that they get to hire a gardener on a regular basis, and call the repair service whenever anything needs fixing.

This allows them to spend more time looking after the shop and their customers, and they are rewarded with rank 6.

On Thursday, not one, not two, but THREE customers looking around cluelessly are at the shop at the same time! Ty can hardly keep up with things, but he just about manages to help them all find what they were looking for, and the shop reaches rank 7.

On Friday, the cleaner arrives for his first working day. His help around the house is much appreciated (and he is generiously tipped), and allows Sam and Ty to raise their flower thop to rank 8.

On Saturday, ringing up Almeric Davis' purchases gets the shop to rank 9.

By now, Ty and Sam have established a new routine: they now take turns. One of them usually sleeps, has a bath and eats before relieving the other one at the cash register. Only when the shelves are almost empty do they close the shop for a few hours and restock.

By Sunday night, only 7 stars are missing for rank 10. The two busy shop keepers are now 60, and I am confident that "Bubbler's Blossoms" will reach top level on the Monday of their next week.


  1. I like the ideas that you've come up with for businesses so far for Ty. Almost rank 10 is great going in just a week.
    I wish EA had made more 'custom' hair- it's only a few styles and colours but nice for a change. I've never played Sam but she looks like a nice sim. :)

    1. It was very tempting to keep on playing into the next week to reach rank 10 :-)
      Yes, most of the custom hair is quite awful, and I only use it when it is another Sim's turn-on and I want to increase chemistry between the two of them.

  2. Great job with the shop! Almost level 10 in just one week is amazing!


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