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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

The Kim Family: Week 3

(For Justin, this is his 3rd week back in New Max since graduation. For the couple, it is their 2nd week.)

The Kims' house is our stop for the week. Who lives here at the moment?
Justin Kim and his wife Cherry, nee Capp. She is one of Tybalt Capp's plantchildren but turned fully human some time ago. You can tell Tybalt is her Dad - they have very similar facial features.

Justin is on Permanent Platinum, as he became Hall of Famer last round, 9 days from Elderhood. Cherry's lifetime want is to become Professional Party Guest; right now, she Projectionist.
The career rewards object on the back porch is hers, and she looks after her plants daily.
On this Monday night, she comes home with a promotion to Home Video Editor. Strictly speaking, it is already Tuesday.
A few hours later, Justin - not controlled by me - gets up and decides to clean the bath.
When he is away at work, Cherry calls over her siblings and their spouses or partners. She does not need to learn any new skills for her next promotion and has the day off, so it is a good occasion to get together.
On Wednesday morning, the Kims have omelettes for breakfast, lovingly prepared by Cherry. Justin knows his wife is hardly ever as grumpy as she looks - it is just the way her face is.
He does more cleaning on his own initiative on Thursday morning. Most of the time, Justin appears to be one of those Sims who are quite capable of looking after themselves and their homes without much intervening from my side.
He is a Family Sim, after all, and I often catch him thinking about adopting. But I'm afraid it is not on the cards- neither of the two needs children for their LTW, and Justin has fulfilled his anyway.
It looks as if today is "Visitor Day" - first, Shane Cho walks by...
...then Ginger Newson (she is Cherry's sister-in-law)...
...followed by Christian Love.
On Friday morning, Cherry wakes up to the pattering of rain against the bedroom window.

Water seems to be the day's theme, as the sink breaks... and she rolls the want to go swimming.

That day, Cherry comes from work with a promotion to Freelance Photographer and a townie colleague who is quickly sent on his way. There are still two more hours left to the work day, and Cherry makes sure to take advantage of that, walking straight back to work.

Her diligence is rewarded with yet another promotion: She is now a Freelance Web Designer. Again, a townie colleague accompanies her home but is politely asked to leave.

It must have been all those promotions that inspire Justin to make stuffed turkey on Saturday morning - not what I'd personally prefer for breakfast!

Both husband and wife have the day off, and so I send them to a community lot together.

Cherry still wants to go swimming, and so I decide on "Dreamy Fields", a Hobby Lot I have rarely visited in my game. To my disappointment, although there are all sorts of sporty areas, there is no swimming pool here. And so, after a quick hot dog (Cherry is really hungry), the couple leave again.

Just as they get into their car, I notice a fight breaking out between two unkown townies.

Their next stop is the BV Inn, a hotel that has a swimming pool. Justin and Cherry do not check into the hotel, but Cherry finally has that swim of hers.

Back home, the two of them invite over several of their friends, and everybody has a great time. Some, like Garret Newson, play darts, while others eat (it's Angela Pleasant, Björn and Bottom Summerdream at the table).

Others, like Marcus Baldwin, dance to the music from the stereo.

Later, part of the group retreats to the small living room.

And like at all good parties, some gather in the kitchen for a chat until it is time to say good-bye.

On Sunday, Justin wakes up with the wish to invite Marcus Baldwin over again. He knows what it is like to feel lonely - after all, Justin himself has lost his parents while he was at college, then just when he was happy to have found a long-lost uncle (Alec Kim, ex-townie) who moved in with him, that uncle died, too. Only with his wife Cherry he seems to have found permanent happiness.
And she is also the reason why he changed his hair colour this week, by the way: So far, the Kims had only 1 chemistry bolt between them. Cherry's turn-on is blond hair, and so I had Justin change from his natural black. Still "only" two bolts, but they love each other very much.

And this is how we leave the Kims on Sunday evening. It has snowed outside, and they enjoy the warmth of their cosy house.

How much longer until Cherry will have reached her LTW? Are there ever going to appear more of Justin's relatives?


  1. It would be nice to see a few new Kim's in the hood, but Justin seems happy with Cherry and she is doing great with her job so far and getting lots of promotions. :)

    1. I am looking closely at all townies walking by or on community lots, and have noticed a handful of new ones, but no more Kims or other surnames of playable Sims so far.

  2. they seem nice but knowing how things usually turn out in new maximilana theres bound to be drama eventually!

    1. Who knows...! For one thing, they do not have a tree on their lot - no piles of leaves to rake and burn, so no fire... ;-)

    2. there could be a kitchen fire like the one that killed uncle Alec...unless there's a fire alarm

    3. Not sure I have installed one after Uncle Alec's death... if it was Justin's wish, then I am sure I have done.

  3. Thank you for my evening read ;)

    Greetings, Bee :)


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