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Friday, 26 January 2018

The Jacquet Family - Week 7

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We're in for another week at the by now almost too familiar Senior Residence. Why are we here already again?

Because of Daisy Jacquet. (Indie was the previous name on my alphabetical list, and Jacquet comes next.)
Daisy is the original plantbaby Rose Greenman had when the game (i.e. the expansion pack "Seasons") began. She is now 76 - and very obviously not immune to Ripp Grunt's charms.

Ripp is 58, the youngest of the Seniors here. As you can see, he has not yet lost his focus on all things Romance!

Lavender Greenman, younger sister of Daisy, is also here; she is 71.

Gary Greenman is 73 and the only one of the Seniors here who has not reached his lifetime want, and therefore the only one I control most of the time.

Lisa Gieke is still here, too; nearing the end of her teenage years.

And to make the list of residents complete, there is Gordon Greenman, at 59 only slightly older than Ripp, and the youngest of the Greenman siblings currently living here.

On this Monday, Gordon and Daisy are picked up by the car pool for work at the same time, even though they work at different jobs. (Isn't it strange that no Sim in my entire game has EVER had the wish to retire?)

Coming back, the scene we have seen so often at the original Greenmans' house is repeated: Townie-turned-Vampire Tammy gets off the car with Gordon, only to instantly run away to escape from the deadly sunlight.

When Daisy comes home a little later, she has colleague Deirdre Dreamer with her.]

Just as Monday night slips into Tuesday morning, a jealousy drama plays out in the common room - as was to be expected, with Ripp having been involved with both Greenman sisters at some stage in his life. Thankfully, Daisy only takes it out on Ripp and not on her sister Lavender.

Ah, there is Tammy again - she and Gordon are now not only colleagues, but also best friends; all only due to their daily rides home.

At 6:00 pm, Lavender dies. She was 72/73. A long and happy life it was.

That night, I send Lisa out to do some badly needed gardening. She is not yet tired, unlike Gary, who usually does most of the work.

It was Lisa's last contribution to gardening at this place, as she leaves for college on Wednesday morning.

Gary builds a snow man in the orchard.

It is Thursday morning when Ripp and Gary have breakfast together - although at different tables. Looks like sometimes the men feel the need for some private time.

Jacqueline and Gallagher Newson come visiting that day. (Jacqueline is Daisy's step-daughter, if you remember: Daisy was married to Gilbert Jacquet, who had Jacqueline after a visit aboard an Alien space ship.)

Gordon comes from work... with Tammy, as usual.

On Friday morning, I catch Gordon looking at a painting in one of the apartment units. I can not remember who used to live there; it must have been years ago.

Gary's daughter Glenda Greenman is visiting from college, with Dora Dreamer and Giselle Goth accompanying her.

Gary is happy to have his daughter and her friends around for a few hours.

On Saturday morning, Daisy cleans up last night's dishes.

I have not sent this group of Sims to a community lot yet this week, and since one of them wants to win a cooking contest, I send them to Sue's Secret Kitchen.

Gary enters the contest with pork chops (or was it spare ribs?). Do you recognise the other contestants?

Everyone looks worried as the food judge makes his round.

And Gary wins! Looks like he can hardly believe it. After all, he is up against a wonderful Baked Alaska and delicious salmon - never mind Lucy Hanby's pancakes.

It was Gary's last day in this world. Just as he is about to trim the hedge, Mr. Reaper appears - certainly not to lend him his scythe for gardening. Gary was 79/80.

His brother Gordon and friend Ripp are devastated.

No wonder I find Ripp so deep in thoughts on Sunday morning. He is still only 64 and has quite a few years ahead, by the looks of his lifetime bar.

Daisy appears to have been neglecting herself (she IS really smelly), but she goes to play with Blacky, the ancient wombrat, on her own initiative - a rare occurrence in my game.

Hardly surprising (for me, at least), she dies that day at the age of 82. Now that generation of Greenmans is completely gone.

How is Lisa Gieke doing at college? Who will join the two remaining residents here?


  1. 3 losses this week! Daisy lived to a great age didn't she? It's a shame to see that side of the Greenman's die off but at least the name lives on in others. :)
    Good to see Lisa head off to college, I do love this household though and it's many residents. :)

    1. I like playing this household, too, but it definitely needs more residents again - playing with just two elderly Sims on PP is not the most interesting set-up.

  2. despite the losses this was a great start to 2018 in new maximiliana!

    lisa finally left for college;will she find love there?

    how many greenmans are left?

  3. Well, there is Glenda, of course., and Gordon, her uncle. I would have to check my notes to give you a definite answer but do not have them at hand right now.


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