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Monday, 5 March 2018

Lilo Landgraab - Week 1

We are spending one more week at the same apartment building. You already guessed it - after Lance Landgraab, his twin sister Lilo is next.

Here she is. Lilo is a Fortune Sim and wants to become World Class Ballet Dancer. I wonder how useful her Summa Cum Laude in Biology will be for that.

In the week we spent with her brother, we saw Lilo being very much attracted by Prezioso Picaso. I could not remember whether the two of them had been an item at uni, but checking Lilo's relationship panel now, I found that they are a three-bolt couple and were indeed a couple.
On this Monday morning, Lilo asks Prezioso to move in - she is very... erm... persuasive, and Prezioso joins her at the apartment, adding 455 Simoloens to the household account.

Strangely enough, Prezioso turns out to be unemployed, even though I had him down as Broadway Star when I last played him. Never mind, he'll soon get back into the Entertainment career, I am sure of that. He wants to become Prestidigitator, after all.
Here the two of them are about to celebrate their moving in together :-)

Their first meal at the new apartment consists of lunch meat sandwiches.

Then Stephen Riley, another friend from uni, rings and asks them for an outing.

A whole bunch of people meets at 303 Main Street.

Lilo wanted to buy new clothes anyway, so the outing is a welcome opportunity.

On Tuesday morning, the couple share yesterday's leftover sandwiches for breakfast.

Prezioso does indeed find a job in the Entertainment career and can start as Master of Ceremonies. Lilo was also lucky and will start in the Dance career as a Tap Dancer.

She needs to brush up her skills and takes advantage of the time before she will start on her new job.

On Wednesday morning, both Lilo and Prezioso practise ballet moves.

Prezioso wants to be fitter than he is now, and spends several hours at the gym that is part of the apartment building.

In the evening, the couple travel to St. Simius. Can you guess why?

They are getting married, that's why! (The wish was there on Prezioso's wish list, and it would have been part of fulfilling his father's lifetime want - if he were still alive.)
I am glad that groom and bride wear matching outfits and not something totally inappropriate; I hardly ever check my Sims' formal wear before sending them to the wedding arch.

A handful of friends and townies attend the ceremony.

Not as many as I wanted - somehow, the group I set up for the wedding never made it to the venue.

Still, the wedding is a fun event, complete with cake...

...more cake...

...and a romantic wedding waltz for the new Mr. and Mrs. Landgraab.

On Thursday morning, Prezioso's other big wish comes true when he gains a new level of fitness.

Lilo meets and greets Tina Cho (nee Traveller).

That night, she returns from her Tap Dancing job as a Ballroom Dancer.

Prezioso follows suit with a promotion to Headliner.

Friday morning sees him back at the gym, this time maximizing his body skill.

Lilo, here still in her unpractical ballroom dancer outfit, is promoted to Flamenco Master.

Now Prezioso needs more charisma points, and he practises in front of the mirror all Saturday morning.

Meanwhile, a fight breaks out between the Landlord and one of the townie tenants - I wonder what it is about!

The tenant wins!

Ex-Flamenco Master Lilo returns that night from work as World Class Ballet Dancer - she has made her lifetime want come true 23 days before Elderhood. Well done!

Of course Prezioso could not stay far behind and returns two hours later from work, now also on Permanent Platinum as New Maximiliania's latest Prestidigitator - 16 days from Elderhood.

Sunday is totally uneventful with the couple having a lie-in and a quiet morning with phonecalls to friends and family before heading off to work in the afternoon.
Let me end this week with the Landlord cleaning up yesterday's pizza cardboard box.

Will the young couple move to the Landgraab Mansion at some stage, maybe with Lance and Gesine joining them there? How exciting can their lives be now that they are on Permanent Platinum?


  1. This is really nice, Meks, congratulations for reaching the LTWs. I like the wedding with this nice couple.
    Thank you for my evening read, greetings, Bee :)

    1. Thanks, Bee - and likewise, since I read your latest post yesterday evening, too :-)

  2. Another great round. It is sometimes harder to challenge Sims when on permanent platinum but I'm sure you'll find a way to keep them busy and fun to play, as always. :)

    1. It was fun to play them with all the skilling, but now I will have to think of something else for their next week - it will probably take me a long time before I get round to them again, though :-)


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