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Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Swain-Moonbeam Family: Week 5

(Click here to read week 4)

The 5th week at the Moonbeam-Swain household starts in the middle of winter with lots of snow.
Erik Swain, his half-Alien son Sirius Swain and the twins Melrose and Myra Moonbeam have breakfast together before the kids are all of to school. (Melrose and Myra were born before their mother, Blossom Moonbeam, married their father, and therefore still carry that surname.)
Here's Blossom, browsing the web. She and Erik share the LTW of having six grandchildren; three children is not a bad start.
On Monday, Pablo Picaso (one of Jessica and Matthew Picaso's children) comes home from school with the twins.

Later, when Sirius gets off the schoolbus, he is accompanied by one of his many half-siblings: Deirdre Dreamer (Dirk Dreamer's half-Alien daughter).

At 6.00 pm Erik...

...turns into an Elder.

Blossom follows suit shortly afterwards.

On Tuesday, Charlie Cho is the teenagers' guest for the afternoon. He is the son of Etsu Cho and Hal Capp.

Sirius does not bring home a friend - but his first A+ report!

Melrose has the flu and spends almost all afternoon and evening in bed, reading and resting.

On Wednesday, Prezioso Picaso...

...Lee Broke... (half-Alien son of Dustin Broke)

...and Perseida Powers (half-Alien daughter of Jonah Powers) keep the Moonbeam-Swain-children company.

Sirius and Perseida did this on their own accord! They are half-siblings, after all.

With so many children and teenagers in the house, Blossom and Erik decide to take their spaghetti plates into the living room and leave the dining table to the youngsters.

On Thursday, Paola Picaso is the classmate who comes home with the twins. Isn't she a bit young to be thinking of marriage already?

On Friday, Melrose and Myra leave for college. Strictly speaking, they do not need college for their LTWs, or for that of their parents, but it will give them more opportunities to meet potential partners and a kick-start to their careers.

Isabella Indie and Wilma Williamson are still there when...

...Sirius grows into a teenager! I did not choose his new hairstyle; he age-transitioned into it. The lot decided on him to be Romance Sim with the LTW of becoming Celebrity Chef. Also, he will want to help his parents with their 6-grandchildren-LTW, which means he will probably have two children himself, just like what I have in mind for both his siblings.

Erik and Blossom are as much in love with each other as always, since their college days.

On Saturday morning, our aspiring Celebrity Chef makes a humble start at his LTW by preparing himself a bowl of cereals. So far, he had never shown any interest in cooking, and has no cooking skill.

The parents seem to be missing the twins, now that they have left for college. Blossom rests on Melrose's bed, and Erik is reminiscing the good old days when Myra was a little girl and drew the pictures that are on the wall.

How are the twins settling in at college? Is Sirius going to keep working on his cooking skill? Will Erik and Blossom live long enough to welcome six grandchildren?


  1. I like the pairing of Erik & Blossom, their kids are growing up well and hopefully will grant them their '6 grandchildren' wishes! :)

    1. It would be a first in my game!
      I like them, too; they are a nice family to play, and unlike many of the bigger apartment lots, theirs is not bugged. It is just the right size for them, too.

  2. Let's hope Erik and Blossom lived long enough to see 6 grandchildren!

    1. It's been so long since I have played them that right now I can not remember!


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