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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

I am still here...

...and so is New Maximiliania.
Since I last posted here, I have tried to follow the instructions I told you about in my previous post, but it does not work the same for me - each computer is set up differently, and mine does not allow the bulk renaming of files that the writer of those instructions recommends.
Therefore I'll try to do all that manually which is going to take me a while, but it is the last thing I am going to try before I can be convinced that a re-install is the only way.

Keep your fngers crossed for me, please - I do miss my Sims!


  1. good luck with the manual files, fingers crossed for you.

  2. Good luck Meike, it sounds like a lot of work but hopefully it will be worth it. We miss reading about your Sims :)
    I'm without a PC still so have no Sims either at present :(

    1. Thank you, Karen!
      I hope you'll soon have a PC - I miss reading about your Sims, too :-)


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