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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Summerdream Family: Week 4

At the moment, only two people and one dog live at the Summerdream house:



...and Cyan, the formerly stray wolf that was adopted for Puck's sake, to help with his lifetime want. Puck has long since moved first to college and then, after graduation, in with Angela Pleasant, but Cyan is still here.

On this Monday, Bottom returns from college. She has graduated Cum Laude in Biology and now wants to become The Law. How helpful her degree in Biology will be in that, I don't know :-)

She is quickly joined by her college sweetheart Björn Beaker, one of Loki Beaker's half-Alien children. Björn has graduated Cum Laude in Economy and is going to try and be a Space Pirate (suits him, somehow, seeing that he has an Alien father).
Oberon, who is an aspiring Education Minister, is promoted to College Dean of Students.

To celebrate his promotion, Bottom's return from college and Björn joining the family, the Summerdreams have a lavish dinner of turkey.

Bottom's bedroom has undergone a make-over; the girly look she loved as a teenager has made way to a double bed and a college souvenir (the purple pitcher on the windowsill was made by Silvia Singles).

Early on Tuesday morning, Titania makes a big catch in the garden pond.

Neither Bottom nor Björn have been lucky with jobs so far.

Oberon wants to know what Björn's Alien father is like. "He's never met him, Dad, you should know that!" Bottom says.

The Hydrobot breaks once again.

On Wednesday, Bottom harvests the plants from the rack.

Titania flies the kite.

Björn is making himself useful and tunes the piano, while Cyan keeps a close watch on whoever may approach the house.

On Thursday, Puck comes visiting on his own accord. Bottom is happy to see her brother!

Titania and Björn become friends over a game of kicky bag on the back porch.

And once again, Titania makes best friends with Tina Traveller - I thought they already were (at least she's on the list), but maybe their friendship suffered from lack of phone conversations or something.

On Friday, Bottom lands a job as Legal Secretary. She is promoted TWICE that same day (you know how it works; you send your Sim back to work as soon as they return home), first to Legal Biller and then to Paralegal. That more than makes up for her having had to wait so long until a position in the legal career was available!

Similarly, Björn finds a job as Deep Sea Excavator that day, and is promoted to Relic Liberator before the day is over.

Titania meets and greets Goneril Capp.

It is Oberon's birthday on Saturday, and he invites his friends over as well as his son Puck and his sweetheart Angela. Cyd Roseland brings a birthday present. (Of course it was the other way round, Oberon made a present of something from his inventory to Cyd and to several others of his friends, but I liked the idea of him actually getting some birthday prezzies.)

The candles on the cake are lit...

...everyone gathers round...

...and here we have Oberon as an Elder! Suits him, doesn't it?

It is Sunday morning, and a wintery chill has set in, causing Oberon to light a fire in the living room.

Cyan is now an elderly dog.

Oberon is lucky with a chance card and gets promoted to Education Minister - that's him having achieved his LTW at 55 years, and now he'll be treated as a non-playable Sim.

It's Titania's birthday today, and her friends arrive just as Bottom gets back from work.

Take one last look at Titania before she'll become an elderly lady.

Of course, Puck and Angela (you can easily spot them, can't you, both of them being redheads) have come to the party, too.

She is still wearing her original full-face make-up (I am considering getting rid of it), but her clothes are OK, I guess. And now that Titania is an Elder, she wants to get married! (Oberon didn't show that want after his birthday.)

The week ends with Björn returning from work as a Dread Pirate. I think that's pretty close to being a Space Pirate. Won't be long before he'll reach his LTW, I suppose. 
Titania has not been doing that well regarding her LTW of having 20 best friends; at the moment, she is somewhere around 16 or 17. It keeps changing; some of her older friends have died, and she is always so busy around the house and garden that she does not dedicate as much time to her friendships as she should. 

Will Oberon and Titania finally get married? And what about Bottom and Björn?


  1. Great round. I love Cyan the guard dog watching out of the window!
    Titania and Oberon suit being elders- they are still busy having babies in my game! I keep the face paint on all the family as I think it suits their fun personalities.
    Nice to see Bottom home and with Bjorn too- will they add to the family?

    1. I just have an active dislike for face paint, in real life as much as in the game ;-) Titania is the only one I left as she was, only changing her hair colour to suit Oberon's turn-ons.

      Neither Bottom nor Björn need children for their LTW, and their parents don't need grandchildren for their LTWs, either. Therefore I don't think they'll have a baby. But - never say never :-)

  2. Oberon and Titania look good as elders! And congrutaltions to the younger generation for their good work progress

    1. Thank you! They are a nice couple to play, and I really like their house.


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