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Friday, 13 April 2018

Sarah Love: Week 5

Sarah Love, last played in 2015 (simply click on the label "Love" if you wish to read her Week 4), still lives in a rented flat at this luxurious apartment building. She moved here straight after graduating from uni and has followed her chosen career path successfully, becoming Captain Hero 12 days before Elderhood.

On this Monday morning, she is unwell and should actually go back to bed.
But she is never too sick to take care of her wombrat, who is her only permanent companion.
During the times I have been playing the other tenants at this house, Sarah and the landlord struck up a friendship. When she goes outside to leave the envelope with her weekly rent in the mail box, she bumps into him, and the two of them autonomously fall in love.
Usually, I like it when my Sims choose their loves on their own accord, but this time, nothing will come of it, as the landlord is not eligible to become a "proper" resident of New Maximiliania. Sorry, Sarah!
In spite of her illness, she flies to work later that day. Nothing can stop a Captain Hero!
After work, she has a nap, and when she wakes up a few hours later...
...she turns into an elderly lady.
That means she can now move to the Senior Residence. When she arrives there, it would actually be her Tuesday, but it is Monday at the SR. So I'll be playing her only until Saturday instead of Sunday, since she's already had one day at her previous place.
The other residents here are Gordon Greenman, who is 66 years old...
...and Ripp Grunt, who is one year younger than Gordon.

The two men are happy to have a new companion, and over a first game of poker they tell Sarah that she'll see, Elderhood can really be a good time in one's life here.
As has been happening nearly every day of his working life so far, Gordon is once again accompanied home by colleague Tammy, a townie turned into a vampire who flees the scene as soon as she gets off the car.
Early on Tuesday morning, Ripp decides it is time for a really good, substantial breakfast, and prepares pork chops for everyone.
After breakfast, the three of them remain at the dining table for a while, quietly talking and thinking their own thoughts.
Later, Sarah does a bit of housework on her own accord, such as collecting the old newspaper from the front door.
On Wednesday, Gordon greets Zoe Zimmerman as she passes by. She would definitely be old enough to live here, too, but her partner, Guy Wrightley, is not yet an Elder, and therefore she'll stay put for now.
But I have another pair of elderly Sims join the three at the SR: William and Klara Williamson. They are both 75 years old and have been living alone since their daughter Wilma left for college. You can find the last week I played at their house here.
Both of them have been on Permanent Platinum for a long time, and so they can pretty much do as they please now. A first meal with Sarah and Ripp (both in their pjs - I think they should have made a bit more of an effort to welcome their new co-residents) serves to get acquainted.
Ripp would love to have one of his many former girlfriends move in with him, and he invites Ophelia Nigmos over. She hugs him and thanks him for the invitation: "You're a darling to suggest that, Ripp, but you know I still have my three dogs to look after. They and I have been living at old aunty Olive's house for so long, I don't want to upset them by moving them here. But as we live just across the road from each other, I can always pop over, right?"
Passers-by Cedric Stacks (son of Julien Cooke and husband of Helena Stacks, daughter of Jane Stacks and Matthew Hart) is kindly asked to help with the gardening. Klara does not need to be asked, she joins in on her own accord.
The same night, Gordon comes home from work and finds that someone is already expecting him: "Oh hello Mr. Reaper... I thought I'd be around for a little longer..." Gordon was only 69.
It is Thusday when Sarah Love meets and greets first Ginger Newson...
...and then Gunnar Roque.
Klara makes omelettes for residents and visitors alike.
Summer is definitely here on Friday, and I have change everyone into more suitable outfits.
Central Park West looks more autumnal, but that's only the trees; it is still a warm and sunny afternoon when the group arrive there.
Sarah is still in her work outfit and Ripp has clearly forgotten to change out of his pjs.
Back home, both Williamsons die at the age of 77. I am sorry they did not get to see their daughter again. I really loved playing them at their former home, but somehow did not feel so attached to them anymore here.
Saturday is the last day of this week for Sarah. It starts with Ripp cleaning Blacky's cage. The wombrat is always the object of affection and care and may well be living forever!
Guy and Zoe come visiting. They will probably move here once Guy is old enough.
Castanea Landgraab has also come for a visit. She did not know Ripp before, but I find out the two of them have three bolts for each other. Castanea is a widow, and Ripp is currently unattached, but she is still too young to move here.
I find it rather nice that they retreat to one of the apartments on their own accord, sitting down at the table to talk, instead of playing endless rounds of poker.
Ripp and Sarah are now the only remaining residents here, with Ripp being 71 and Sarah 60. Who is going to join them?

All week, I was hoping for Sarah to finally meet her "relative", townie Christian Love. The two do not know each other (yet), and none of the other residents knew him, so I could not have anyone invite him over, either. Will they ever meet?

- - -

Something about real life: I am going to hospital today for four days to have an eye operation. Afterwards, for about 2 weeks I won't be allowed to work or do sports, and I really don't know when I will next be able to / allowed to go online to read your blogs, to email or to play my Sims (see my other blog for more info). But rest assured I'll be back!


  1. Shame she didn't meet Christian Love, he is always walking past my sims houses. I hope your eye gets a good rest and don't get to bored with nothing to do.

    1. hello peachy thanks for commenting I'm fine but my eyes still do not allow me to play the Sims or read and write much . in fact I am not typing this reply but dictating my iPad very convenient !

  2. Liebe Meks, alles Gute wünsche ich dir, erhol dich bitte ausreichend.
    Was für eine schöne Überraschung heute! Das war eine ereignisreiche Woche in der Seniorenresidenz. Den Moment auf dem letzten Bild finde ich toll, danke :)

    1. hallo Sabine! Vielen Dank! Seit zwei Tagen bin ich zu Hause, die OP lief gut, aber bis ich wieder spielen kann, wird es noch dauern . für diesen Kommentar nutze ich gerade die Sprachfunktion vom iPad, echt praktisch! Ich freue mich immer, wenn meine Sims die Einrichtungen der Seniorenresidenz Selb ständig nutzen. So war es auch bei dieser letzten Szene.

  3. i've been waiting for this! and i liked it!

    it's a shame the williamsson's died at only 77.but at least wilma has her alien siblings.

    i hope you do well after your eye operation :)

    1. thank you! Vilma won't be lonely when she returns from University as you say she has many half siblings. It was fun to play this week but I don't know when I will next have the chance. The operation went well but I still cannot really use my left eye. Which is why I am not typing this comment but using speech input on my iPad

  4. Great round, I'm glad Sarah isn't alone anymore and hopefully she'll bump into Christian one day soon!
    Best of luck with your eye op, I'll be thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery, xx

    1. thank you Karen! Yes it was a fun round to play but I was really disappointed that Sarah never met Christian. The operation went well and my doctor is happy with my progress but now I need a lot of patience ...

  5. Hey there! Long time I know, but I've been popping in and out. Thats so funny , we've talked about Sarah and Christian being related before - you just cant seem to get them together haha. i cheated it so when I attempted to start to play out my "new" hood creation to start blogging but then I started getting some watchdog error that evidently is common in windows 8 - and so my laptop is gone too now... :( oh well - Im working on it sorry to hear about your eye? or Hope your recovery is speedy! as always - love your stories talk soon...

    1. hello there lovely to hear from you! My eyes are getting better every day after the operation but it is still early days and I will need more patience . good job my iPad has speech input, as I still find typing rather difficult. Sorry to hear you've had computer trouble, I hope you can now play The Sims again without a problem.

  6. I have been playing but just playing around - not in my true town to be - i have another lap top i didnt like very much but not somehow i do - imagine that haha. but i missed playing so much that im just in and out of households playing i made only one blog entry and its an intro only but i do have my other lap top back and i have to reinstall everything - the watchdog turned into a factory reset so... thats that.

    1. Another reinstall? I hope it goes well, and you'll get into playing your new hood after you have satisfied your first urge to "just play" :-)
      Going to pop over to your blog to read the intro in a minute.


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